B.Tech IT vs BCA - Which is the Best Option after Class 12th?

Diksha Sharma

Updated On: March 22, 2024 05:51 pm IST

B.Tech IT and BCA are two different UG programmes in the field of IT (Information Technology). Here is the detailed comparison of BCA vs BTech IT, which will help you in identifying the best course to choose after Class 12th.

B.Tech IT vs BCA

B.Tech IT vs BCA - Which is the Best Option after Class 12th?: Many students after completing their 12th who have a keen interest in computers are often confused about choosing the best course that suits their career path or aspirations. B Tech IT and BCA are two popular UG courses related to computer fields, and judging the best course among the two can be difficult. Both the courses are popular in terms of career prospects, and most of the students are often confused about choosing BCA vs BTech IT and vice-versa. Candidates who want to pursue their future in the field of Technical and Information Technology can go for either Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA) or Bachelors in Technology in IT (B Tech IT). Although we cannot compare B.Tech IT with BCA as B. Tech IT is an engineering course and BCA is a computer degree course. Still, many students find it difficult to choose between B. Tech IT or BCA after completing the 12th. Thus, in order to clear the confusion of students, we have done a comparative study on BTech IT vs BCA courses in this article.

The article below will provide you with an overview of BCA vs BTech IT and will also talk about the reasons to choose the courses, career opportunities, average salary, and which course is better to pursue after 12th.

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BCA vs BTech IT Table of Contents

BCA vs BTech IT: Comparision GuideReasons to Pursue B.Tech IT
Reasons to Pursue BCACareer Opportunities and Average Salary of B.Tech IT Candidates
Career Opportunities and Average Salary of BCA CandidatesAverage Starting Salary for B.Tech IT Graduates
Average Starting Salary for BCA GraduatesB.Tech IT vs BCA - The Best Option after Class XII
Top Colleges Offering B.Tech IT in India and Average FeeTop Colleges Offering BCA in India and Average Fee

 BCA vs BTech IT: Comparision Guide

A BTech in IT degree will prepare you to deal with computers at a 'technical' level (software, hardware, applications, etc.) and a BCA degree will prepare you for application-level computer work. If you are passionate about the technical aspect of software and hardware go for a BTech degree and if you want to create applications and love programming then BCA is the right course for you. Both of these courses offer great job prospects and pay that is practically identical. To answer BCA vs BTech IT, candidates should consider their career plans, interests, and subjects of choice in mind.

The following table highlights the major comparison between BCA vs BTech IT. 

Course Name

B Tech IT



4 years

3 years


Class 12th passed in Science stream

Class 12th passed in any stream

List of Entrance Exams



Admission Process

Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam or merit basis

Average Fees

Rs 1.50 lakhs

INR 60,000 per year

Top Job Roles after Graduating

Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Software Quality Analyst, IT Consultant, IT Officer

Software Developer, Software Tester, Software Consultant, Network Analyst

Top Recruiting Organizations

HCL, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Cognizant, MPhasis

HCL, Wipro, Infosys, HP, IBM, TCS, Cognizant, MPhasis

Career Growth

Scope of growth is high after 3 to 4 years of experience. An IT professional can lead a team after gaining relevant experience.

BCA followed by MCA course gives candidates better job opportunity and career growth.

Highest Salary Range

Rs 12- 15 Lakhs

Rs 10-12 Lakhs

Average Salary

Rs 6 Lakhs

Rs 5 Lakhs

Top Colleges

List of Government Jobs

IT officer, National informatics centre (NIC), ISRO

National informatics centre (NIC), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), NIELIT( National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

List of Government Recruitment Tests

IBPS IT officer, ISRO Scientist/Engineer 'SC’ Test

NIELIT entrance test, C-DAC

What is BTech IT?

A BTech in Information Technology is four-year undergraduate engineering degree is best suitable for students who have a strong interest in computers and want to learn about the internal workings of various computer-based procedures. BTech in IT focuses on the information technology industry and includes a strong emphasis on management, information science, business, and communication. The biggest portion of India's GDP comes from the IT industry, which is also the most sought-after field of engineering. Students who choose to pursue a BTech in IT can take advantage of the rapid technolgization ongoing in India and around the globe and land a high paying job. 

What is BCA Course?

A Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is three-year full-time undergraduate program in computer application. BCA is one of the most well-liked courses among college students who want to major in information technology. The BCA course in India is open to both science- and non-science-trained students. Students learn about computer science principles, programming languages, database administration, networking, web design, and operating systems during the BCA course.  After completing this course, students have a wide range of employment opportunities like software developer, network analyst, system administrator, etc, and they can work in both the public and private sectors.

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BCA vs BTech IT: Eligibility Criteria

Before diving into more details on BCA vs BTech IT, it is important that candidates are well aware of the eligibility criteria of each programme and make sure they fulfill all the conditions. 

BCA Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should fulfill the following BCA eligibility criteria before applying for the course. 

  • Students must have passed their class 10+ 2 from a recognized board in any stream.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 45–55% is required for students in class 12th.
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years
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BTech IT Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility requirements must be met by prospective BTech IT students in order to apply for this course: 

  • Candidates must pass their 10+2 or equivalent exam from a recognized board with at least 50% of the available points. 
  • As their primary courses in 10+2, they must have studied mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Candidates must successfully finish their 3-year diploma program from an accredited board in order to be considered for admission to BTech IT programs through lateral entry.

Reasons to Pursue B Tech IT

B.Tech in Information Technology is a 4 years undergraduate degree through which the students are provided knowledge related to Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Information Technology. After the second year of the degree, that candidate can choose the specialization as their major subjects. Some of the major concepts which the students are educated about in B.Tech IT includes the Software and Hardware, management, storage, floor Information and Communication.

Some of the major reasons why a candidate should go for B. Tech Information Technology are given in the table below:

Reason 1

After completing a degree in B.Tech IT, the candidates get eligible for some of the highest paying jobs in reputed IT industries.

Reason 2

The candidates can also go for a Masters of Technology (M.Tech) course in Information Technology after completing their B.Tech IT course.

Reason 3

Completing a degree in B.Tech IT also enables the candidates to pursue a PhD in the preferred stream and enter in the field of research.

Reason 4

In India, the demand for engineers in Information Technology is increasing not only in private sectors but also in the public sector organisation.

Reason 5

The candidates can also open their own organisation or go for a startup after completing BTech IT.

Reasons to Pursue BCA

Bachelors of Computer Application is a 3 years undergraduate degree which provides the students with the knowledge in Technology applications and practical implication. Through this course, the candidates are provided knowledge in terms of the Computer and Information Technology, Communication, Management, and Organisation. Apart from this, the students are also provided education about various programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, SQL, Java, etc.

Some of the major reasons why BCA is a good career option after Class 12is given in the table below:

Reason 1

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Application, the candidate can go for MCA which will specialise them in a particular field and increase their expertise.

Reason 2

Bachelors of Computer Application is emerging as one of the most demanded qualifications for reputable IT industries in India.

Reason 3

The candidates can also go for pursuing a Masters degree in foreign countries after completing a degree in BCA.

Reason 4

The students who have completed a degree in BCA can get a high paying job at the private and government IT-based industries.

Reason 5

The candidates can also open their own organisation or go for a startup after completing a degree in BCA.

Career Opportunities and Average Salary of B.Tech IT Candidates

After completing a degree in B. Tech IT, the candidates can go for various Software and Hardware industries in India. The candidates can also opt for a job in some of the top IT industries in India such as HCL, Wipro, Infosys, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Google, and many others. After completing a degree in BTech IT, the candidates can go for various job options including Software Developer, IT Coordinator, System Analyst, Testing Engineer, Technical Content Developer, Application Developer, etc. The average salary of each job position for B. Tech IT is given in the table below:

Job Position

Average Salary

Software Developer

INR 3 to 6 LPA

Application Developer

INR 3 to 6 LPA

Technical Content Developer

INR 2 to 4 LPA

Testing Engineer

INR 5 to 8 LPA

System Analyst

INR 6 to 8 LPA

IT Coordinator

INR 3 to 4 LPA

Career Opportunities and Average Salary of BCA Candidates

After completing a degree in BCA, the candidates can opt for a job in some of the top IT industries in India such as HCL, Wipro, Infosys, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc. The candidates can go for various job options after BCA including Software Developer, System Engineer, Web Developer, System Administrator, Programmer, etc. The average salary of each job position for BCA is given in the table below:

Job Position

Average Salary

Software Developer

INR 3 to 6 LPA

System Engineer

INR 5 to 8 LPA

Web Developer

INR 3 to 6 LPA

System Administrator

INR 6 to 8 LPA

System Analyst

INR 3 to 7 LPA


INR 3 to 6 LPA

BCA vs BTech IT: Syllabus

If you are confused between BCA vs BTech IT and what to choose, then one of the points is to look at the syllabus and subjects. Before deciding between BTech IT vs BCA you should take your subjects of interest into consideration and make a choice likewise.

