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PCM Career Options

Kumari Neha
Kumari NehaUpdated On: August 16, 2022 12:51 pm IST

There are various courses that can help students build a promising career after Class 12th. We have compiled some of the best career options after 12th PCM to help students choose the right course.

Career options after 12th pcm

In India, it is a common misconception that engineering is the only good option for students who have completed class 12th with PCM. Engineering is a highly glorified and good career choice for students but definitely, it is not the only career choice. In fact, many students may not be interested in pursuing engineering after studying science in Class 12th. This article will highlight popular career options after 12th PCM that candidates can consider along with top degree courses after 12th PCM.

There are various courses, both traditional and modern that can help the student build a promising career in a field they are interested in and also get good opportunities in future. Students who are currently pursuing intermediate studies or have completed must know about the best undergraduate and diploma courses they can opt for. Apart from engineering, the other options available are B.Plan degree, B.Arch, NDA, Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme Course, TV and Film industry-driven course etc.

To help students choose the right course after class 12th PCM, we have compiled some of the best career options after 12th science PCM.

List of Career Options after 12th PCM

PCM subjects provide a base in physics, chemistry and mathematics along with computer science or biology. Here is in-depth information about career options after 12th science PCM along with apt courses after 12th PCM.

  • Pharmacist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Animator
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Pilot
  • Software Engineer

1. Pharmacist

Candidates can go for a career as a Pharmacist soon after completing the relevant course. The duty of a Pharmacist is to manufacture and develop medicine. They are not only responsible for researching, producing and monitoring the quality of drugs but they are also in charge of checking the progress of patients and ensuring the effective and safe use of medication.

QualificationA 3-year long degree programme in pharmacy
Average Salary (Annual)Rs. 2,61,103

 2. Chemical Engineer

The prime duty of a Chemical Engineer is to turn raw materials into products by processing artificial as well as natural chemicals. They usually experiment and research to create efficient materials to be used as drugs, fuel, food, agricultural and healthcare products. A Chemical Engineer is required in all industries but their demand is more important in research, manufacturing and energy. 

Qualification4-year bachelor's degree in chemical engineering 
Average Salary (Annual)Rs. 4,85,602

3. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineers observe, study, design and then manufacture military or commercial spacecraft, aircraft and missiles. They generally develop and research fresh technologies to enhance space exploration, commercial aviation and defence systems. An Aeronautical Engineer is free to work with government or private organisations. 

Qualification4-year bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering
Average Salary (Annual)Rs. 7,10,997

4. Product Designer

Product designers are responsible for analysing consumer needs, feedback and trends and designing products that benefit their customers. In order to create a finished product they usually work with photographers and graphic designers. A product designer has to monitor the quality of the product, choose raw materials and also define the processes to manufacture it. 

Qualification4-year bachelor's degree in product design
Average Salary (Annual)Rs. 6,56,321

5. Animator

The career as an animator requires an individual to creatively curates dramatic motion as well as sequences using computer software. They work in films and advertising, producing 2D and 3D arrangements. A few animators also get to work with creators to develop landscapes and characters.

QualificationBachelor's degree in graphic design or animation
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 3,12,988

6. Environmental Engineer

The main duty of an environmental engineer is to use the knowledge of engineering and social science to design technology that helps in conserving or preserving the environment. They may create technology that can help in improving public health, curbing air pollution, simplifying hazardous waste management, reducing radiation waste, reducing water pollution and managing solid waste disposal. An Environmental Engineer analyses the impact of roads, canals or dams on the surrounding ecosystem.

Qualification4-year bachelor's degree in environmental engineering
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 4,41,913

7. Architect

Becoming an architect is one of the top PCM career options for candidates. The career as an Architect has various duties such as designing structures like homes, malls, office buildings, stadiums and outdoor spaces. They not only assess the landscape, environmental impact and local laws before commencing with a project but they also help in changing the building to incorporate new and fresh structures and facilities.

Qualification5-year program in bachelor's of architecture (B.Arch)
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 3,38,318

8. Data scientist

Data scientists use algorithms and numbers to study data. They are also responsible for creating models that predict, forecast, classify and cluster data. A Data Scientist generally validates unstructured as well as structured data by devising special codes to analyse and store it. They may also help in identifying trends that assist business managers in making well-informed business decisions. 

Qualification4-year degree in data science
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 8,59,678

9. Pilot

Establishing a career as a Pilot is one of the most sought after PCM career options for candidates. A pilot operates an aircraft in order to transport goods or people from one place to another. They are free to work for private or government airlines. The Pilots are responsible for the safety of passengers, crew and cargo on board.

QualificationCandidates have to undergo intensive training after finishing a medical test and Class 12th with PCM
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 20,16,825

10. Software Engineer

This is one of the most popular PCM career options for aspirants. A software engineer creates applications, tools and digital solutions to meet business objectives. They usually create, audit and enhance virtual solutions and are also responsible for writing code to diagnose & troubleshoot errors.

QualificationBachelor's degree in computer science engineering
Average Salary (Annual)    Rs. 5,96,510

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List of Degree Courses after 12th Science PCM

Here is the list of popular degree courses after 12th science PCM. Also mentioned are PCM career options related to the degree courses.

B.Tech/ BE

Students who have passed Class 12th in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can pursue a career in the engineering field. Candidates can opt B.Tech degree or B.E degree course. For this, the candidate will have to appear in JEE Mains and state-level engineering entrance test for admission in engineering colleges in India.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is the core science degree programme that allows candidates to study a subject of their choice. Candidates interested in Mathematics can pursue B.Sc mathematics, those interested in Physics can pursue B.Sc Physics and B.Sc Chemistry is for candidates interested in Chemistry. Most of the prestigious institutes take admission on a merit basis i.e performance in class 12th. Some institutes conduct their own entrance test for admission in B.Sc course

After the competition of B.Sc course, candidates can pursue higher education like the M.Sc course. This course is suitable for candidates who want to become professors, teachers or lecturers in institutes/ colleges/ universities. Those who are interested in research work can also opt for this course.

