Ways to Prepare For Upcoming CAT Exam:

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Ways to Prepare For Upcoming CAT Exam:
Highlights: CAT 2015 is going to be held between mid-October to mid-November and candidates are left with a month at the most. This is the most crucial time where

CAT 2015 is going to be held between mid-October to mid-November and candidates are left with a month at the most. This is the most crucial time where students have to utmost utilize their time and energy.

On one hand there is the tough question paper and on the other hand the preparation has to be made in a clever way as to cover all aspects of the studies.

But do not worry Collegedekho.com is here to help you out with tips and guides. First let’s see ways to prepare for CAT examination without being worried or over zealous for the upcoming online test.

Focus on Known Topics One month is left for the CAT exam, hence, one should focus on only such topics in which he/she is comfortable with. This applies during the exam as well, where instead of trying all the given questions, one should answer only those in which one is comfortable with.

Prepare from old papers and mocks: Every CAT aspiring student must prepare well before taking the final online test. Studying and preparing from the previous years' papers are a good try always in order to get an idea on the exam. Also, mock exams help in assessing one's proficiency on the subjects, therefore one must be alert and sincere in trying out the tests before taking the final test.

Stay calm and relaxed Always remember, it is not your final examination in life. There is always a second chance so, never get fumed or anxious with no reason of any kind. Stay calm and relaxed while preparing this exam. Listening to soothing songs or spending some time in your hobbies might help you ace the test.

Read and Read The more you read, the more you gain. Reading is a good habit especially while preparing for your CAT exam. Reading helps in increasing your vocabulary, general awareness, history or even your speed of reading the questions online. English and Comprehensive Reading questions become easier once you are acquainted to reading.

Set A Time Table Following a time table makes everyone punctual, sincere and disciplined. So, for a CAT aspirant, following a particular everyday study routine would definitely help in acing the exam. For candidates who decide upon preparing for CAT early, must start studying from the second year of graduation days. For students who start preparing after college must study 10 hours everyday with focus and sincerity.

Focus on Tricks This may sound like a magic to be played with and in reality it plays like a magic on your paper. Knowing short forms, calculations based on tricks or solving sums quickly with easy and smart steps are required to crack this test easily. One must know the basic calculations on finger tips and the harder ones with tricks only!

Time Management Knowing time management is important to step up high especially for the CAT aspirants.

Preparing well for the exam and scheduling time slots for every papers helps you in focusing better and studying effectively.

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