B.Ed Distance Education Admission Process 2024: Eligibility, Fees, Dates, Top Colleges

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The Distance B.Ed course has been in demand among students in recent years. Check out the detailed B.Ed Distance Education Admission Process 2024 along with the course fees, eligibility, admission process and list of B.Ed distance education colleges in India.

B.Ed Distance Education Admission Process 2023

B.Ed is considered the most sought-after course that makes one eligible to apply for the position of teacher in government and private schools across the country. The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programme is a popular degree in the field of education that aims to develop a thorough understanding of the teaching and learning process at the primary, secondary and higher secondary levels. The B.Ed programme typically lasts two years. This two-year programme is organised into four semesters. To qualify for this programme, students must have a graduate degree from a UGC-recognized institution and at least 50% in the particular discipline.

However, pursuing a B.Ed course in regular mode is not ever one’s cup of tea. Due to various reasons, many graduates prefer to take up B.Ed distance education so that they can earn by working and obtaining a degree side by side. B.Ed distance education is offered by numerous B.Ed Distance colleges across the country. 

Candidates who have completed their graduation and decided to take up the distance B.Ed course have several doubts that they need to clear such as the validity of the B.Ed degree, eligibility for government jobs, career scope and other such questions. The CollegeDekho team has prepared this article so that they can clarify the doubts of the graduates about distance B.Ed course, distance B.Ed admissions 2024, eligibility, fees, admission process, objectives of the course, list of top distance B.Ed colleges in India etc. After reading this article, we hope candidates can make informed decisions and choose the right distance B.Ed college for them.

Why Pursue B.Ed through Distance Education?

B.Ed Distance education enables aspiring teachers but are unable to maintain their studies on a routine basis to do so. Students who enrol in this course will develop and enhance their teaching, analysing, and development skills.

A B.Ed degree (Bachelor of Education) enhances the ability of an aspirant to analyse and teach students based on their level of knowledge. Students can avoid confusion and doubts at the professional level as they will gain some practical experience during the study period. This B.Ed distance education course provides the possibility to land jobs as teachers, tutors, and so on.

A candidate can anticipate an annual salary between Rs 3,20,000 and Rs 5,00,000 after completing a Distance B.Ed course.

Key Features of B.Ed Distance Learning

B.Ed distance education has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its key features. The distance B.Ed course includes the following features:

  • Improve their teaching abilities.
  • Increase their knowledge of various fields of study.
  • Managing and instructing students with various mindsets and skill sets
  • Learn to speak a variety of languages.
  • The ability to express one's thoughts on different concepts will improve.
  • Easily interact with students and associates
  • Discover more about modern India and education.

B.Ed Distance Education Admissions 2024 Overview / Highlights

Here is a quick overview of the B.Ed distance education course below -

Course Name

Bachelor of.Education

Short Form



Distance / Correspondence

Course Eligibility Criteria

Graduate with at least 50% marks

Course Duration

One - Two years

Approved By


Course Fees

Rs 40,000 - 1,00,000 /- (approx)

B.Ed Distance Education Admissions 2024

Distance learning is a boon for working professionals who wish to continue their higher studies to enhance their careers.

The methodologies and learning patterns are slightly altered, but the progress is conventional, and students are provided with good opportunities upon completion of the programme. The majority of individuals choose this strategy and have a positive experience.

Here are the significant pointers of B.Ed distance education admissions 2024 - 

  • Students can begin teaching after finishing a B.Ed through online study. This allows the individual to gain expertise and prepare for higher-level classes while teaching lower-level subjects.
  • An individual can sustain their present job while pursuing a B.Ed distance education course.
  • The candidates will receive course materials that will be provided by the University or College as part of the tuition costs.
  • B.Ed Distance Education stresses more on practical learning over theoretical education.

Before going into the list of top distance B.Ed colleges in India and fee structure, it is important to have clarity on whether a distance B.Ed degree is valid or not.

Requirements of Documents for B.Ed Distance Education

Here is the list of documents for B.Ed Distance Education admission process -

  • 10+2 / UG / PG certificates.
  • Adhaar Card
  • Pan card.
  • Date of Birth Certificate.
  • Domicile.
  • Caste Certificate.
  • Passport Size Photo.

