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How to Score 100+ in CLAT 2023?

Disha Assawa
Disha AssawaUpdated On: August 10, 2022 10:06 am IST | CLAT

CLAT is a national-level law entrance exam, conducted for admission to 22 National Law Universities in India. Read further to know how to score more than 100 in CLAT 2023.

how to score 100+ in CLAT

CLAT is considered to be one of the highly competitive law entrance exams in our country. If you aim to get into the top-ranked NLUs, you need to score good marks in the exam. Given the stiff competition observed in CLAT every year, one needs to have a proper dedicated plan with scrupulous execution. In this article, we are going to share a few tips and tricks on how you can score 100+ in CLAT 2023. Remember, everything is possible with determination and proper guidance.

CLAT is a national-level law entrance exam, conducted for admission to 22 National Law Universities (NLUs) in India (except NLU Delhi). All India Law Entrance Test, popularly known as AILET, is the only entrance exam conducted and accepted by NLU Delhi. 

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Prerequisites to Score 100+ in CLAT 2023

Some of the requirements to prepare a study plan that the candidates need to keep in mind to score 100+ in CLAT 2023 are as follows:

  • In the very beginning, candidates need to understand their strengths and weaknesses and allocate their preparation time accordingly. The CLAT study plan depends on the number of days left for the entrance examination.
  • Divide the topics based on the most important and least important according to the weightage of each subject. 
  • Try to distribute all the sections in your daily study plan as it is important to attempt all the sections in order to get 100+.
  • While preparing for legal topics, give extra time for mapping of cases.
  • Review your weak areas and dedicate enough time from your study plan to those areas if you feel there is a scope for improvement. 
  • Don’t start your preparation with topics that are difficult according to you and would drain out your energy.
  • Start your preparation with the section or topic that you like and gradually move to the other important areas.
  • Revision is an important part of your preparation, so make sure you have enough time to revise at the end of the day.

Best Tips to Score 100+ in CLAT

The application forms for CLAT 2023 are now available from August 8, 2022 to November 13, 2022. CLAT 2023 will be held in an offline (paper-based) format on December 18, 2022. That means we do not have much time left for the examination. To clear the examination candidates must be well versed with the entire syllabus. So, let’s discuss the best tips to score 100+ in CLAT 2023. 

Create an easy-to-follow study plan:

The idea of making a plan is to have discipline and routine while you are studying. Usually students make a difficult plan thinking it will help them stay focused but it becomes boring instead. Yes, the CLAT exam demands consistency so make sure to create a plan which can help you to stay in line. Not having a plan to follow can result in scattered preparation which won’t do any good.

Study Smart:

Our generation is all about smart work and not hard work. Instead of studying harder, study smarter. By this I mean that create a plan according to the syllabus and marks-wise distribution and weightage of each subject. Some subjects carry more weightage than others so make sure to prioritize them.

Current Affairs is important:

There is no source that can help you prepare for the GK and current affairs section. To score good marks in this section, you should definitely cover these sections- awards each year in sports, science, literature, and arts section. Do not forget to cover the major UN bodies, their functions, and locations, have a good overview of Indian history and geography. Also, you should be aware of the important changes in the Indian Constitution or Justice system.

Other than this, we would highly recommend you to read the newspaper on a daily basis. You can also read the news online. Some of the best sites are NDTV News, The Hindu, etc. Just make sure to follow a reliable source.

Take mock tests seriously:

A lot of people do not take mock tests seriously but if you want a taste of the CLAT exam then taking CLAT mock tests regularly is important. This will not only help you to know your potential but also show you your weak spots (subjects you need to study hard). Just taking mock tests won't help, you need to analyze your mock tests and give at least 4-5 hours to do a thorough analysis.

Section Wise Tips to Score 100+ in CLAT 2022

Let us go ahead and see a few section-wise tips that can help you score better in CLAT 2022.

1. Quantitative Techniques:

  • Brush up your 10th and 12th mathematics as it is the best method to prepare for this area.
  • Do ample amount of practice. Solve test papers, previous years’ question papers, and sample papers regularly.
  • Keep in mind that the questions are not just formula-based but also logic-based. So, analyse the passage and data given. 
  • Answer correctly and do not worry about the time it takes you to do so.
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2. English Language:

  • Grammar is an area where a lot of students fail to answer correctly. To avoid such situations, go over the basic grammar rules thoroughly.
  • A strong vocabulary is necessary to score well in this section. To do so, start reading a lot, you may read anything you desire like a book, newspaper, article, etc. Whenever you come across a word that you don’t know the meaning of, search for it and create a note about it. This will help you remember the meaning of the word.
  • Pay close attention to how the question is phrased. Sometimes a basic question is turned into a complex one.
  • Improve your reading speed, assumption power, and interference skill to improve in this section.
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3. Logical Reasoning:

  • Logical reasoning is all about understanding the concept. Once you have understood the concept, start practising questions related to a particular topic as much as possible.
  • When you understand the underlying concept, you will be able to solve questions quickly. In order to be quicker than before, you need to learn new shortcuts.
  • Identify the passage's numerous premises and conclusions with care. Try to figure out the passage's overarching theme using the premises and conclusions.
  • Count and distinguish the number of arguments sets in the passage, as some may be in agreement and others may conflict.
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4. Legal Reasoning:

  • Again, we cannot stress this enough- solve mock tests, sample papers, previous year question papers, etc.
  • Have spirited conversations with friends and classmates who are also preparing for CLAT. If you don’t have any such friends then join Telegram groups, discord serves, or other online forums.
  • Students will have to go deeper this year in order to identify the passage’s ideas and facts. The factual context may differ from previous years.
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5. General Knowledge and Current Affairs:

  • Keep up with the latest news and events happening around the world.
  • Make sure to read the entire passage thoroughly as the question can be on anything. Certain crucial clues may be hidden in the passage.
  • Respond to the questions regarding characters and events mentioned in the passage.
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Important Topics you Need to Cover to Gain Maximum Marks

Let us go ahead and see the important topics that you need to cover to score 100+ in CLAT 2022.