BTech IT Syllabus 

Given below is the detailed BTech IT syllabus for a total of 8 semesters is given below.



Semester I

  • Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • computer-aided design and drafting

  • Semiconductor Physics

  • Programming and Problem Solving

  • Programming for Problem Solving Lab

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Calculus and Abstract Algebra

Semester II

  • Engineering Physics

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Mechanical Workshop

  • Engineering Chemistry

  • Application-based Programming in Python

  • Human Value & Ethics

  • Application-based Programming in Python

Semester III

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Data Structures

  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

  • Digital Logic Design and Computer Organization

  • Electronic Devices and Circuits

  • Data Structures Lab

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Lab

Semester IV

  • Java Programming

  • Environmental studies

  • Data Communication

  • Principles of Programming Languages

  • Database Management Systems Lab

  • Database Management Systems

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  • Java Programming Lab

Semester V

  • Automata and Compiler Design

  • Linux Programming

  • Software Engineering

  • Operating Systems

  • Computer Networks

  • Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

  • Operating Systems Lab

  • Computer Networks Lab (Through Linux)

Semester VI

  • Web Technologies

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Mining and Web Technologies Lab

  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

  • Software Testing Methodologies

  • Advanced Communication Skills Lab

  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Semester VII

  • Information Security

  • Information Retrieval Systems

  • Design Patterns

  • Mobile Application Development



Semester VIII



  • Management Science

  • Seminar

  • Industry Oriented Mini Project

  • Project Work

BCA Syllabus

Candidates can go through the semester-wise BCA syllabus and subjects mentioned below.  

BCA Syllabus- Semester 1 & 2

Semester I

Semester II

  • Hardware Lab (CIA Only)

  • Creative English

  • Statistics I For BCA

  • Digital Computer Fundamentals

  • Foundational Mathematics

  • PC Software Lab

  • Introduction To Programming Using C

  • C Programming Lab

  • Case Tools Lab (CIA Only)

  • Operating Systems

  • Data Structures

  • Data Structures Lab

  • Communicative English

  • Basic Discrete Mathematics

  • Visual Programming Lab

BCA Syllabus- Semester 3 & 4

Semester III

Semester IV

  • Software Engineering

  • Financial Accounting

  • Oracle Lab

  • Database Management Systems

  • Object Oriented Programming Using C++

  • C++ Lab

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Introductory Algebra

  • Domain Lab (Cia Only)

  • Programming In Java

  • Professional English

  • Financial Management

  • Java Programming Lab

  • DBMS Project Lab

  • Computer Networks

  • Web Technology Lab

  • Language Lab(CIA Only)

BCA Syllabus- Semester 5 & 6

Semester V

Semester VI

  • Unix Programming

  • OOAD Using UML

  • User Interface Design

  • Graphics And Animation

  • Python Programming Lab

  • Business Intelligence

  • Unix Lab

  • Web Designing Project

  • Business Intelligence Lab

  • Python Programming

  • Graphics And Animation Lab

  • Design And Analysis Of Algorithms

  • Client-Server Computing

  • Introduction To Soft Computing

  • Advanced Database Management System

  • Computer Architecture

  • Cloud Computing

  • Multimedia Applications

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Average Starting Salary for B Tech IT Graduates

The average salary for a candidate completing a degree in B. Tech IT depends on various factors such as the knowledge of the candidate, the type of the industry, and the experience of the candidate. On average, the student who has completed a degree in B. Tech Information Technology can earn up to Rs 2 to 4 LPA as the starting salary. 

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Average Starting Salary for BCA Graduates

Similar to B. Tech IT, the average starting salary of a candidate completing a degree in BCA depends upon the type of industry, knowledge and experience of the candidate. The average starting salary for a student completing a degree in BCA ranges somewhere in between Rs. 2 to 4 LPA.

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BCA vs BTech IT: Which is the Best Option after Class12th?

For the candidates who want to pursue their future in the field of Science and Information Technology, both B. Tech IT and BCA can be a great choice after 12th. Both of the courses provide great career opportunities and an almost similar level of salary package for the candidates. However, choosing one among BCA vs BTech IT the two entirely depends upon the career goals and preferences of the candidate.