What is the Legal Status of B.Ed Distance Education?

Most students are concerned about whether or not their online education degree is genuine.

Before enrolling in any course, one should be aware of the statutory bodies in charge of regulating the eligibility conditions and which University or authority will award them the B.Ed distance education degree. A well-recognized degree can help the aspirants get into government positions or jobs at reputed institutions.

Keep the points in mind when applying for admission to B.Ed Distance Education. 

  • The University awarding the B.Ed distance education degree must be a recognized body.
  • NCTE develops the eligibility rules for B.ED programmes.
  • Degrees certified by the DEB and UGC demonstrate the authenticity of B.ED degree programmes.

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Is B.Ed Distance Degree Valid?

B.Ed distance degree is absolutely valid and acceptable for government and private teaching jobs in schools. However, one should have a distance B.Ed degree from a top university that adds value to their career. Candidates with a distance B.Ed degree can apply for government teaching jobs. However, they will be considered for jobs only if they score high merit in the recruitment exam conducted by the state / central government.

Students should check the accreditation of the programme. Typically, NCTE governs B.Ed programme eligibility.

Students can also see if the course has been approved by the University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Board (UGC). The candidate can apply for any central government position if one of these organisations recognises the B.Ed programme.

    B.Ed Distance Education Eligibility Criteria 2024

    The eligibility criteria for a distance B.Ed course are different from a regular B.Ed course. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is one of the popular universities preferred by students for pursuing distance B.Ed courses. The eligibility criterion of most universities is similar to the eligibility criteria of IGNOU distance B.Ed course. The eligibility criteria for a B.Ed distance education course are elaborated below -

    In addition to the previous eligibility prerequisites, the candidate needs to meet one of the two criteria listed below for admission via distance education mode:

    • The aspirants must be trained, in-service primary teachers.
    • Candidates who have at least two years of teaching experience in primary or upper primary schools can also take up a distance B.Ed course.
    • Candidates who wish to take up distance B.Ed must be trained in-service teachers in elementary education.
    • The candidates must have completed a face-to-face NCTE-recognized teacher education programme.
    • Reservation and mark relaxation for SC / ST / OBC / Physically Handicapped categories would follow the State or Central Government norms wherever applicable.
    • Admission to the B.Ed programme shall be entirely based on academic excellence in the candidate's qualifying examination in the relevant field of study.

    Duration of Distance B.Ed Course

    The duration of the distance B.Ed course is similar to the regular B.Ed course. The total duration of the distance B.Ed course is two years and the candidates will be given a maximum of five years to complete the course.

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    Required Skills / Qualities to be an Excellent Teacher

    Before joining the Distance B.Ed programme, it is critical to understand the skills and abilities required in the teaching field. Aspirants interested in pursuing a B.Ed distance learning programme should have the below crucial aspects:

    Communication Skills





    Quick Learning Ability







    Organisational Skills

    Critical Thinking




    Good Listener

    B.Ed Distance Education Admission Process 2024

    Candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria mentioned above are granted admission in distance B.Ed course. Most universities like IGNOU, Andhra University, Annamalai University etc. conduct entrance exams for admission to distance B.Ed courses. The admission will be completely based on the score obtained by the candidates in the admission/ entrance test.

    Every year, B.Ed distance education admission 2024 is available at several universities such as Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Andhra University – School of Distance Education, Himachal Pradesh University, Kakatiya University, etc. Admission to the Distance B.Ed two-year degree programme will be based mainly on the qualifying exam results. 

    To give admission to the B.Ed two-year degree programmes, many Universities conduct a University-based or department-based entrance test. The applicants must pass the university entrance tests to be admitted to the B.Ed distance degree programme. 

    B.Ed Distance education in India is becoming more popular by the day. A bachelor's degree in education is required to work as a teacher. 

    B.Ed is an undergraduate professional degree that will allow qualified students to work as teachers. Distance Learning courses are becoming increasingly popular in India, and many students wish to acquire their B.Ed while working.

