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Shuchi Bagchi

Updated On: March 12, 2024 01:06 pm IST

Here’s CollegeDekho's assessment of Jiwaji University's endeavours to offer genuine insights into the university's structure, campus environment, placement opportunities, academic offerings, and other pertinent information.
Jiwaji University

Campus at a Glimpse

Selecting the right university plays a pivotal role in shaping one's future, and Jiwaji University , founded in 1964, emerges as a significant option in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Before making a decision, it's essential to explore the university more thoroughly. In academics, it holds an A++ grade from NAAC and offers diverse programs in Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, and more. Notably, its Department of Biotechnology sponsors a unique neuroscience program, the only one of its kind at the university level in India. The faculty, comprising over 880 qualified teachers, ensures dedicated guidance and support for students. The sprawling 225-acre campus creates a dynamic learning environment, equipped with essential facilities such as a central library, health centre, and international convention centre. However, like any institution, Jiwaji University has garnered mixed reviews, as reflected on online platforms. Negatives touch upon concerns about limited hostel availability, outdated infrastructure in specific areas, and administrative process issues. Jiwaji University stands out among Madhya Pradesh's educational institutions, operating as an affiliating university with a network of diverse colleges. This unique setup offers students a wide array of program options across various locations. In a nutshell, this candid review and verdict seek to assist prospective students in making informed decisions about Jiwaji University by highlighting its strengths and areas for enhancement.

Jiwaji University

Jiwaji University Ranking: Scope For Improvement!

Over the last three years, Jiwaji University's standing in the QS rankings for the "Asia" category has displayed variability, fluctuating within the 600-700 range. Although there was a modest improvement in its position in the "Southern Asia" ranking in 2023, it was noteworthy that the university was not even listed in 2021, indicating an inconsistent global performance in the QS University Rankings.


QS World University Rankings (Asia)

QS World University Rankings (Southern Asia)

NIRF Ranking




Not Ranked



Not Ranked

Not Ranked


Not Ranked

Not Ranked

Not Ranked

Our Take:

Notably, Jiwaji University has been conspicuously absent from the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Rankings for several years. While the university's QS ranking places it in the mid-range among Asian universities, the fluctuations in its performance raise concerns about potential inconsistencies.

The absence of NIRF Rankings prompts questions regarding Jiwaji University's comparative status among other Indian institutions, given that NIRF is the primary ranking system in India. Possible explanations for this absence could range from inadequate data submission to not meeting specific eligibility criteria. This gap in recognition within the national ranking framework further underscores the need for Jiwaji University to address and rectify any underlying issues affecting its position in both global and domestic rankings.

Jiwaji University Acedemia & Batch Size


It can be noticed that the academia and the course curriculum offered at Jiwaji University are extensive and cover various fields. The students can choose from the wide range of courses available. The institution is successful in catering to the higher education needs of the home state. A few of the prominent courses offered at UG, PG, and Doctorate level are:

Faculty of Arts

  • School of Studies in Library and Information Science
  • Centre for Journalism and Mass Communication
  • School of Studies in Languages
  • School of Studies in Jyotirvigyan

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • School of Studies in Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology (AIHCA)
  • Regional Study Centre for Culture And Heritage
  • School of Studies in Economics
  • School of Studies in Political Science and Public Administration

Faculty of Physical Sciences

  • School of Studies in Chemistry
  • School of Studies in Environmental Chemistry
  • School of Studies in Chemicals Sales and Marketing

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

  • School of Studies in Electronics
  • School of Studies in Computer Science and Applications

Faculty of Life Sciences

  • School of Studies in Botany
  • School of Studies in Microbiology
  • School of Studies in Biochemistry
  • School of Studies in Zoology
Faculty of Management
  • School of Studies in Management
  • Centre for Hospital Administration
  • School of Studies in Tourism and Travel Management

Faculty of Law

  • School of Studies in Law

Faculty of Technology

  • School of Studies in Pharmaceutical Science
  • School of Studies in Biomedical Technology
  • School of Studies in Biotechnology
  • Centre for Studies in Food Technology

Faculty of Physical Education

  • School of Studies in Physical Education
  • Centre for Yogic Sciences
  • University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC)

Our Take:

Jiwaji University seems to possess a solid academic base, supported by well-qualified faculty members. Nonetheless, variations in the quality of education may exist among different departments. It is advisable to delve into detailed research on specific academic programs and engage in conversations with present students or alumni to gain insights into teaching methodologies and the expertise of the faculty. This approach can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the educational experience offered by the university.

