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JEE Main 2023: Preparation Tips For Droppers

Dipanjana Sengupta
Dipanjana SenguptaUpdated On: September 15, 2022 02:00 pm IST | JEE Main

 It is the dream of every dropper to clear the JEE Main exam and get admission into the top Engineering colleges across India like regular candidates. This article will highlight all the possible ways for an effective JEE Main 2023 preparation for the droppers.

JEE Main 2023: Preparation Tips For Droppers

JEE Main 2023 Preparation Tips For Droppers- Every year lakhs of candidates appear for JEE Main exam and only a handful of the candidates make their paths through it. There is huge competition experienced by the candidates every year and therefore many candidates choose to drop a year entirely for the preparation. If you are in the list and are planning to attempt for JEE Main 2023 exam. This article of preparation tips for JEE Main 2023 exam will serve as the go-to guide for all the candidate’s. JEE Main is a national-level undergraduate entrance exam conducted for candidates who are willing to take admission into Engineering and other courses in India. Top engineering colleges including IITs, CFTIs, NITs, IIITs, and more accept JEE Main ranks for admissions. 

There are also a number of candidates who opt for reappearing in JEE exam because they were incompetent to master it the first time. Candidates appearing for JEE Main aim at the top IITs for admission. Therefore to make it to the IITs, the preparation of the candidates should be up to the mark as IITs accept only the best candidates. It is observed that even the best candidates are not able to reach the ultimate destination. One of the main reasons why these candidates are not able to reach the destination is they did not cover the entire syllabus or their board and JEE Main exam dates squabbled. This is why it’s very significant to keep a hold of a proportion between studying for boards and JEE Main. 

Let us discuss the preparation tips of the droppers who have planned and set their goal to attend JEE Main 2023 exams.

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Do not Loose Hope, JEE Main 2023 will be a Win

It is a big decision to drop off a year to prepare for JEE Main 2023 exam. However, if you have taken this decision then stay fit on it. Frivolity can be challenging as long as you are encouraged to appear for JEE Main 2023 exam. Now that you are determined to give it an opportunity, then commence from the origin with a new technique and approach for JEE Main 2023 exam. Do not get demotivated by the sentiment that you didn’t get via JEE Main 2022. It is an elevated time to keep your sanity stable and appear for JEE Main 2023 with the same zeal as the previous year or more promising than that. JEE Main 2023 preparation will seem to be comfortable with an enduring and attentive contemplation on each topic. 

Adopting a Different Strategy

When the question comes to changing the approach of the candidates, it is always advised to reexamine the approach you adopted the first time and see what modifications you can make in the new approach. This approach should contain all the features that you have missed last year or haven't thought of it. Always think positively and adopt a positive attitude towards the preparation. A positive attitude attracts positive results. 

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Refer to the Right Source for JEE Main 2023 Preparation

Candidates should always refer to the best source for the preparation for the JEE Main 2023 exam. Taking tuitions from reputed institutions and referring to online sites will not only be helpful. Candidates are also required to refer to the best sources. Candidates are also advised to follow the NCERT books on the first attempt and then proceed with the other reference books to enhance their preparation for JEE Main 2023.  Following is the list of the books that will be preferred by the candidates for healthy preparation for JEE Main 2023. 

JEE Main 2023 Physics

The best books for JEE Main 2023 Physics can be referred by the candidates for enhancing their preparation.

JEE Main 2023 Physics Books

Name of the Author

Problems in General Physics

I.E. Irodov

Practice Book Physics for JEE Main and Advanced

DC Pandey

Physics for JEE Main 2023 for Volume 1 and 2

Resnick, Halliday, Walker

Concepts of Physics -Part I

HC Verma

Concepts of Physics -Part II

HC Verma

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JEE Main 2023 Chemistry

The best books for JEE Main 2023 Chemistry can be referred by the candidates for enhancing their preparation.

JEE Main 2023 Chemistry Books

Name of the Author

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J.D. Lee

GRB Numerical Chemistry

P. Bahadur

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

R.C. Mukherjee

Concepts of Organic Chemistry

O.P Tandon

Organic Chemistry

Robert T. Morrison and Robert N. Boyd

JEE Main 2023 Mathematics

The best books for JEE Main 2023 Mathematics can be referred by the candidates for enhancing their preparation.

JEE Main 2023 Mathematics Books

Name of the Author

Higher Algebra

Hall and Knight

Degree level Differential Calculus

A Das Gupta

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

I.A. Maron

Objective Mathematics for JEE

R.D. Sharma

Mathematics for Class 11 and 12

R.D. Sharma

IIT Mathematics

M.L. Khanna

Divide Preparation Time Into Three Phases 

Candidates are required to divide the preparation time into different phases. These phases have been explained in the following headings below. Candidates are required to analyze it and put it into action.

