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CAT 2022 Exam Day Instructions - Rules, What to Carry, Do's and Don'ts

Pratyush Roy
Pratyush RoyUpdated On: December 01, 2022 12:21 pm IST | CAT

IIM Bangalore has released CAT 2022 Test Day Guide that contains important CAT exam instructions, do's, don'ts, and exam day workflow. Check all the CAT exam rules here to avoid any last-minute hassle.

CAT Exam Day Instructions

CAT 2022 was conducted on November 27, 2022, and candidates were all geared up to give their best to qualify for MBA/PGDM admissions into 20 IIMs and other top management colleges in India. The exam was conducted by IIM Bangalore in 150 test cities across various states in the country. Every year, more than 2 lakh students apply for the CAT exam and work their fingers to the bone to crack it. However, no amount of preparation or any strategy will help you pass the exam if you’re not aware of the CAT exam instructions. Here’s the direct PDF link to CAT 2022 Test Day Guide you must refer to:

Meanwhile, candidates will be able to check out the CAT 2022 Question Paper for Slot 1, Slot 2, and Slot 3, as well as the CAT exam analysis 2022, CAT 2022 answer key, and CAT cutoff 2022 for IIMs below. CAT 2022 test-takers will find the memory-based questions in a PDF format.

CAT Question Paper 2022
CAT Exam Analysis 2022
CAT Answer Key 2022 (Released)
CAT Cutoff 2022 for IIMs

This test date guide contains all the important CAT exam rules that candidates must abide by on exam day, including the do’s and don’ts. To ensure a hassle-free experience, here are all the CAT exam instructions and rules that you must follow on exam day. You can also find a detailed CAT 2022 exam day workflow that you will have to follow and know about the things to carry for CAT exam.

Getting Ready for CAT 2022 - Exam Day Instructions and Tips

Some of the important tips for CAT 2022 are given below for candidates who are appearing for the exam: 

CAT 2022 Admit Card

The CAT 2022 admit card can be considered the most important document for the CAT exam 2022. The admit card is mandatory to carry into the examination hall. The admit card is also known as the ‘Hall Ticket’ without which, the candidates cannot enter the examination hall. The admit card carries many details of the candidate, which are required for the examination. 

  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Exam Date
  • Time / Session
  • PwD status
  • Test City
  • Test Center address
  • Reference Number

The admit card for CAT 2022 examination will be made available online. The students have to log in to their CAT portal accounts for getting a soft copy of the admit card. It is advisable for the candidate to take a printout of the admit card. The admit card does not only help the candidate with his/her examination details but also works as an identification document for the examinee to the examiners. After taking the printout of the admit card, candidates will have to affix their passport-size photographs to the document and carry it to the examination hall.

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Carry an Acceptable Govt Issued Photo ID to CAT 2022 Exam Hall

Except for the admit card, another important step for examinee identity verification is their government-issued photo identity card/document. The CAT 2022 admit card will have a list of acceptable government IDs. The candidates are requested to take any of the following IDs to the examination hall.

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Employer ID
  • College ID
  • Identification affidavit

Name Change Document

Candidates whose names have changed as a result of any circumstance (such as marriage, a legal name change, or a divorce) must have official documentation confirming the name change. This document could be a divorce declaration, marriage certificate, etc. Bring a photocopy of the supporting documentation that has been notarized as well.

Affidavit of Scribe and Medical Certificate

Candidates who fall under the PwD category must bring a medical certificate substantiating their claim of disability as well as a scribe affidavit (on the form provided by IIMCAT) to the CAT 2022 examination hall. After the frisking, all of the documents will be checked by the exam centre staff. Without document verification, no candidate will be permitted to access their computer system. 

It is not mandatory to carry all the IDs mentioned above as many candidates may not have all of them. But it is requested that the candidates take all the IDs they have from the given list for a smooth entry inside the exam hall for CAT 2022.

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CAT 2022 Exam Day Instructions: Do's and Don’ts

Below are some important guidelines regarding the CAT 2022 that candidates must follow at each point for a hassle-free examination experience.



