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Word List for CAT Vocabulary- Vocabulary Words for MBA Entrance Exams

Soham RoyUpdated On: November 15, 2022 12:16 pm IST | CAT

Do you want to improve your vocabulary in preparation for the MBA Entrance Exams? The top 50 vocabulary words frequently asked in the Verbal Ability section of CAT and other MBA entrance exams are listed below.

Word list for CAT Vocabulary

When it comes to the MBA entrance exams, preparing for the Verbal Ability component appears to be quite simple. However, people tend to overlook the easy sections in favor of the time-consuming sections that require more attention. Vocabulary often takes a backseat during exam preparations even though it can vastly improve the aggregate score. In this article, we have compiled a word list for CAT vocabulary containing vocabulary words that can go a long way to improve your comprehension skills for various MBA entrance exams.

If you are looking for a quick brush-up of the comprehension section, you can simply go through the CAT vocabulary word list. It will aid you to track the important vocabulary terms. Since you will get accustomed to high-level terminology, your comprehension abilities will increase dramatically. Reading vocabulary words within 10-15 minutes is effortless, even in a scenario where you have less time. So, let's get started!

1. Nostrum

How To Pronounce? nos-truh m
What Does It Mean? A patent medicine whose effectiveness is uncertain.
Synonyms:  elixir, catholicon, medicine, treatment, remedy, cure
Use case(Example): Arman gave her companion a nostrum to alleviate her allergy.

2. Witticism

How To Pronounce? wit-uh-siz-uh m
What Does It Mean? A brilliant/original saying or thought.
Synonyms:  sally, gag, jest,  gibe, pun
Use case(Example): That witticism springs to mind as the world witnesses India's rise as a naval power. 

3. Liturgy

How To Pronounce? lit-er-jee
What Does It Mean? A kind of public worship(or ritual)
Synonyms: observance, rite, sacrament, celebration, ceremonial
Use case(Example): People's faith is being strangled by a fabricated liturgy.

4. Quixotic

How To Pronounce? kwik-sot-ik
What Does It Mean? Insensible about practical matters
Synonyms:  foolish, dreamy, impractical, unrealistic, impulsive
Use case(Example): The quixotic President will require laborers to save his power.

5. Factotum

How To Pronounce? fak-toh-tuh m
What Does It Mean? An official/employee who has many responsibilities to manage
Synonyms: Servant, retainer, workaholic
Usage: Arman might seem like the ideal factotum, and indeed he was!

6. Ludicrous

How To Pronounce? loo-di-kruh s
What Does It Mean? Extravagantly humorous; resembling mockery
Synonyms: Comical, outlandish, laughable, silly, crazy, funny
Use case(Example): Meet the amazingly ludicrous machine that utilizes 2,000 steel marbles!

7. Tirade

How To Pronounce? tahy-reyd or tahy-reyd
What Does It Mean? A speech of powerful denunciation
Synonyms: ranting,  harangue, sermon, screed, anger, dispute
Use case(Example): Brad Pitt started a vitriolic Twitter tirade against a journalist who supposedly “harassed” his sick father.

8. Lachrymose

How To Pronounce? lak-ruh-mohs
What Does It Mean? Exhibiting sorrow
Synonyms: sad, weeping, teary, weepy, melancholy, dejected
Use case(Example): Politicians should be allowed to display some emotion,  but they shouldn’t lachrymose everytime.

9. Labyrinthine

How To Pronounce? lab-uh-rin-thin, -theen
What Does It Mean? Displaying a form of labyrinth or complexity
Synonyms: meandering, intricate, serpentine, winding, complex, twisting, mazy
Use case(Example): This maze is so labyrinthine in complexity that anyone can get lost.

10. Laconic

How To Pronounce? luh-kon-ik
What Does It Mean? luh-kon-ik
Synonyms: terse,  pithy, brief, crisp, compact, curt
Use case(Example): It’s not easy to enforce the laconic safety of the Aadhaar information.

Enjoying the new words? Well, there are more to go. Come on champ!

11. Vociferous

How To Pronounce? voh-sif-er-uh s
What Does It Mean? Conspicuously & offensively loud; vehement outcrys
Synonyms: noisy, clamorous,  vehement,  boisterous, ranting
Use case(Example): The new recruit is a vociferous writer and quite a great addition to the team!

12. Wizen

How To Pronounce? wiz-uh n; wee-zuh n
What Does It Mean? To cause witherness(dry).
Synonyms: drain, parch, divest, wither, devitalize
Use case(Example): After chewing through the carpet, the hungry boy started to wizen up.