    The admission process may vary from University to University. Some Universities may provide admission entirely based on merit, i.e., marks obtained in the last qualifying examination. While other institutions may have a combined process, the admission process may be partially dependent on merit and the entrance examination.

    For instance, those willing to pursue a Distance B.Ed from IGNOU must appear for an entrance exam. Only qualified candidates are invited to the next stage of the procedure, which includes document verification and fee payment. Aspirants who want to take the IGNOU Bed entrance exam must have at least 50 per cent in their graduation or post-graduation.

    Distance B.Ed Course from IGNOU

    Admission will be based on the result acquired in the IGNOU entrance exam, which is held across India. The candidate must submit a completed application form and self-attested copies of the documents listed on the Entrance-cum-Admission Form. After receiving an admission offer letter, the original documents must be submitted for verification.

    IGNOU B.Ed Admission 2024-25

    For enrollment in the B.Ed course at IGNOU, applicants can take the online entrance exam by visiting the IGNOU official website and filling out the B.Ed application form. The aspirants need to meet the eligibility criteria which is a minimum of 50% from a recognised Indian university, with a 5% quota and relaxation for ST/ SC/ OBC students. To get admitted to IGNOU B.Ed, students have to pass the entrance exams conducted by the university. The B.Ed examination is expected to be conducted in January 2024 at several exam centres across the country. The B.Ed examination will be conducted for two hours. The entrance exam is conducted twice a year and candidates are advised to keep a check on the official website of IGNOU. 

    B.Ed Entrance Exam Question Paper

    Students should prepare for the entrance exam by solving sample question papers to get the opportunity to the B.Ed Distance Education course. Students can find the previous years' B.Ed Entrance Exam Question Papers from various websites and sources. Majority of the colleges/ universities demand high scores on entrance exams before admitting students to this course. This can only be accomplished by practising the previous year's question papers.

    B.Ed Correspondence / Distance Learning Program Objectives

    Teaching is regarded as one of the most respectable and noble jobs and an art that only a few can master. A teacher is responsible for various tasks, including guiding a child's career and contributing to their personality development. Undoubtedly, the growth of degree programmes has increased the demand for educators capable of delivering vital knowledge creatively.

    Distance education is a popular learning style since it is more convenient for students. Weekend and vacation lectures have been introduced for students unable to attend regular classes.

    Here are the objectives of the B.Ed distance education programme - 

    • To gain an understanding of the educational context in contemporary Indian society.
    • To educate students about the importance of multicultural education and its role in the teaching-learning process.
    • Systematising experiences and improving the competence of students and teachers.
    • The aspiring teachers can begin working as a teacher in their field of work while pursuing their B.Ed Distance Education. This permits the aspiring teacher to obtain knowledge and experience for higher-level subjects while teaching lower-level classes.
    • The individuals understand the disciplines' key concepts, inquiry methods, and structures and can design learning experiences that make these aspects of the subject matter meaningful.
    • The student comprehends the process of student learning and growth, as well as various learning methods, and generates learning opportunities appropriate for diverse learners and learning situations.
    • The student employs adequate knowledge of verbal, nonverbal, and media communication skills in the classroom to promote active inquiry, cooperation, and supportive engagement.
    • The student comprehends and employs formal and informal assessment procedures to analyse and ensure the learners' ongoing intellectual, social, and physical growth.
    • Through school-based experiences and reflective practices that constantly analyse the implications of their decisions and actions, the aspiring teacher develops a sense of self as an educator.

    B.Ed Distance Education Advantages / Benefits

    Some of the advantages of studying B.Ed distance education are as follows -

    • The aspirants can continue their job in addition to their studies.
    • A distance B.Ed programme can save their study costs and time.
    • They can have the flexibility to learn at their own pace.
    • The ability to study whenever and wherever they want to.
    • A distance B.Ed degree will help the aspirants with career advancement opportunities.