Building Strong Foundation

Phase 1- The Phase 1 is focused on dedicating this time to studying and finishing your complete JEE Main 2023 Syllabus.  The preliminary months of your preparation are very crucial as you will be constructing a footing, which will ultimately get more profitable with time in the future. A dropper must commence with the basics and consistently start everything from scrape. The first phase is usually the most elongated, so it should continue tentatively till October. 

Phase 2-  Candidates after completing the syllabus of JEE Main 2023, should commence revising the chapters. Phase 2 should ideally implicate cracking problems, clearing doubts, and accumulating a more satisfactory grasp of the concepts of JEE Main 2023. This phase should prevail approximately 20 to 25 days before the JEE Main 2023 exam. 

Phase 3- The last phase should be concerning just solving sample questions appearing in JEE Main 2023 exam, Mock Tests, and the previous year's question paper of JEE Main 2023 exam. candidates will get to know diverse characteristics of the exam paper including the questions which are considerably challenging for them and those which are either somewhat challenging or are straightforward. The more they solve the questions, they will understand which are the spots in which they will have to operate more so that on the day of the JEE Main 2023 exam, they do not encounter any hardship. Nevertheless, candidates should not consume excessively much time while solving the questions. 

Candidates are advised to appear for the tests during the time of the actual exam so that they adopt a habit and will not be facing problems on the JE Main 2023 exam day. Taking the mock test at a time when the actual exam takes place is extremely helpful for the candidates. Therefore, the candidates are recommended to attempt JEE Main 2023 mock tests from 9:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m and from 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m every day.

Time Management

Another important fact that requires to be mastered by the candidates is Time Management Skills. The role of time management is huge when it comes to huge exams such as JEE Main. Since time is limited, and a number of questions have to be answered within the allotted time, candidates should never waste time with a single question. They should analyze and understand how much time has to be invested in that particular question. If the question is consuming too much time, skip to the next. Attempt the questions that require lesser time prior to the lengthy ones. 

There might be a question arising How to master time management skills? It is very simple. Practice the sample papers of JEE Main 2023, regular practice the mock tests, and practice the previous year’s question papers of JEE Main 2023. Since the format of these papers is in the exact format of the JEE Main question paper 2023. 

Do not be Overconfident

One of the most familiar blunders the JEE Main droppers do is presuming that they already understand and learned everything sp they don’t need to put in much effort. Candidates who will be re-appearing or droppers of JEE Main 2023 exam may be familiar with the majority of the topics that are there in the syllabus of JEE Main 2023. Therefore it is always advised not to be overconfident and leave preparation for those topics. In particular, this could rebound because even if you have a root in all subjects, it does not ensure a satisfactory score in JEE Main 2023. All the subjects and topics should in their fingertips and this is only possible for the candidates if there is sufficient practice, determination, and dedication. Make Productive Study Habits. Therefore Collegedekho highly suggests you to go through all the necessary and important topics and concepts if you really want to score well in JEE Main 2023.

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Watch Your Weaknesses 

Candidates who will be appearing for JEE Main 2023 are advised on the first go to pay attention to their weaknesses. It is always a good idea to list the topics and areas that are causing fewer marks in the mock tests as well as consuming a lot of time to crack. Revise the chapters and topics, identify the topics that are getting stuck and create a barrier for a smooth flow in the preparation. After you’re done listing the subjects, immediately plot out a schedule for completing those topics. Simply don’t depend on comprehending the subject. Candidates need to make sure to attempt corresponding questions and crack them without any mistakes. Day-to-day routine mock tests and subject-wise study will assist you in developing ways to get rid of your troubles. 

Adopt Healthy Study Habits

Droppers who are planning to appear for JEE Main 2023 are advised to follow a systematic study routine that will be extremely helpful in their preparation strategy. Below are the pointers that highlight the study habits that should be followed by all the droppers of JEE Main 2023 exam.

  1. Candidates are advised not to start with a random topic. Other than that, candidates should start each chapter from scratch and then practice a lot of JEE Main 2023 level questions. This strategy is helpful in understanding the topics. Therefore, every time a chapter is finished, it is a witty move to practice n number of questions on it.
  2. While practicing the questions, candidates should make sure to mark the challenging questions that are consuming more time to solve. Therefore, candidates should mark the questions that they left at the midpoint of the test or could not crack at all. By doing this, candidates will know in which areas they need to set more effort and from where they have to begin.
  3. There should be breaks in between the study period. After studying for a straight for half n hour, there should be a break of 5 minutes in between. According to the studies, it has been observed that candidates are able to remember more efficiently by following this routine.
  4. Revision should be a part of the timetable every day
  5. Health is the most important asset one can have. Therefore maintain a healthful and balanced lifestyle. Don’t ingest too much junk food, eat fruits and green vegetables followed by some exercises on a daily basis. Candidates can also take a walk in the park and breathe some fresh air to feel recharged. 

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Collegedekho wishes you all the best for your JEE Main 2023 Preparation. Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for the latest updates on JEE Main exam and Education News. 

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