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Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Detailed Comparison

Samiksha Rautela
Samiksha RautelaPublished On: February 13, 2021

Web designer, UX designer and UI Designer are three distinct careers options that are often used interchangeably. Here is a detailed comparison to help you circle out the best one for you!

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer

Web designer, UX designer and UI Designer are three distinct career options that are often used interchangeably. They deal with the use of multimedia and technology and this similarity often tends to confuse the students to the extent that they end up mixing the job profiles. 

A web designer is an individual that aims at enhancing the aesthetics, layout and usability of a website whereas a UX designer has to work on the information architecture, usability testing, interaction design and content strategy based on the feedback from the users. The prominent difference between the two is that a web designer does not have to adopt a human-centred approach of a UX designer.

UI designers, on the other hand, follow a purely digital practice where they have to ensure that the design and functionality of the user interface are coherent, consistent and aesthetically pleasing. Though, UX designers are UI designers work hand in hand but both are different job roles. The former identifies the problem of a user and maps out a solution for it. Whereas the latter brings the map to life by making it visually appealing, inclusive and accessible. 

Take a look at the article to get a detailed account of the pros and cons, expected salary, courses, top colleges and design skills required to ace the profile of a Web designer, UX designer and UI Designer. Also, compare and contrast the differences between the three. 

Table of Content

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: A Brief Sketch

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Course Comparison

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Top Colleges

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Skills Required

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Salary Extracted

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Pros & Cons

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Overview

Explained below are the job roles and duties of a Web Designer, UX Designer and UI Designer. 

A UX designer is involved in understanding the habits, behaviours, motivations, needs and emotions of a user either through a conversation, study or through a survey. They identify issues faced by a user while working on an interface and devise a plan to solve them. 

A UI designer makes sure that the user interface or the point of interaction between the user and a device is visually appealing, interactive and easy to use. He/she refers to the plan designed by a UX designer and brings it to life by adding typography, colour schemes, buttons, icons, spacing and responsive design. 

A Web designer focuses on enriching the graphics, layout and links provided on the webpage or an application.

In nutshell, UX designing is an interactive approach governed by digital industries but is a non-digital practice. UI designing is a strictly digital practice. Web designing does not have to deal with the practice of user interaction. However, the duty of a web designer is to build a website or application that is visually attractive and influences the users. 

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Course Comparison

The courses that can be pursued to become a successful Web Designer, UX Designer or UI Designer are as follows.

Course for Web Designer

Course for UX Designer

Course for UI Designer

B.Sc in Multimedia and Web Design

B.Des. in User Experience Design

B.Sc. in UI and Graphics Design

Certificate Course in Graphics & Web Design

M.Des. in User Interaction & Experience Design


Certificate in Computer Application

M.Des. in User Experience Design

BCA (Design Animation/Graphics/UI-UX)

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Web Technology

Certificate in UI/ UX Design

Post Graduate Diploma in UI Design and Development

Diploma in Web Designing & Software Development


Certificate in User Interface and Experience Design

Check the Detailed List of Courses for Web Designers Here.

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Top Colleges

The colleges that one can consider for building a strong career as a Web Designer, UX Designer or UI Designer are mentioned below.

Colleges for Web Designer 

Colleges for UX Designer

Colleges for UI Designer

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD), New Delhi

Era University, Lucknow

Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD), New Delhi

The D-School, Bangalore

BAOU Ahmedabad 

National Institute of Computer Arts, Mumbai

Vishwakarma University, PuneIndian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD), New Delhi

United World Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Arena Animation, Bangalore

NICC International College of Design, Bangalore

Minerva Institute of Management & Technology (MIMT), Dehradun

Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur

Quantum School of Media Studies and Design, Dehradun

University of Madras, Chennai

Poornima University, Jaipur

School of Design, Rajasthan 

You can also go through the Entire List of Web Design and the Entire List of UX Design Colleges here.

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Skills Required

Skills required to be a Web Designer, UX Designer and a UI Designer are listed in the table below. Candidates are required to take a look at them in order to decide which role suits them the best.

Web Designer

UX Designer

UI Designer

Knowledge of markup languages

Attention to detail


SEO knowledge

Understanding of Photoshop and InDesign


User empathy

Research skills

Wireframing and prototyping


Knowledge of programming languages


Out of the box thinking ability

Understanding of branding, typography and colour theory


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Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Expected Salary

The expected salary has an immense potential of influencing the career choice of an aspirant. Given below is the approximate salary earned by a web designer, UX designer and a UI designer. 

Salary of a Web Designer

The salary of a Web Designer depends on the ability, knowledge and skills of an individual. It varies from time to time and organisation to organisation. Given below is an overview of the salary earned by a Web Designer.

  • The average salary earned by a web designer in India is ₹2,78,387.

  • The salary extracted in the initial days is ₹1,18,000.

  • Money made after gaining a bit of work experience and skills is ₹2,78,000.

  • The salary bracket may extend upto ₹6,19,000.

Salary of a UX Designer

A UX designer makes money as per his/her aptitude, work experience and performance. Check the salary of a UX Designer below

  • The average salary that a UX designer earns in India is ₹6,11,757.

  • While starting his career, an individual can make upto ₹2,58,000.

  • After settling in for a while, a UX designer can earn around ₹6,12,000.

  • With plenty of experience, skills and knowledge, an individual can make upto ₹20,00,000.

Salary of a UI Designer

A UI Designer extracts different salaries at starting, mid and senior level. Find the information about the money earned by a UI Designer below. 

  • A UI designer makes ₹4,90,701 as an average salary in India.
  • In the starting level, a person generally earns ₹2,42,000 as a UI designer.
  • After a while, the salary increases and reaches around ₹4,91,000.
  • At the seniormost level, a UI designer can earn up till ₹10,00,000. 

Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer: Pros & Cons

Each job comes at a different price! Enlisted below are the separate pros and cons of being a web designer, UX designer or a UI designer. 

Job Profile



Web Designer

Multiple opportunities in the industry

Learning never stops

Instant feedback offers a scope of improvement

Cut-throat competition in the industry

Technological trends keep changing

Unrealistic deadlines

UX Designer

Attractive salary packages and incentives

Expands network

Improves communication and analytical skills

No fixed timing

Uncertain results from the end of users

Demands a lot of time and patience

UI Designer

New challenges never let the job get monotonous

Implementation of ideas provides instant satisfaction

Experimentation is encouraged

Multitasking can exhaust the mind.

Sitting for long hours

Excessive screen glare can be bad for eyesight

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Web Designer, UX Designer and UI Designer are the most popular design profiles with immense scope. Hope this article helps you in making a concrete decision, if not, feel free to write down your queries and post them on the QnA portal. For admission-related concerns, either dial 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill-up the Common Application Form. The experts at CollegeDekho will guide you through the entire admissions process.

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