  • Bring your admit card and original ID proofs as specified in the admit card.

  • Print the CAT 2022 admit card on an A4 size Paper. Check if the photo and the signature of the candidate are properly printed.

  • The candidate is requested to have the digital admit card on their mobile phones. In the digital admit card, there is a google map link. The candidate can reach the examination centre without much trouble using the google maps link.

  • The candidate must affix the photograph as required, there is an assigned space in the admit card where the photo has to be pasted with glue before handing it over for verification at the CAT 2022 test centre. Candidates are requested to affix the same photograph which was previously uploaded during the CAT 2022 application process.

  • Carry Self-Declaration Form

  • Visit the CAT 2022 Exam Center beforehand

  • Be punctual

  • Verify the seating arrangements.

  • Verify your documents.

  • Complete all rough work on the scratch sheet.

  • Use the washroom beforehand.

  • The writing pad with all pages intact will have to be returned along with the pen after completion of the examination to the hall invigilator.

  • The duly signed admit card has to be returned to the invigilator present in the CAT exam lab.

  • Do not try to appear for the CAT 2022 exam more than once to avoid cancellation.

  • Any kind of gadget is prohibited in the exam lab. Do not carry them with you. Otherwise, the examination will be cancelled for the candidate.

  • Any attempt to cheat or copy answers from any peer is prohibited and will lead to paper cancellation.

  • Do not use the keyboard ever during the examination; this will lock your computer system.

  • No request for changing the test centre/console/exam lab on the exam day will be entertained.

  • Do not waste writing pad pages as no extra writing pad will be given to the candidates.

  • Do not apply henna or mehndi on the palm side. This instruction is mainly given to girls attempting the examination. This is suggested as applying mehndi on the palm side will cause trouble in capturing the candidate’s biometric fingerprint which is mandatory for entering the examination lab.

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What to Carry to the CAT 2022 Test Centre?

Students appearing for CAT 2022 must be aware of what to carry and what not to carry at the exam centre to avoid any hassle. Here is a list of things to carry for CAT exam:

  • CAT Admit Card 2022
  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Medical Certificate and Scribe Affidavit
  • Authorization Form
  • COVID-19 related items
  • Name Change Document

What Not to Carry to the CAT 2022 Test Centre? 

The exam authority of CAT has forbidden many things inside the exam hall, and any student is not allowed to take the exam if found in the possession of those things. The following items are not allowed inside the CAT 2022 examination hall:

  • Wristwatches
  • Mobile Phone
  • Purse/Handbag
  • Log Tables
  • Calculator
  • Camera 
  • Wireless/Bluetooth Devices
  • Other Electronic Gadgets
  • Geometry/ Instrument/ Pencil box

Relief to Carry Accessories Against CAT Exam Day Authorization Form

Though candidates are not allowed to carry any accessories and electronics inside the examination hall, they can take them inside only if they are necessary for their medical health and prescribed by an MCI-approved doctor. In that case, the CAT authority will issue the candidate an authorization form, which is necessary to carry to the examination hall to get permission.

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Dress Code for CAT 2022 Exam Day

The CAT aspirants should take note of the following guidelines pertaining  to the dress code to avoid issues at the time of entry:

  • Metal jewellery is not permitted to be worn by candidates.
  • Inside the examination hall, candidates are not permitted to wear closed-toed shoes, caps, jackets, or clothing with pockets or huge buttons.
  • Candidates who have metal implants, pacemakers, or other devices in their bodies must submit a medical certificate for those devices.
  • The test lab allows socks, plain pullovers, sweaters, and cardigans (without pockets).

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CAT 2022 Exam Day Workflow

From reaching the exam centre to exiting it, there is a certain workflow for the examination, which has to be followed. The staff at the examination centres and the invigilator will assist you through the process and help you. Following is the exam day workflow:

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How to Answer Questions on CAT Exam Day?