List of B.Sc College in India

Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)

Bachelors of Planning is a professional undergraduate level degree programme. B.Plan professionals play a vital role in shaping the urban environment in all aspects like socially, environmentally and culturally and have a significant impact to influence our lives.

Admission in the B. Plan programme is based on the Class 12th results from CBSE or any equivalent examination. The candidate must have studied Mathematics in Class 12th for admission in the B.Plan course. Most of the prestigious institutes take admission through JEE mains or NATA exam scorecard.

PCM students interested in the subjects can pursue the course from an institute that offers this course after the completion of Class 12th studies.

B.Plan Colleges in India

Bachelor of Architecture

B.Arch is a degree programme that can be completed in 5 years full-time. It is and lucrative degree programme and the course focus on various aspects like Interior design, rural and urban planning, landscape architecture, building architecture, construction management, transportation planning etc.

Candidates who have completed Class 12th in PCM and are interested in this course can apply to colleges that offer this course. Most of the prestigious institutes s take admission on the basis of NATA or JEE Mains scorecard.

After the completion of the B.Arch course candidates can pursue a diploma in a specialisation like Diploma in interior design/ landscape design for career growth.

B.Arch Colleges in India

B.Tech in Agriculture

The scope and demand of Bachelor of Agriculture engineering have increased in recent owing to the advancement in technology in the agriculture sector. It is similar to all other engineering courses offered in India. Most of the prestigious institutes s take admission on the basis of JEE Mains scorecard.

The course is designed to help students understand and implement agricultural processes efficiently and improve the productivity of farmers.

After the completion of a B.Tech in agriculture, candidates can either get a job in the government or private sector or they can go for further studies like Management in Agribusiness or Masters in Agriculture.

B.Tech in Agriculture Colleges in India


National Defence Academy (NDA) is a joint services academy of the Indian Army, the navy and the airforce. It is an academy that trains candidates before they go to a respective service academy for further pre-commissioning training.

Candidates who have completed Class 12th in PCM but are interested in joining the Indian army, airforce or navy can appear in the NDA entrance and make a good career in this field.

Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme Course

Indian Army invites candidates who have passed the 10+2 exam in PCM for the Technical Entry Scheme for the Grant of Permanent Commission. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and meet the criteria can join the Indian Army.

Interested candidates can apply for the same to be a part of the Indian Army.

On successful completion of the course, cadets will be granted Permanent Commission in the Army in the rank of Lt.

Also Read: Indian Navy Posts for Class 12 Students


If you are interested in pursuing engineering after class 12th PCM but have a keen interest in computer science and its application then BCS or BCA can be the right degree course for you. BCA course is an undergraduate degree and professionals are high in demand due to the rapid growth of the IT industry.

The course can be completed in 3 years after which students find a job in the IT sector. Most of the prestigious institutes take admission on a merit basis i.e performance in class 12th. After the completion of the BCA course, candidates can further pursue higher education like an MCA degree, MCS degree or MBA degree for career growth.

List of BCA colleges in India

Diploma in Film and Television

The Film and television industry demands candidates from various backgrounds, students from science backgrounds are also needed for job roles that require sound technical knowledge. Candidates who are interested in making a career in the TV and Film industry can join a diploma course after class 12th. Most of the prestigious institutes take admission on a merit basis i.e performance in class 12th.

The niche area that you can pick up is video editing, cinematography and film processing. After the completion, of course, the candidate can find a job in film production ad TV channels.

Direct Admission in Private Colleges after 12th PCM 

CollegeDekho online & single application form helps candidates register for multiple colleges of their choice. Using this facility, you need not fill in the separate application form for each college. Instead, it allows you to apply to multiple colleges through a single application form. You can pay for a single application through CollegeDekho Common Application Form (CAF) portal.

Candidates have the flexibility to search the college or click ‘Search College’ and select the stream of their choice say ‘Science’. A list of colleges will appear on the screen to apply. Candidates can select the relevant college and pay the registration fees. As soon as you complete the registration process, one of the counsellors from CollegeDekho will get in touch with you for assistance and help you with admission to your desired college.

Tips for Choosing the Right Career Options after 12th PCM

Here are a few important tips that candidates must keep in mind before picking out the right PCM career options:

1. Check where the interest lies

Before choosing the career options after 12th science PCM, it is crucial for candidates to assess their own self. They need to figure out things that inspire and excite them. They may kick start this process by trying to identify their skills and personality traits. Also, they must note down the subjects that draw their attention and interest them.

2. Research about courses

Various colleges in India and abroad provide a variety of courses and specialisations. Candidates must understand the curriculum, course requirements, career prospects and scope of the study. They should also figure out the top colleges offering the course and make sure that the institute also satisfies their concerns.

3. Align the interest with available courses

The third and the most important tip is to match the programme offered by the college with the interest. Candidates should make sure that the course is in alignment with their likes and interests. They should research further about the course, career possibilities and college and categorise their options based on preferences and priorities.

4. Connect with people & build a network

Candidates must try talking to as many mentors and peers as possible. They should also reach out to the alumni of the desired colleges to find out more information about the course. Connecting with people may bring out new career options and perspectives.

This was all about popular career options after 12th PCM and top courses after 12th science PCM. For the latest news related to education and admission related information, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!


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