13. Amorphous

How To Pronounce? uh-mawr-fuh s
What Does It Mean? lacking a definite form; not having a particular shape; formlessness
Synonyms:  unformed, irregular, unshaped, shapeless, formless
Use case(Example): Transmission electron microscopy image showing different levels of crystallinity embedded in the amorphous matrix of the alloy. 

14. Alacrity

How To Pronounce? uh-lak-ri-tee
What Does It Mean? Liveliness & eagerness
Synonyms: avidity, alertness, briskness, sprightliness, cheerfulness, willingness
Use case(Example): The leader asked the party to adopt technology with more inclusive alacrity and energy

15. Utilitarian

How To Pronounce? yoo-til-i-tair-ee-uh n
What Does It Mean? having regard to utility/usefulness instead of ornamentation/beauty
Synonyms: pragmatic, functional, useful, effective, serviceable 
Use case(Example): Modern philosophy had two important “schools” of thought at its core- individualism, and utilitarianism.

16. Vicissitude

How To Pronounce? vi-sis-i-tood, -tyood
What Does It Mean? a modification or variation transpiring in the course of something; an interchange/alternation
Synonyms: fluctuation,  variation, permutation, diversity
Use case(Example): After the meeting, people concluded that the vicissitude should be corrected by a more competent government.

Finding the CAT vocabulary word list interesting? Don’t forget to read our other articles!

17. Vincible

How To Pronounce? vin-suh-buh l
Meaning: Conquerable
Synonyms: vanquishable, vulnerable, surmountable, indefensible
Use case(Example): The same team was invincible last year. 

18. Zenith

How To Pronounce? zee-nith/zen-ith
What Does It Mean? The endpoint of influence, prosperity, or greatness. 
Synonyms: apex, acme, pinnacle, apogee, summit
Use case(Example): At its zenith, the Roman empire was unparalleled in the world. 

19. Desiccate

How To Pronounce? des-i-keyts
What Does It Mean? Something that lacks vitality or spirit; lifeless; 
Synonyms: dehydrate,  preserve, keep, drain, divest
Use case(Example): An organic farmer can't utilize a chemical to desiccate his farm.

20. Upbraid

How To Pronounce? uhp-breyds
What Does It Mean? Expressing criticism towards something
Synonyms: berate, admonish, blame, reams
Use case(Example): forgive, praise, approve, laud, compliment

21. Smithereens

How To Pronounce? smith-uh-reenz
What Does It Mean? A bunch of small bits considered as a whole
Synonyms: atom, chunk, crumb, fraction, iota
Use case(Example): Two central rooms were "smashed to smithereens", and the ground, tennis courts were completely destroyed.

22. Enthrall

How To Pronounce? en-thrawl
What Does It Mean? Something that makes you spellbound
Synonyms: bewitch, beguile, intrigue, enchant, rivet
Use case(Example): His terrific oratory, laced with ethical values of mankind, enthralled the audience and they got excited.

23. Catastrophic

How To Pronounce? kat-uh-strof-ik
What Does It Mean? a disastrous event/the nature of a catastrophe
Synonyms:  calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, tragic, fatal 
Use case(Example): The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale and the devastation was catastrophic.

24. Writhe

How To Pronounce? rahyth
What Does It Mean? To twist the face/body in severe pain or distress.
Synonyms: wiggle, wince, agonize, suffer, distort
Use case(Example): After the accident, Arman was writhing in pain and tears were flowing from his eyes.

25. Vignette

How To Pronounce? vin-yet
What Does It Mean? The background to a picture, that is obscured gradually.
Synonyms: picture, sketch, illustration, depiction, portrait
Use case(Example): Every Olympic closing ceremony includes a short vignette created by the next host city to excite the spectators.

26. Brook
How To Pronounce? broo k
What Does It Mean?  A natural stream of water smaller than a river
Synonyms: beck, creek, streamlet, branch, river, watercourse, spring
Use case(Example): This brook dried up every year in the summer

27. Larceny
How To Pronounce? lahr-suh-nee
What Does It Mean? The act of taking something from someone unlawfully
Synonyms: burglary, Crime, stealing, touch, stealing, pilfering
Antonyms: return, pay, reimbursement, compensation
Use case(Example): The larceny is appalling at Kennedy International

So, that’s it for today! This compilation of the CAT vocabulary word list will not just help you give your best in the exam but also improve your general vocabulary. When preparing for MBA entrance exams like CAT, you should focus on expanding your vocabulary. Many words that appear frequently in CAT exams must be memorized to nail the Verbal section.

Hope you had a happy time reading. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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