    Disadvantages of B.Ed Distance Education 

    Here are the disadvantages of pursuing B.Ed Distance education - 

    • Distraction and lack of concentration are highly probable.
    • Aspirants who are unfamiliar with using Technology for education can find it difficult to attend sessions online in case needed.
    • The quality of education imparted may be compromised due to the standard of the Faculty.
    • Employers sometimes question the credibility of distance degrees.
    • Students will miss out on networking opportunities with teachers and classmates.

    B.Ed Distance Education Specialisations

    The B.Ed distance education course comes with a lot of specialisations such as English, Commerce, etc. Take a look at the B.Ed distance education specialisations below:

    • B.Ed (Special Education) - Bachelor of Special Education is a specialised course in which students learn how to teach mentally challenged students. Educators who enjoy teaching and have a humble nature, patience, and a desire to help mentally ill children will be a good fit for this specialisation. To teach such students, the teacher must learn some tricks and methods that benefit both the teacher and the students. 
    • B.Ed (English) - Students who have completed their bachelor's degree in commerce or arts can pursue a BEd in English if they want to teach English. Students in this course learn how to teach children about literature along with updated teaching methods.
    • B.Ed Physical Science - Physical science courses provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. Aspirants will be able to investigate concepts such as energy and force, space and time, and so on. B.Ed physical science graduates can teach students in scientific fields such as geology, mining geologist, environmental geochemist, and hydrologist, among others.
    • B.Ed Commerce - The B.Ed in Commerce programme has been introduced to provide theoretical and practical knowledge. Candidates here study higher learning subjects such as accounting, business studies, economics, and English, among others. Candidates with a Bachelor of Commerce degree may pursue a teaching career in either private or government schools. 

    Some other specialisations include B.Ed Science, B.Ed in Social Science, B.Ed in Mathematics, B.Ed in Hindi, BEd in Physical Education, B.Ed in Psychology, etc.

    Top B.Ed Distance Education Colleges in India with Fees 2024

    Here is the list of some of the top universities in India that offer B.Ed courses in distance mode: -

    Name of the University


    Total Fees (approx)

    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

    New Delhi (IGNOU has regional and study centres across the country)

    Rs. 50,000

    Andhra University – School of Distance Education


    Rs. 35,000

    Annamalai University – School of Distance Education


    Rs. 1,00,000

    Bangalore University – School of Distance Education


    Rs. 50,000

    Bharathiar University – School of Distance Education


    Rs. 50,000 

    Bharathidasan University – School of Distance Education


    Rs. 50,000

    Himachal Pradesh University – International Centre for Distance Education & Open Learning


    Rs. 50,000

    Jamia Millia Islamia – Centre for Distance and Open Learning

    New Delhi

    Rs. 30,000

    Kakatiya University – School of Distance and Continuing Education


    Rs. 35,000

    Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University


    Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 40,000

    Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University


    Rs. 36,000

    Panjab University – USOL (University School of Open Learning)


    Rs. 30,000

    Sri Venkateswara University – Directorate of Distance Education


    Rs. 35,000 

    Tamil Nadu National Open University


    Rs. 50,000

    Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University

    Rs. 40, 000

    Karnataka State Open University

    Rs 90,050
    Nalanda Open UniversityPatna
    Rs. 37,500 - 50,000

    Netaji Subhas Open University

    Rs 40,000

    Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

    WashimRs 42,100

    UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University (UPRTOU)

    Allahabad (Now Prayagraj)Rs 12,200

    National Correspondance College (NCC)

    KolkataRs 1,20,000

    Lovely Professional University

    JalandharRs 1,50,000

    Directorate Of Distance Education, University Of Jammu

    JammuRs 10,060

    Rabindranath Tagore University

    BhopalRs 1.08 Lakh

    Directorate of Distance Education, Kurukshetra University

    KurukshetraRs 61,500

    Colleges and their Rules about Bachelors of Education (B.Ed Distance Education)

    This course is available at several colleges in India. This programme used to last three to five years, but it is now only one to two years long. Some colleges only offer a one-year programme. Some colleges hold entrance exams, and the general examination is only for a few institutes. 

    This course is designed for those who want to work in education or as a teacher. This is the primary degree required, particularly for employment as a primary or secondary school teacher. 