The below table will help you get an overview of which course among BCA vs BTech IT should you choose after 12th:

B Tech IT


B. Tech IT is an engineering course of a total of four years duration.

BCA is a computer-related degree course which is of a total of 3 years duration.

The course fee for B. Tech is higher.

The course fee for BCA is less as compared to B. Tech IT.

Admission to B. Tech IT is done on the basis of the state, national, or Institute level entrance exam.

Admission to BCA is based on the basis of CET exam.

After completing B. Tech IT, the candidates can go for a job in various IT sectors and MNC companies.

After completing a degree in BCA, the candidates can go for software engineering jobs in various public and private based IT industries.

Top Colleges Offering B Tech IT in India and Average Fee

Presented in the table below is the list of some of the top B.Tech IT colleges in India along with their average course fee - 

Name of the College/UniversityAverage Fee (In INR)
Amity University, Lucknow1,12,000/- per annum
Greater Noida Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh82,000/- per annum to 1,11,000/- per annum
Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology and Research (Deemed to be University), Guntur2,30,000/- per annum
Ganpat University, Mehsana1,11,000/- per annum
M Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur85,000/- per annum

Top Colleges Offering BCA in India and Average Fee

Some renowned and top BCA colleges in India are as follows along with their average course fee structure - 

Name of the College/UniversityAverage Fee (In INR)
Seacom Skills University, Birbhum30,000/- per annum
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS), Chennai62,500/- per annum
Amity University, Mumbai72,000/- per semester
Rathinam Group of Institutions, Coimbatore70,000/- per annum to 1,10,000/- per annum
Assam Down Town University, Guwahati91,700/- per annum

BTech IT vs BCA: What are the Higher Study Options?

Students might choose to pursue a master's degree after receiving their bachelor's degree to boost the value of their academic credentials and increase their chances of finding better employment. To decide among BTech IT vs BCA you should also keep in mind the further study options that you will get after finishing your degree. 

What after BTech IT Degree?

Following the completing of the BTech IT degree, the following are the postgraduate study options you will get. 

What after BCA Course?

After securing a BCA degree candidates can go for a Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree to add more value to their education and resume. In addition, following postgraduate degrees can also be studied after a BCA course. 

BCA vs BTech IT: Which is Better?

Both the BCA and the BTech courses offer advantages, and it is up to the students to choose which is better for their future goals. BCA is a great option for those with an interest in computer applications, web design, database administration, and software development.  Candidates who wish to work on both software and hardware, including computer networks and system management, might consider a BTech IT degree.

To choose between BTech IT vs BCA you should keep in mind your particular interests and professional objectives. BTech IT is the degree to go if you desire a wider and more technical perspective. BCA is a great option for people who are passionate about software development and applications. In the end, your choice should be influenced by your personal interests and professional goals.

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We hope that this post on BTech IT vs BCA was helpful and informative. For more updates, stay tuned to Collegedekho.

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Which is better between BCA and BTech?

B. Tech courses offer multiple specializations whereas BCA offers none. It depends on the interest of the candidates and their career aspirations to choose which course is better for them. BCA is for candidates interested in computer applications whereas BTech is for tech-driven candidates.


Who earns more between BCA graduates and BSc IT graduates?

BCA Jobs salary after graduating can range between INR 3 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs per year. Whereas, the BSc Computer Science Salary for freshers ranges between INR 4 – 5 LPA.


Who earns more between MCA passouts and BTech passouts?

The average income for a BTech graduate in India is INR 5.5 lakhs per year, whereas the average compensation for an MCA graduate is INR 4.5 lakhs per year, as per the recent trend.


Which is better between BCA and IT?

Both BSc IT and BCA provide a wide range of career opportunities for the eligible candidates. Besides, the salary package offered to graduates of both courses is quite competitive. However, BSC IT is better suited to academic pursuits, while BCA is more suited to corporate jobs with high job security.

Is MCA worth taking up after BTech?

MCA is considered equivalent to BE/Btech. It is good for candidates who have done BSc IT/Computers. It is advisable to appear for MS by preparing well for entrance or start preparing for CAT and go for MBA from a reputed institute.


Which branch of MCA offers the highest salary?

System management has the highest earning potential in the field of MCA. Since efficient system management is key for any IT-based business to succeed, system management is definitely an evergreen specialization to go with.


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