CMAT Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Practice Questions 2024

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Test your knowledge with CMAT Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Practice Questions 2024. These questions with answers will help you score high in the section.
CMAT Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Practice Questions 2024

Taking help of CMAT Quant and DI Practice Questions 2024 canincrease your chances of scoring high in the exam overall. Preparation for the Quantitative Techniques (QT) and Data Interpretation (DI) section of CMAT requires focused study and strategic planning. It poses significant challenges for candidates gearing up for CMAT 2024. However, through diligent practice with CMAT sample questions and mock tests, along with revisiting key concepts, candidates can excel in this domain.

In the 40-minute time limit, candidates are allotted approximately 2 minutes per question to address the 26 math questions. Proficiency in Mathematics and Statistics is crucial for success in this section, as each correct answer carries a weight of 3 marks. Hence, the importance of tackling these questions swiftly and accurately cannot be overstated. Engaging with CMAT questions early in the exam preparation journey provides valuable insights into one's familiarity with the subject matter.

To aid prospective CMAT 2024 candidates in their exam preparation, we have curated CMAT practice questions based on official CMAT question papers from previous years. Below, you'll find CMAT Quant and Data Interpretation practice questions designed to evaluate your understanding of the CMAT 2024 syllabus.

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CMAT Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Practice Questions 2024

To support candidates in boosting their readiness for the CMAT Quantitative and Data Interpretation sections, we've compiled a set of practice questions along with their corresponding answers. Candidates can utilize these questions to reinforce their understanding and verify their solutions against the provided answers for each question listed below:

1. If a cycle is purchased at Rs. 225 and marked up at twice the cost, what discount is needed to achieve a 56% profit?

(a) 22%

(b) 13%

(c) 33%

(d) 28%

Answer: (a) 22%

2. A person stands atop a 20-meter building and spots a café on the ground. The shortest distance from the person to the café is 40 meters. What is the direct distance between the building and the café?

(a) 34.6 meters

(b) 44.2 meters

(c) 56.3 meters

(d) 28.8 meters

Answer: (a) 34.6 meters

3. Anil and Suman start a business with capitals of Rs. 12000 and Rs. 10000 respectively. Three months later, Gopal joins with Rs. 20000, followed by Arjun with Rs. 50000 three months after Gopal. If they make a profit of Rs. 124000 at the year's end, what is Gopal's share?

(a) Rs. 35000

(b) Rs. 24000

(c) Rs. 22000

(d) Rs. 30000

Answer: (d) Rs. 30000

4. Initially, 35 students go on a school field trip. Increasing the number of students by 7 results in an expense increase of Rs. 4200. If the per capita expenditure decreases by Rs. 20, find the original trip expenditure.

(a) Rs. 25500

(b) Rs. 25200

(c) Rs. 21681

(d) Rs. 28800

Answer: (b) Rs. 25200

5. Two trains, one departing from station P at 40 km/hr and another departing from station Q to P 40 minutes earlier at 30 km/hr, are 1000 km apart. How far from P will the trains meet?

(a) 440 km

(b) 500 km

(c) 560 km

(d) 640 km

Answer: (c) 560 km

6. When two women, aged 40 and 32, are replaced by two men in a committee of 12 persons, the average age increases by 3 years. What is the average age of these two men?

(a) 48

(b) 50

(c) 54

(d) 64

Answer: (c) 54

7. A sack contains 25 blue balls, 15 black balls, and 10 white balls. If two balls are randomly picked, what is the probability of selecting one blue ball and one black ball?

(a) 16/53

(b) 12/53

(c) 15/49

(d) 23/49

Answer: (c) 15/49

8. A metallic sphere with a diameter of 21 mm is melted to form a cylinder of length 21 mm. Determine the diameter of the cylinder.

(a) 16 mm

(b) 17.15 mm

(c) 18.66 mm

(d) 14.16 mm

Answer: (b) 17.15 mm

9. The simple interest on a certain sum for 2 years is Rs. 3000, and the compound interest is Rs. 3225. What is the rate of interest?

(a) 21%

(b) 5%

(c) 13%

(d) 15%

Answer: (d) 15%

10. If the population of a town is 4000 and the population of males increases by 2% and females increase by 20%, making the total population 4350, what is the new population of females in the town?

(a) 1450

(b) 1150

(c) 1650

(d) 1800

Answer: (d)1800

CMAT 2024 Preparation Guide

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In addition to the CMAT Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Practice Questions 2024 provided above, candidates should incorporate the use of sample papers and mock tests into their study routine. These resources offer valuable opportunities for candidates to simulate real exam conditions and assess their readiness for the CMAT exam. Sample papers offer a diverse range of questions that closely mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual exam. By solving sample papers, candidates can familiarize themselves with the types of questions that may appear on the CMAT exam, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and refine their time management skills.

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We hope the above-curated practice questions help candidates enhance their preparation for the upcoming CMAT 2024 exam. For any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the CollegeDekho QnA section or call us at 1800-572-9877.

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