1. Quantitative Techniques:

The CLAT 2022 Quantitative Techniques section will contain about 13-17 (10% of the exam paper) objective-type questions in the exam. Each question will be of one mark and for every wrong answer, there’s a negative marking of 0.25.

Questions will contain short sets of facts. Students will need to calculate the data and information given in the short set and answer the questions. The difficulty level of this section will be of class 10. To prepare for this section, study the topics given below.

  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Basic Algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics
  • Profit and Loss
  • Speed, Distance, and Time

2. English Language:

The English Language section of CLAT 2022 will contain around 28-32 questions or 20% of the paper in the exam. It will test candidates’ reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills. The difficulty level of this section will be of class 12. The topics to cover for this section are given below.

  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence completion and correction
  • Spelling errors
  • Proverbs and adverbs
  • Synonyms and antonym
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Vocabulary
  • Word meaning

3. Logical Reasoning:

The CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning section will also consist of 28-32 questions i.e. 20% of the exam paper. It will include brief sections with roughly 300 words. Opinion and editorial pieces from newspapers and magazines can be the source for the quotation. During the preparation for the CLAT exam, a candidate should focus on these topics:

  • Relationships
  • Analogies
  • Arguments and conclusion
  • Logical sequences

4. Legal Reasoning:

The Legal Reasoning section of CLAT 2022 consists of 35-39 questions i.e. 25% of the question paper. For this section, candidates do not need to have any prior knowledge of law. It will contain questions on legal awareness themes such as recent Supreme Court decisions or legal maxims/vocabulary. The important topics to cover are:

  • Facts, situations, or outlines of legal matters
  • Public policies
  • General awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues
  • Legal terms
  • Legal meanings

5. General Knowledge and Current Affairs:

The CLAT 2022 General Knowledge and Current Affairs section also consists of 35-39 questions i.e. 25% of the question paper. In this section, candidates will be evaluated on their awareness of various events of national and international importance. Apart from this, candidates will also be evaluated on the basis of their general knowledge subjects such as History, Geography, arts, and sports. The important topics to be covered are:

  • National and international current affairs
  • Contemporary events from India and the world
  • General knowledge about world leaders, industrialists, and lawyers
  • Art and culture of India and the world
  • Important historical events

Last Month Preparation Tips for CLAT 2022

Here are some last one-month preparation tips for CLAT 2022:

  • Examine the CLAT curriculum and pattern to see if any modifications have been made.
  • Concentrate on vital topics rather than the topics which have less weightage in the question paper.
  • Review the concepts you have learned as well as the notes you may have prepared for different subjects.
  • Solve as many practice papers and give as many mock tests as possible.

Last Minute CLAT 2022 Preparation Tips

Here are some last-minute CLAT 2022 preparation tips that can help you to relax and be confident.

  • The only way to avoid forgetting what you have studied is by revising. Revise as much as you can, especially the difficult areas.
  • Avoid choosing new topics to read at the last moment. Concentrate on what you already know.
  • Students must plan each segment according to their skills and shortcomings to save time.
  • The last part is to relax (which might be very difficult but is equally important) as you want to be fresh during the exam.
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What is a Good Score in CLAT 2023?

A candidate securing 100 or above in the CLAT 2023 examination will be considered a good score. Based on the last few CLAT cutoff scores it is estimated that candidates need to score a minimum of 100 marks to get into the top 5-6 National Law Universities. The higher the marks scored by the candidate, the greater the chances to get into a top-ranked law university. 

Prepare for CLAT 2023 in One Month

If you were consistent with your CLAT preparation, then there is no need to take much pressure one month before your CLAT 2023 exam. Some general tips are presented below for you to prepare for CLAT 2023 in one month. 

Week 1

  • Try to learn at least 80-90 new words.
  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily and watching the news.
  • Make sure you clear all the basic concepts and learn the important points from every section.
  • Read through the weekly magazine to get an update on the worldwide events happening around you. 
  • Start solving 1-2 mock papers on a daily basis. 

Week 2

  • Attempt mock tests in week 2 and analyse your performance in each of the tests.
  • Once you start analysing, you will understand your weak areas and try to improve those particular areas to secure good marks.
  • Solving previous CLAT question papers will help you to gain confidence.
  • Try to read the monthly magazines and solve daily GK questions to understand your preparation level.
  • Start practising questions from the English section consisting of proverbs, idioms, prepositions, tenses, active & passive voice, etc.

Week 3

  • Revise whatever you have prepared in the last two weeks.
  • To improve your time management and problem-solving skills, solve a maximum number of previous years’ question papers.
  • Every day solve at least 2 mock test papers.
  • As you do not have much time left, analyse your performance and work on the weak areas to get a good score in CLAT 2023.

Week 4

  • As it is the last week, it is quite natural for some of the candidates to panic. But remember if you have prepared well, it will be very easy for you to crack the CLAT exam.
  • Your daily habit of reading the newspaper must continue till the day of the exam.
  • Do not stop attempting the CLAT mock tests as it will help you to understand your performance and get better results with each mock test.
  • Utilize the time to work on your weak areas.

That’s all that we wanted to share with you in this article. We hope this helped you and gave you proper guidance that can help you score 100+ in the CLAT 2023 exam. If there are any more queries from your side, feel free to send them through the  Q&A Zone

Stay tuned to  CollegeDekho for more information on CLAT and other law entrance exams.


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