    BEd Distance Education Fees

    The total fees for the B.Ed distance education course are between Rs 10,000 - Rs1,00,000 per year (approx). It may also differ per university or college. Some other popular B.Ed distance education colleges and universities are 

    • Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU)
    • Uttarakhand Open University
    • Panjab University
    • Pt. Sundarlal Sharma (Open) University Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur
    • Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya
    • Himachal Pradesh University
    • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Gujarat

    Entrance Examinations for Distance B.Ed Course

    Many universities require the students to take the Bachelor of Education course entrance examination. As previously stated, different colleges have different admission requirements. Following the examinations, the students are graded based on their performance.

    The merit list is then generated based on the college criteria. The merit list is issued differently in different colleges and according to the streams for which students have applied. Following the first merit list generation, many colleges and universities hold interviews and group discussions.

    Following the generation of the merit list, the colleges that participate in the counselling process categorise the students based on the streams they pursue and then publish the final list.

    Documents are then verified in preparation for the final admissions process. All documents, from the tenth standard mark sheet to the mark sheets of courses completed to date, are only verified when students are admitted.

    Some of the popular distanced B.Ed entrance examinations are mentioned below. In the table below, you can find the name of the exam, the application date and the exam date. 

    Name of the Exam

    Application Start Date (Tentative)

    Application End Date (Tentative)

    Exam Date (Tentative)

    IPU CET for B.Ed

    February 2024

    To be Notified

    May 15 to May 31, 2024

    UP B.Ed JEE

    February 2024

    To be Notified

    To be Notified

    IGNOU B.Ed

    December 2023

    December 2023 or January 2024

    January 2024

    DU B.Ed Entrance

    January 2024

    To be Notified

    March 11 to March 28, 2024

    AMU B.Ed Entrance

    To be Notified

    To be Notified

    To be Notified


    February 2024

    To be Notified

    May 15 to May 31, 2024

    Here are some of the important career options available after B.Ed distance education - 

    • Individuals with a B.Ed can work as a Teacher for a Primary School, Secondary School, or Higher Secondary School.
    • B.Ed graduates can also work as Private Tutors.
    • By enrolling in a higher-level course, students can pursue a master's degree in education. A Bachelor of Education degree holder can work as a teacher in public and private schools.
    • Students can undertake a variety of alternative job paths after earning their bachelor's degree in education. They might also be able to work as a content writer (as a subject matter expert) or even a journalist. 
    • Students may also work as Educational Consultants or Administrators.

    B.Ed Job Roles

    Below check out the job profiles available after B.Ed distance education -

    School Teacher

    Assistant Teacher

    Private Tutor

    Online Tutor

    Principal of School / College

    Content Writer

    Education Counsellor

    Syllabus Creator/ Curriculum Creator

    Educational Researcher


    Vice Principal


    Manager in Edtech Sector


    Distnaced B.Ed Employment Areas

    We have shared below the employment fields for B.Ed distance education graduates - 

    Primary Schools

    Higher Secondary Schools

    School Administration

    Content Industry

    Ed- Tech Start-Ups

    Coaching Industry

    Ministry of Education, Government of IndiaState & Central Education Departments

    Top Recruiters of Distanced B.Ed 

    List of top recruiters for B.Ed distance education graduates is tabulated below.


    Sharda Education Trust

    Amity University

    The Infinity School

    Planet Spark

    Akash Institute

    Ministry of Education, Government of India


    B.Ed Distance Education Syllabus

    B.Ed Distance Education syllabus varies from college to college. However, there are some common topics taught across all distance colleges/ universities.Please find the important topics taught in the B.Ed distance education programme - 

    • Childhood And Growing Up
    • Contemporary India and Education
    • Learning and Teaching
    • Gender, School and Society
    • Pedagogy of a School Subject
    • Reading and reflecting on texts
    • Drama and art in education
    • Creating an Inclusive school
    • Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
    • Knowledge and Curriculum
    • Critical Understanding of ICT
    • Assessment For Learning
    • Health Education
    • Language across the curriculum

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    For the latest information on B.Ed entrance exams of various universities, stay tuned to CollegeDekho.

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