Go through the following instructions to know how to answer questions on the CAT 2022 exam day:

  • The amount of time left for each section is indicated by the timer in the top right corner of the screen. The answers will automatically get locked and submitted once the 40 minutes are over.
  • Candidates can use the following details while answering questions:
  1. Save & Next (saving answers before moving on to the next question)
  2. Clear Response (clears selected response)
  3. Mark for Review & Next (Mark the question to be reviewed at a later time of the exam)
  • Candidates can view the status of attempted questions on the right side.
  1. Green: answered and not marked for review
  2. Red: neither answered nor marked for review
  3. Grey: questions not visited
  4. Violet: questions marked for review without answers
  5. Violet with green tick: questions marked for review with answers
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How to Use Google Map Link on CAT Admit Card to Find the Test Centre?

There are often unavoidable delays on exam day since candidates frequently struggle to find the exact location of their CAT 2022 exam centre. In order to prevent this, IIM included a new Google Map Link feature on the CAT 2022 admit card that allows applicants to confirm the precise location of the test centre that has been assigned to them. Candidates simply need to download their CAT admit cards in order to access the same, and then click on the google map link to acquire directions to the exam centre.

Verification of Documents and Biometric Registration

Candidates must have their documents validated after entering the test centre and undergoing the frisking process (security check).

  • The original ID proof and admit card for the candidate, both of which are attached with photographs, will be examined on the desk. Candidates will be requested to continue with biometric registration after their documents have been verified.
  • The left thumb impression and picture of the candidate will be taken.
  • The attendance sheet must be signed by the candidates.

Exam Day Guidelines for PwD Candidates for CAT 2022

  • Candidates with disabilities (PwD) will get an additional 40 minutes (total 160 minutes) to finish the test.
  • Separate rooms will be allotted to floors with elevator access or on the ground floor.
  • PwD candidates will receive special coordinators.
  • PwD candidates who have a scribe must carry an affidavit that has been properly signed by both the candidate and the scribe.
  • A wheelchair will be made available to applicants who demand one (as stated on their admit cards).
  • According to the specifications listed on the admit card, the "Zoom" option will be made available on the candidate's test console (for candidates who are visually impaired).

CAT 2022 Exam Day Key Activities and Time Slots

The following schedule has been created based on the schedule of last year’s CAT exam:



Approx. Time for the Activity


Shift 1

Shift 2

Shift 3

7.00 AM

11.00 AM

3.00 PM

Reach the Test Centre (candidate’s reporting time)


Gate closes 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the exam.

7.05 AM

11.05 AM

03.05 PM

Find the Test Lab number

1-5 Minutes

From the Barcode Desk, the candidate determines where the Exam Lab is.

7.10 AM

11.10 AM

03.10 PM

Scrutiny of Admit Card

1-5 Minutes

At the entry gate, the documents are first examined.

7.15 AM

11.15 AM

03.15 PM

Deposit personal belongings (mobile phone, bag etc.)

1-10 Minutes

Candidates are required to deposit their personal belongings at the entry gate

7.25 AM

11.25 AM

03.25 PM

Frisking of candidates

3-5 Minutes

Security personnel assigned to frisk candidates.

7.30 AM

11.30 AM

03.30 PM

Document (ID card and Admit Card) checking at the Test Lab entrance

1-10 Minutes

Document verification is done.

7.40 AM

11.40 AM

03.40 PM

The candidate reaches the exam hall

1-10 Minutes

The candidate arrives at the examination hall.

7.50 AM

11.50 AM

03.50 PM

Candidates go to the Registration Desk and sign (manual) on the attendance sheet

1-5 Minutes

Candidates must sign the Attendance Sheet available at the Registration Desk.

7.55 AM

11.55 AM

03.55 PM

Registration Process

1-10 Minutes

The photographs of candidates are captured and the iris are scanned as per process.

8.05 AM

12.05 PM

04.05 PM

In order to confirm that it is their photo, candidates check it on the registration terminal.

1-5 Minutes

At the registration terminal, the candidate verifies the image that was captured.

8.10 AM

12.10 PM

04.10 PM

The candidate sits at the terminal

1-5 Minutes

The candidate inspects the Console assigned to them in the exam lab. At the terminal, there is a pen and a scribble pad.

