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Skills Required to Become a Successful Lawyer in 2022 and Beyond

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarUpdated On: July 22, 2022 05:16 pm IST

A person with extraordinary skills and talent will surely excel in the field of law. But what are those extraordinary skills that are required to be a successful lawyer in 2022? Read on to find out.

Skills Required to Become a Successful Lawyer in 2022

Every law student needs to possess a few essential legal abilities in order to pursue a successful legal career. Although the duties and responsibilities of legal positions held by lawyers may vary, the impact of these talents on every part of the legal profession remains constant and unchanging. In India, many people choose to pursue careers in law since, in addition to paying well, it also provides fascinating and challenging prospects. There is an ongoing need in the market for competent attorneys because the government is slavishly pursuing social and economic changes for the nation. 

Being a lawyer is a prominent occupation, even in terms of societal repute because the law typically aids the common person when all other options fail, our society values attorneys highly. In our everyday lives, we could all use legal counsel. Legal counsel is constantly in demand, whether the matter involves a family feud, a fight over ancestral property, or a simple civil matter. Law offers a variety of options, including those for money, celebrity, influence, social service, teaching, etc. Studying law will enable you to achieve anything and will make you a valuable asset to society and the judicial system. After studying law, you can work as a magistrate, public worker, or politician if you want to perpetuate authority.

There is no shortcut to achieving success in any field. Similarly, to become a good lawyer one must possess the necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude. A person possessing a suitable Law Degree and education from Top Law Colleges can only excel as a lawyer if he/she has the apt skills and talent to go along with them.

There are some primary skills and characteristics like logical reasoning, inquisitive nature, sound judgement and writing ability that plays a significant role in moulding a career as a Lawyer. However, these are not it, an aspirant has to possess a lot of extraordinary skills to be a successful lawyer. Read the entire article to find out the requirements and talents that an individual must own to fare well in the law field.

Top Skills Required to be a Lawyer

In order to get your feet drenched in the law field, a candidate must own or learn a few top skills. Provided below is a list of top skills that are required to be a Lawyer.

  • A Lawyer must have good command over the language. You need to express yourself more efficiently and lucidly

  • A Lawyer must have good oratory skills. One must develop a modulating voice as per the demand of the situation

  • Aptitude, Attitude and Analytics (3As) make a Lawyer an expert in analysing the legal problems

  • A good reading habit is essential for a Lawyer. One must not only read books related to the law but also History, Culture, Science, Politics, etc.

  • Patience is also a key factor for a Lawyer to excel in his/her career. A Lawyer must be able to face all the harsh conditions in the initial days of practice.

  • Teamwork develops the abilities of an individual and helps bring out the best. One must discuss points with the team and analyse solutions and offer the best services to the clients.

  • Financial literacy is also one of the major skills required for a Lawyer as each and every case involves money in some way or the other.

  • The Lawyers must have a technological affinity. They need to be proficient in accessing the Internet, e-mail, MS Office and Acrobat Reader.

  • To achieve and meet the deadlines, the Lawyers must manage the time.

  • A Lawyer must always try to do the best for his/her clients. Clients trust the lawyers and hope for justice. So, a Lawyer must put his soul in the case in every possible way.

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Additional Skills Required To Be a Successful Lawyer

Below-mentioned are a few of the additional skills that are very crucial and indispensable to becoming a well-recognized lawyer:

Excellent Writing Ability: Legal documents must be produced by attorneys in a variety of formats. Every lawyer should be able to prepare basic legal papers accurately, including writ petitions, court applications, powers of attorney, sale deed agreements, and licensing contracts.

Writing excellent legal documents is a skill that requires practice for lawyers to perfect.

  • Knowing your audience and/or customer personalities
  • Choosing and utilizing appropriate action phrases
  • writing in the passive voice persuasively
  • Keeping drafts succinct, sequential, and structured
  • Editing with ferocity

These abilities enable lawyers to thrive in writing, a task essential to almost every legal position in their career.

Great Analytical and Logical Sense: Every lawyer must follow a certain logic when reviewing legal papers, deciphering their intricacies, pinpointing their problems, and reaching conclusions. However, this procedure must be thought out logically. Analysis of solutions to problems and evaluation of arguments are crucial skills for lawyers. Lawyers can come at practical and logical findings using a structured and deductive justification.