Batch Size

Jiwaji University, being a sizable educational institution with numerous affiliated colleges, experiences diversity in batch sizes across its programs and affiliated institutions. The student cohorts can differ based on the specific course and the college they are affiliated with. Certain programs may feature smaller, more intimate groups that facilitate focused learning, while others may involve larger batches to accommodate a broader student base.

Our Take:

Determining the exact batch size at Jiwaji University is challenging due to the limited available data. To obtain accurate information on the average batch sizes for your preferred program, we recommend students directly contact the university administration or the relevant departments. We also believe that smaller batch sizes generally result in a more personalized learning experience, fostering individual attention. On the other hand, larger classes may provide a diverse array of perspectives from peers.

Jiwaji University Infrastructure

The campus is planned in such a way that all the residents of the university including teachers, non-teaching staff, and students have easy access to all the daily needs and other facilities within walking distance. Most of the teachers reside on the campus. There is an efficient team of Security Personnel that maintains the safety and security of the campus. The University Health Centre, situated on the campus provides First Aid and other basic medical facilities to all students, staff members, employees, and their wards. A medical officer is available for consultation during morning and evening hours at the University Health Centre.


The classrooms at Jiwaji University are spacious and well-furnished. Moreover, the developmental activities are carried out according to modern technology and equipment.

Auditorium/Seminar Hall

Jiwaji University has a multipurpose auditorium that is well-equipped, wifi enabled and has a seating capacity of 200+ people. The auditorium can be easily used to hold any college-level event, workshop, or meeting. However, the students have complained about the maintenance issues in the auditorium or seminar hall at the university.


Jiwaji University has well-equipped laboratories on the campuses. The university has Wi-Fi-enabled labs to help students have refined experience about practical knowledge about the subject. Most of the labs have ACs.


The entire campus of Jiwaji University is Wi-Fi enabled with limited access. The speed of the internet is quite good according to students. Students can utilize the internet in the classroom as well.


The nearest railway station to Jiwaji University is Gwalior Railway Station which is at a distance of 2.5 km. There are various means of transport such as rickshaws, e-rickshaws, autos, and sharing autos available for students.


As per the student’s review, the academically and socially very congenial environment is provided to all the students residing on the campus. The ‘Mrignayani Girls Hostel’ and ‘Tatya Tope Girls Hostel’ are situated within the campus. The hostels have all the basic required facilities with well-furnished rooms. Appropriate security arrangements have also been made for students residing in the hostel. With the increasing strength of female students on the campus, the existing accommodation is being extended to provide more rooms. One of the boy's hostels named after Captain Roop Singh, a veteran hockey player is located within the campus to accommodate 150 students. Another hostel named ‘Arya Bhatta Hostel’, is also well furnished with the Internet and other recreation facilities.


The college offers a safe and sound atmosphere for both boys and girls to study, but it lacks extracurricular activities. Although it has good sports fields for many outdoor and indoor sports like Cricket Grounds, Football, Running/Athletic track, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Courts (Indoor/Outdoor), and Table Tennis Court, the facilities are not provided with modern-day technology and equipment.

Cafe/Hangout Places

The university has a canteen offering Indian and other cuisines. The food is served hot and hygienic. As per a college’s leading newspaper, ‘ Rajma-chawal ’ is the favourite food among the students of Jiwaji University.

Our Take:

Jiwaji University's overall infrastructure seems to be in good condition, with room for improvement, as indicated by online reviews and available data. The university appears adequately equipped to foster a dynamic academic atmosphere, although certain areas with potentially outdated facilities merit further investigation. When comparing Jiwaji University with other institutions in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, establishing a definitive comparison proves challenging due to the absence of easily accessible, standardized infrastructure data. Nevertheless, a few key observations stand out:

  • Jiwaji University boasts a sizable campus, potentially providing it with an advantage over smaller universities in MP.
  • Additionally, the well-appointed sports complex suggests a heightened emphasis on sports facilities in comparison to some counterparts in the region.

