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Skills Required to Become a Successful Lawyer

August 08, 2016 05:21 PM 2 minute read , Politics / Law / Humanities

Skills Required to Become a Successful Lawyer

There is no shortcut to achieving success in any field. Similarly, to become a good lawyer one must possess necessary skills. A person with extraordinary skills and talent will surely excel in this career. There are some primary skills and characteristics like logical reasoning, inquisitive nature, sound judgement and writing ability that plays a significant role in moulding a career as a lawyer.

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How to become a successful Lawyer?

  • A lawyer must have good command over the language. You need to express yourself more efficiently and lucidly
  • A lawyer must have good oratory skills. One must develop a modulating voice as per the demand of the situation
  • Aptitude, Attitude and Analytics (3As) make a lawyer an expert in analysing the legal problems
  • A good reading habit is essential for a lawyer. One must not only read books related to the law but also history, culture, science, politics, etc.
  • Patience is also a key factor for a lawyer to excel in his/her career. A lawyer must be able to face all the harsh conditions in the initial days of practice.
  • Teamwork develops the abilities of an individual and helps bring out the best. One must discuss points with the team and analyse solutions and offer best services to the clients.
  • Financial literacy is also one of the major skills required for a lawyer as each and every case involves money in some way or the other.
  • The lawyers must have a technological affinity. They need to be proficient in accessing Internet, e-mail, MS Office and Acrobat Reader.
  • To achieve and meet the deadlines the lawyers must manage the time.
  • A lawyer must always try to do best for his/her clients. Clients trust the lawyers and hope for justice. So, a lawyer must put his soul in the case in every possible way.

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There are various colleges and universities in India offering courses in law. Some popular colleges include:

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