Protracted Legal Research Skills: Legal research is a fundamental ability that lawyers use to back up and verify their claims. Legal experts should conduct thorough and lengthy research using appropriate citations, statutory interpretation procedures, legal authorities, and a deep dive into legal research database software and other reliable web tools.

Honesty: Being dishonest won't help you and will give you a bad reputation. Additionally, since they won't trust you, they won't return to conduct business with you. In severe circumstances, lying may put your law license in jeopardy if your state's disciplinary panel determines that you have broken the ethical guidelines that apply to all lawyers.

Maintaining client confidentiality: The case of a client is solely your concern. Only to the degree that you are required to do so and that is necessary to successfully represent your client, disclose that information to the court and to the opposing counsel. Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your client’s case does not only prove you as a trustworthy lawyer but also an efficient lawyer who uses their critical thinking skills to decipher and judge how much dissemination of information is useful and harmful to the client.

Excellent Networking Skills: Sign up with a regional, national, or municipal bar organization. When you are among other lawyers, you can share ideas and learn from more seasoned legal professionals. Bar groups frequently fund CLE seminars and other educational opportunities that can be highly beneficial to your career advancement. Additionally, you build a network of lawyers you can call on for advice about how to handle particular issues.

Competency in court proceedings: Being knowledgeable in theory alone does not guarantee success as a lawyer, but being able to express one's ideas clearly in court is an important aspect of the profession. Every successful attorney needs to be skilled at presenting their case in front of a judge and a jury and persuading them to rule in their favor. A good lawyer must be thoroughly acquainted with the court's established procedure for how things are to be done in the area. It is humiliating for a lawyer to struggle with it or not know how to conduct themselves during court proceedings.

Presence of Empathy: A lawyer will frequently encounter instances that are difficult to handle or involve sensitive family issues. A skilled attorney understands how to be both professional and sympathetic at the same time. While you must move forward with the legal process, you must also provide emotional support for your client in order to earn their trust.

Sharp Listening Skills: A lawyer should also be an excellent listener along with being a good orator. Sharp listening skills help them to understand a certain situation from every nook and corner, devise a better strategy to handle the case, and catch mistakes or inconsistencies in the opposing counsel’s statements or allegations against their client. Every successful attorney needs to be patient and when its combined with effective listening techniques, you have already solved half of your case. Your client may be terrified, desperate, despondent, or just numb from what has occurred to them, therefore you need to be patient with them. Allow them the time and space to open up, and listen to them when they speak.

Cogent client service: A lawyer needs to be more than just persuading and sympathetic in order to provide excellent client service. Lawyers can keep their clients satisfied by using positive language, inferring actions, and adjusting to their expectations. Lawyers who exercise self-control, patience, and responsibility in their work might increase their clientele and achieve more professional success.

Adept in Organizational Skills: Last but not least, a lawyer needs to be adept in document and data management. In practically every profession, but especially in law, the ability to organize massive amounts of information into appropriate files, logical categories, and hierarchical folders is crucial. A well-structured data catalog is required to weed out irrelevant information. These abilities allow lawyers to effectively manage case files using technology tools.

List of Best Law Colleges to Become a Successful Lawyer

Besides talent, education also plays a vital role in becoming a successful lawyer. There are various colleges and universities in India offering courses in Law. Some popular colleges offering courses in Law are mentioned below.



National Law School of India University (NLSIU)

Bangalore, Karnataka 

IIMT University (IIMTU)

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) - [MMDU] 

Ambala, Haryana

GITAM University

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Adamas University

Kolkata, West Bengal

Amity University

Gwalior, Assam

Government Law College

Mumbai, Maharashtra

NALSAR University of Law (NALSAR)

Hyderabad, Telangana

The Neotia University (TNU)

Kolkata, West Bengal

Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology (PSIT)

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Guide to be a Successful Lawyer

Provided below are all the important articles that can help you in flourishing as a successful lawyer. Click on any of the desired links and give it a read to know more about this career.

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To take admission in any of the top law colleges, you can simply dial 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill the Common Application Form. In case of any query, you can drop them in the QnA zone. If you are confused regarding your career preferences, you are free to take the Career Profiling Test. Through the test, you will be suggested a suitable job profile as per your aptitude, personality and interests.

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