8.15 AM

12.15 PM

04.15 PM

Login to the Test screen

1-5 minutes.

Candidate completes first login procedure.

8.20 AM

12.20 PM

04.20 PM

Verify & confirm profile information

1-5 minutes.

The applicant validates and verifies the profile information they provided during CAT 2022 registration.

8.25 AM

12.25 PM

04.25 PM

Read the Declaration and agree to the same

1-5 minutes.

The candidate reads all of the exam instructions before clicking "Accept."

8.30 AM

12.30 PM

04.30 PM

Test Starts

120 minutes.

CAT 2022 exam begins.

10.30 AM

02.30 PM

06.30 PM

After the test is over, the candidate shares the feedback.

1-5 minutes.

120 minutes later the exam is over, and the feedback page appears on the screen. The candidate offers his opinions.

10.35 AM

02.35 PM

06.35 PM

Return Admit Card, pen and

Scribble Pad

1-5 minutes.

The candidate drops the admit card, pen, and scribble pad in the appropriate boxes.

10.40 AM

02.40 PM

06.40 PM

Leave the test lab and take the items you deposited

1-5 minutes.

Candidates leave the exam hall and gather their belongings (if any)

10.45 AM

02.45 PM

06.45 PM

Leave the Test Centre


The candidate exits from the Test Centre.

Candidates must ensure to follow these CAT exam instructions and take note of all the things to carry for CAT exam. If you have any doubts regarding the CAT 2022 entrance examination, you can clear your doubts by posting your questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone.

For admission-related guidance, fill out the Common Application Form (CAF) or call on our toll-free number 1800-572-9877.

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Can I carry money inside the CAT exam hall?

Yes, you are allowed to carry paper notes inside the CAT examination hall without a wallet. However, you will have to leave any coins outside and their safety will not be guaranteed by the exam centre so it is best not to carry coins.

Will the CAT exam centre have space for safely keeping mobile phones?

In general practice, most of the CAT exam centres have some arrangements for storing a candidate's mobile phones and other important items. However, the safety of such items cannot be guaranteed and the candidate is instructed to not bring them to the exam centre.

How can I find my time and session for CAT?

Your examination session and timing including the reporting time for CAT will be mentioned on your CAT admit card. Make sure that you take note of the given time and reach early to avoid last-minute rush.

What are the COVID-19 guidelines issued for CAT aspirants by IIM Indore?

As per the COVID-19 guidelines issued along with the CAT admit card, candidates have been asked to maintain social distancing at the exam centre. The guidelines also include norms about proper sanitisation, temperature checks, wearing of marks and carrying of sanitisers and water bottle inside the centre.

What do I do if I am having trouble finding my CAT exam centre?

The digital copy of the CAT 2020 admit card contains a Google Maps link of the CAT exam centres. Candidates can use their phones or laptops to access the link and find the location of their exam centre and how to reach it.

Is an electronic copy of CAT admit card accepted at the exam centre?

No, candidates must carry a printed copy of their CAT admit card. Showing a digital copy will not grant entry inside the exam centre.

Can I carry any medical equipment inside the CAT examination hall?

If a candidate has any electronic equipment or accessory that is vital to their health and is prescribed by an MCI-approved doctor, they can get an authorisation form issued to carry it inside the CAT exam centres. The authorisation form must be brought to the exam centre for the permission to do the same.

What are the prohibited items at the CAT exam centre?

Any electronic items or metallic objects are prohibited to be carried inside the CAT exam centre. Candidates are also not allowed to enter the examination hall while wearing jackets, jewellery, shoes, watch, bag. Wallets and stationery items are also not allowed inside. Stationery is provided by the examination authorities to be used while at the exam centre.

Will a photocopy of my ID proof be accepted at the exam centre?

No, you will be required to carry your original ID proof to the CAT exam centres. You will not be allowed to enter with a photocopy of your ID.

What items should I carry to the CAT exam centre?

The items to be carried to the CAT exam centre include your CAT admit card and a photo ID proof such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence, Passport etc.

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