Jiwaji University Internship & Placement


While official university data regarding placement rates and average packages is not easily accessible online, insights from reviews on many platforms shed light on the employment scenario. According to the NIRF report for 2022, the average placement rate is approximately 80%, with median packages ranging from INR 2.4 LPA for undergraduate programs to INR 3 LPA for postgraduate programs. Notable recruiters highlighted in reviews include TCS, Infosys, and IBM. It's important to note that the specifics of placement opportunities may differ based on the selected academic program. Despite the limited availability of concrete data, these review-based insights offer valuable perspectives on the university's placement landscape.


Comprehensive data regarding internship opportunities at the university is not easily accessible online, mirroring the scarcity observed in official placement statistics. Nevertheless, insights derived from reviews shed light on the internship landscape. According to student feedback, a spectrum of internship opportunities exists, with reported placement rates varying from 25% to 90%, contingent on the information source. While concrete data is limited, these review-based insights offer a glimpse into the range of internship possibilities, providing prospective students with valuable perspectives on the university's internship landscape.

Our Take:

Jiwaji University seems to provide satisfactory placement and internship prospects; however, the absence of official statistics poses a challenge in accurately gauging their actual effectiveness. According to various reviews, there is an indication of an average placement rate, albeit with considerable variation in the success of intern placements. Access to comprehensive and verified data would be instrumental in obtaining a clearer understanding of the university's overall performance in facilitating student placements and internships.

Jiwaji University Diversity & Representation

During our research work, it came to our attention that there is a notable absence of official data regarding gender diversity and the demographic composition of in-state versus out-of-state students at Jiwaji University. The university website and other reliable sources do not furnish specific statistics on the gender distribution among students. In lieu of concrete figures, our insights are based on reviews and available information, which collectively form a fragmented understanding.

Gender Diversity

The university's website and reliable sources lack official statistics regarding the gender distribution among students, making it challenging to ascertain the precise ratio of male to female attendees. Reviews present a varied perspective, with some suggesting a balanced gender ratio, while others hint at a potential male dominance, leaving the overall scenario uncertain.

In-State vs Out-of-State Students

Concrete data regarding the proportion of in-state and out-of-state students is notably absent from official online sources. However, considering its geographical location in Madhya Pradesh, it is plausible that Jiwaji University predominantly attracts students from within the state. Nonetheless, the university's diverse range of programs could potentially appeal to students from various parts of India, contributing to a more eclectic student body.

Our Take:

Jiwaji University's student demographics, particularly regarding gender diversity, lack clear official data, contributing to uncertainties in understanding its student population. Reviews offer inconclusive insights into the university's gender balance, leaving room for speculation. Although it is presumed that the majority of students are likely from the local state, the presence of a significant out-of-state student population cannot be ruled out. Given its prominence in Madhya Pradesh, Jiwaji University may draw a diverse student body, potentially surpassing the demographic range of newer or smaller universities in Gwalior.

Jiwaji University Faculty/College Administration & Management


In examining feedback across different educational platforms, positive sentiments emerge regarding the presence of highly qualified educators, with commendations directed towards their unwavering dedication and valuable guidance. On the flip side, certain reviews express reservations about the utilisation of outdated teaching methodologies within specific departments, underscoring discrepancies in the effectiveness of instruction depending on the chosen department and course. However, a noteworthy drawback surfaces as the university website lacks easily accessible data on faculty qualifications, experience, and research accomplishments, leaving potential students with limited insights into the academic credentials of the teaching staff.

College Administration

Locating detailed reviews about college administration proves to be a tricky task due to limited availability. As we navigate through available feedback, it becomes apparent that the broader university-related discussions tend to overshadow specific administrative nuances, making it imperative to seek alternative sources or approaches for a more candid evaluation of the administrative aspect.

