Must Read Historical Facts Kept Secret by Delhi University

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Must Read Historical Facts Kept Secret by Delhi University
Highlights: Here are 5 less known Delhi University facts dating back to the time of independence.

New Delhi, the capital of India has been a witness to a magnificent journey. From rise and downfall of majestic kingdoms and empires in her lap to historical events and culture drifts, it has always been a subject of strategic power play.

Even when the Britishers came to India in 1757 and ruled over us for about 200 years, Delhi was one of the power houses that got the attention of the colonisers along with other cities like Kolkata. But Delhi held on to its ground as a major player, so that when India finally became independent in 1947, it was unanimously decided that the center stage for running the country would remain in Delhi.

Comparing history and present, Delhi has been the epicenter both, before and after independence. Delhi is home to awesome things, left behind by the rulers of it’s past. The rich history and cultural heritage that Delhi has inherited cannot be missed. From ancient and incredible monuments to amazing street food and shopping centers and from a flashy nightlife in Hauz Khas Village to the bustling Chandni Chowk, Delhi has it all!

Delhi is the perfect concoction of progressive modernism submerged in vibrant history, which is obvious in the opulous Delhi University. The signature red brick walls that adorn India’s premiere university is one such example. Seeped in history, nurtured by rebels and an advanced seat of learning, Delhi University has many a story to tell behind its brick walls.

Read on to know about the secrets that Delhi University hold.

1. Kamla Nehru College- Northern Ridge

Apart from being a popular couple’s point and evening hangout place, the northern ridge at Kamla Nehru College is also historically important.

Did you know that the flagstaff tower in the ridge was actually the place where the great revolt of 1857 came to an end?

Not only this, the ridge also has a lake, which is popularly known as the khooni jheelas the water in the lake had once turned blood red after a round of firing between the British army and the revolters of 1857.

2. Delhi University Foundation Day

Very few people know that the University actually has a foundation day i.e the 1st of May. And what adds on to it is the fact that the university celebrates it with a proper function including a flag hoisting ceremony every year since 1922!

3. Indraprastha College for Women

The Indraprastha College for women is the oldest girls college of Delhi University and apart from its magnificent heritage building and beautiful lawns, the college also has some surprising facts under its umbrella. It is said that during partition, the college helped people take refuge, eat, drink and cross safely.

4. Delhi University Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Delhi University vice-chancellor’s office in Vice-Regal Lodge has some major secrets behind its walls like the fact that Lord Mountbatten proposed to his wife Edwina for marriage there or that the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was kept there for an entire day in that building.

5. Vice-Regal Lodge

Not only this, during the revolt of 1857, the vice chancellor’s office in Vice-Regal Lodge also acted as a safe zone for soldiers and their families when British forces marched to Delhi to recapture the city from rebellious sepoys.

Also, the place has not been modified in any manner and has been maintained the same way it was then.

CollegeDekho wishes you a Happy Independence Day.

Must Read Historical Facts Kept Secret by Delhi University | CollegeDekho

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