How Are IITians Different From You?

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How Are IITians Different From You?
Highlights: Know 10 facts about IITians and discover how they are different from us in small ways.

For every engineering aspirant, getting admission in one of the top IITs is a dream and after strenuous hours of studying and no sleep, some students get a chance to live their dream.

Indian Institute of Technology has set itself as a brand right from its establishment in the year 1951. With excellent teaching methodologies and record placements at IITs, being an IITian is a matter of pride as well as joy.

However, there are some stereotypes attached to IITians. They are thought of as nerds and typical bookworms, deprived of any social life and always wanting to excel in everything they do. Most of them are considered geniuses with excellent and out of the box reasoning skills. Well, they definitely are that, but there is much more to them.

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Behind their hectic daily schedule and endless projects and deadlines is a side of them we are not familiar with. A survey conducted on 332 students at IIT Bombay revealed some amazing facts about IITians which make them different from you and me.

CollegeDekho presents you these facts about the life of an IITian.

  • Majority of them do not shower

When it comes to IITians, the monotony starts from the very first task in the morning i.e bathing.

Situation Percentage of Students
Showered once every two-three days 60%
Showered daily 30%
Showered once a week


  • They choose roomies over folks

Seems like they get so habitual of living with their friends in the hostel that they can't get over it even after graduation.


Percentage of students

Want to live with friends after graduation 40%
Want to go back home to their families 27%
Want to live alone 19%

Also, on asking them about their family, 66% responded that they have maintained a close relationship with their parents. The rest 29.8% said they had close to nil conversation with their folks.

  • Religious Beliefs - 50-50

Unlike how we see in movies, not all IITians are devoted to God and depend on him for good grades. The religious beliefs of students are also 50-50.


Percentage of students

Religious 39%


Atheists 21%

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  • Bucket-list of a cliche college student

Just like every other college student, IITians are no different when it comes to bucket lists. They also enjoy the small perks of being a college student.

Situation Percentage of students
Been on a road trip to Goa with friends 52.4%
Travelled ticketless on local train 70%
Played Poker or Blackjack 55.7%

  • Relationship Status - Single

When asked about their thoughts on marriage, a majority of them denied the idea of digging their own grave before death. (LOL)

Situation Percentage of students
No plans of marriage for another 5 years 39.15%
Wanted to marry in next 3-5 years 21.4%
No idea 31%

  • Studies Not a Priority

When you are in school, you study day and night to make it to IIT. Once you are in IIT, studies are no longer considered as a priority and getting a degree eventually becomes more important.

Situation Percentage of students
Give studies priority 15%
Give getting a degree priority 85%

  • Attendance is not a big deal

It was found out that a huge number of students did not attend lectures regularly. The credit behind poor attendance was given to the uninteresting and boring teachers at IIT.

Situation Percentage of students
Attended most of the classes 39.75%
Attended as few classes as possible 32.5%
Attended each and every lecture 7.5%

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  • Social life goes down the drain

When the students were asked about their socials life and relationship status, the responded in the following manner:

Situation Percentage of students
Very few encounters with students of opposite sex


No girlfriend/ boyfriend at all 73%

  • Cheating is the only way

(image source:

Failing a year is not an option for students at IIT, so most of them agreed on using wrong practices and cheating methods to pass on an exam. They further justified the cheating by saying that they were not interested in that particular subject.

Situation Percentage of students
Agreed to have used cheating methods 47%
Justified their cheating 38%

  • Life can be hard sometimes

(image source:

For all those who think life at IIT is easy, we would like to point out cases where people resorted to other stuff to make living bearable:

Situation Percentage of students

Resolved to drinking


Had to visit a psychiatrist

Disappointed because of different expectations from IITs 29%

So guys, this is how you live life the IIT-way. It is remarkable how an institute just 5 decades old is now competing with top institutions in the world having centuries of heritage. IITians are making heads turn with their work wherever they and by now you know that there is much more to IITians than their bookish knowledge.

All the best!

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