Our Take:

Jiwaji University boasts a diverse faculty, encompassing both highly qualified and dedicated professors, although concerns linger regarding outdated teaching methodologies within certain departments. Unfortunately, the absence of easily accessible data on faculty profiles complicates a comprehensive evaluation. As an affiliating university, Jiwaji University oversees multiple colleges, contributing to a potentially broader spectrum of faculty expertise in comparison to non-affiliating universities in Gwalior. This structure allows each college to cultivate its unique strengths among the faculty. Despite these positive aspects, the challenge lies in obtaining a precise understanding of the overall faculty landscape due to limited available information.

Jiwaji University Location

Located in the bustling city of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, Jiwaji University occupies a central position in the heart of the region. The university benefits from its urban setting, granting students easy access to a lively city life enriched with facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Despite the advantages of being situated in this vibrant city, it's important to note that some tasks at the university may require the use of public transportation or private vehicles due to its specific location within Gwalior.

Our Take:

Jiwaji University, situated in Gwalior, presents a blend of advantages and challenges for its student community. The urban backdrop offers convenient access to a variety of amenities and a lively social atmosphere. However, the availability of on-campus housing is reportedly limited, posing potential challenges for students who may need to explore accommodation options beyond the university premises. Moreover, there's a likelihood of a higher cost of living, and certain amenities in the city might be at a distance. Evaluating Jiwaji University in comparison to other educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh, the contrast between its urban setting and the rural or smaller town locations of other universities becomes apparent. This distinction can be a crucial consideration for students who favour a quieter environment or seek a lower cost of living. Making an informed decision involves weighing these factors to ensure a conducive and suitable academic environment.

Jiwaji University Expectation vs Reality: CollegeDekho Verdict

Choosing the right university is a pivotal decision, and Jiwaji University in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, stands out as a prospective choice. In terms of expectations, Jiwaji University holds an esteemed A++ grade from NAAC, signifying a commitment to providing high-quality education. The university asserts its versatility by offering a diverse array of programs in Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, and more. Additionally, a vibrant campus life is emphasized, with a sprawling 225-acre campus aimed at fostering a dynamic learning environment. The university also projects itself as having a robust placement record. Upon closer inspection, the reality presents a more nuanced picture. The university's rankings exhibit variations in the QS World University Rankings, casting uncertainties about global consistency. Notably absent from recent NIRF rankings, this deviation requires further scrutiny to comprehend the university's standing.

Faculty expertise, as per student reviews, seems varied, with qualified faculty members, though the effectiveness may differ among departments. Concerns arise regarding outdated teaching methods in specific areas, necessitating a closer look at the academic landscape. While the university boasts decent infrastructure with essential amenities like a central library, health centre, and sports complex, reviews hint at concerns about outdated facilities in certain sections. The discrepancy between expectations and the actual state of infrastructure warrants consideration. The placement scenario, despite the university's claims of a strong record, is shrouded in ambiguity. Limited official data on placement rates makes it challenging to gauge the true effectiveness of the university's placement efforts. Student reviews hint at decent opportunities, but the specifics depend on the chosen program, adding an element of uncertainty to the overall picture.

Final Verdict: Jiwaji University offers a diverse academic landscape with a noteworthy range of programs and recognized accreditation. The campus atmosphere exudes vibrancy, yet there is room for infrastructure improvement, warranting further investigation. The faculty demonstrates commendable expertise, although there are areas where outdated teaching methods raise apprehensions. Unfortunately, the lack of official data makes it challenging to ascertain the success of placements, but anecdotal reviews hint at potential opportunities contingent on the chosen program.

Final Review CheckBox!



Diverse Program Offerings

Lack of Transparency in Many Aspects

A++ NAAC Accreditation

Inconsistent Rankings

225-acre Campus

Concerns About Outdated Infrastructure

Qualified Faculty

Limited Hostel Availability

Urban Location

Unclear Placement Record

Opportunity for Cultural Immersion

Potential for Outdated Teaching Methods

Affordable Cost of Education

Higher Cost of Living in the City

Limited Data on Diversity

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