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Is it Easy to Crack JEE Main?

Shilpa Pradhan
Shilpa PradhanUpdated On: April 04, 2023 11:13 am IST | JEE Main

Many candidates get into a conundrum thinking if the JEE Main exam is easy to crack or not. In this post we will help you overcome the confusion and understand what will work best for you. Read the full article to know more.


Is it Easy to Crack JEE Main - This question, Is it Easy to Crack JEE Main is a little debatable, but it does not make it untrue. JEE Main Exam is regarded as one of India's most difficult exams, requiring dedication and hard work to qualify. Candidates begin studying in class 11th in order to perform well in the JEE Main 2023. Every year, roughly 7 to 8 lakh candidates take the JEE Main exam, hence JEE Main preparation demands a significant amount of effort as well as the right approach to the questions.

You will pass the exam if you put your best foot forward, regardless of whether you are an average or brilliant student. Numerous candidates have studied hard, prepared well, and practiced a lot in order to ace the exam. When you start your JEE Main preparation, you will be bombarded with myths that can mislead you and even reduce your chances of passing the exams. As a result, it is always important to be informed and avoid such misconceptions, and instead of lingering upon the question that it is easy to crack JEE Main or not focus on preparing well.

It would be preferable if you had an intelligent preparation strategy rather than studying haphazardly. Given the difficulty of the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exam, it is important to include a study plan.

In this article we shall discuss the myths that surround the JEE Main Exam and provide facts instead which will help candidates to overcome their fear of the exam and excel in the future.

Myths That Candidates Need To Overcome and Ace Exam

Study Hours Has a Direct Correlation to Success 

In order to ace JEE Main, you must put in additional effort. It doesn't mean you have to exhaust yourself by studying for long periods of time. Everyone has a varied spectrum of academic ability. While some people can prepare a chapter in an hour, others may need a day to grasp the same subject. What counts is complete concentration, which is impossible to achieve when comparing study hours to success rate.

Dedicated Study Even for the Last Few Months is Sufficient

No, it isn't. Instead, the earlier you begin your JEE Main preparation, the better. Extra time allows you to dedicate sufficient attention to each topic and engage in rigorous practice. Even if you are a brilliant student, believing that you will be able to pass the JEE Main Exam by preparing in the last month is a risk. Remember that success seldom happens by coincidence, and aspirations are not based on luck. They must be founded on hard effort, dedication, and foresight.

More Books Means Better Marks

There is a misconception amongst candidates that reading more books while preparing for JEE Main 2023 exam will eventually yield better marks when they get their JEE Main results. Studying more books just for the sake of studying will not help you, as it is very difficult to grasp the concepts from too many resources. Rather candidates should stick to NCERT books or JEE Main books recommended by experts.

Coaching Centre is The Only Option To Crack JEE Main

Of Course it works for some people but it is not mandatory that it will work for all the candidates. Some of them may find self-study much more helpful than coaching centers. It varies from person to person. There are various coaching centers that provide JEE Main coaching throughout the year or even a combined preparation of 12th and JEE Main exam. It is advised that candidates choose what’s more beneficial for them.

Boards Exam Preparation is Same as JEE Main

This is another myth that candidates should avoid. You must prepare for both separately. Many students fall into this trap and underperform in both exams. Plan a proper preparation strategy and give enough time for both exams. For example 12th exam demands more writing and elaboration of concepts in the exam but JEE Main is an objective type exam and requires speed and accuracy, which will come from practicing JEE Main sample papers and JEE Main mock test.

No Social Life to Stay Focused

Focus does not come when you completely isolate yourself and drown into books.Many people think that when you prepare for JEE Main, you need to stay away from your social life to stay focused. That, however, is another misconception. More study hours, as earlier mentioned, would simply make you bored and tired. To stay motivated while preparing, you must take breaks and engage in enjoyable activities. Thus, instead of limiting yourself to watching your favorite TV show or going out with friends, treat your mind with happy things to keep yourself motivated.

JEE Exams Are Out of Syllabus

Wrong, there is a fixed JEE Main syllabus and JEE Main exam pattern which is the foundation of all the JEE Main exam. Candidates should attentively read the syllabus and focus on the fundamental concepts. If you look at JEE Main previous year papers, you will see a similar pattern that has been going on for years. All you have to do is pay attention, prepare properly, and complete the syllabus while saving time for revision. If you've accomplished all of this, cracking JEE Main is not difficult.

Studying at Night 

While occasionally studying late at night is ok, doing so regularly won't be beneficial. That will simply make you tired and exhausted. This, in turn, will impair your focus, leading to poor academic performance. As a result, it is important to allow your mind and body ample time to rest in order to stay healthy and active.

There are Shortcuts to Crack JEE Main Exam

Unfortunately, this is also a myth. Therefore, keep in mind that the next time you read a book that claims, "Crack JEE in 10 Days," it's a hoax. Instead of falling into these traps, put the effort in proper preparation and practice.

Preparing Only the Difficult Topics

We all have the habit of studying the most difficult topics first and focusing our efforts on excelling at them. As a result, we typically concentrate less on weaker areas, and as a result, we wind up forgetting certain important topics that will undoubtedly appear in the exams. Call it bad luck or ignorance, but such things can have an impact on your overall performance. Hence, rather than skipping over topics, strive to cover them fully and seek advice from experienced teachers to prepare thoroughly.

Now that myths have been cleared, it's time to get back to your JEE Main preparation. Just follow a well-planned study schedule, cover all subjects, and don't just work hard, but also enjoy at times to achieve balance in your life. 

Common Tips to Prepare For JEE Main

  • Students should refer to the NCERT books
  • Clarify your basic concepts first, then spend extra time on areas where you're weak and practice them on a regular basis for better results
  • Do not miss any topics that you believe are unrelated to your assignment or are unnecessary
  • Start writing short notes of formulas/concepts/pointers in one place to help you with revision
  • Start your day with a positive attitude, set an achievable goal, and stay motivated
  • Maintain good mental and physical health. Candidates can do this by participating in athletics, practicing yoga, or choosing something else
  • Nutrition and a balanced diet are essential for maintaining energy levels throughout the day. Thus, consume nutritious foods and get adequate rest and remove stress by doing some fun activities
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