List of Best Engineering Courses in India 2023

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Picking the right engineering stream is one of the most essential parts of the engineering admission process. Candidates can find out about the Best Engineering Courses, their career scope, salary, colleges, and more here. 

Best Engineering Courses India

Best Engineering Courses in India: Engineering is one of the most sought-after career options amongst Indian students because of the lucrative career opportunities it offers. With the advancement of technology, the modern industrial period has made engineering a diversified field to study. To ensure a good career in engineering, it is very important to select the Top Engineering College in Indiafor your bachelor' or master's degree. There are different engineering specializations available, and each specialization has varied career prospects. Apart from choosing a good college, it is also important to choose the right specialization in BTechThis will help you in reaching your career goals and aspirations. 

Although numerous new specializations have emerged in engineering, it is important to know the best engineering courses in India and the reputed colleges offering these courses. As the admission season for B Tech Admission Process in India is underway, it is the right time to decide on which branch you are going to choose in B.Tech. 

Read the full article to get details on the Best Engineering Courses in India, specialization, engineering colleges, career prospects in engineering, and more. 

Best B Tech Courses in India

The demand for engineering courses in India is vast. There are several engineering course options available from which candidates can choose as per their interest in the field. Candidates should consider factors like their career goals, the scope of particular engineering courses, and job options in India, and abroad and select the best engineering pecializationsions for them. Here is the list of best engineering courses in India -

Best Engineering Courses

Most in-demand Engineering Branches of Future 

With the rapid changes in technology, lifestyle, and developments of countries the engineering specialized personnel will be required in various sectors and fields. Candidates can get various options to choose from.  Here is a list of the most in-demand engineering branches of the future that will pay you well and opened several career opportunities. 

Popular Engineering Branches
Mining Engineering
Machine Learning
Environmental Engineering
Agriculture Engineering
Project Engineering
Data Science
Alternative Energy Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Automation and Robotics Engineering

List of Popular Engineering Colleges for Direct Admission in BTech

Admission to the engineering programs in India is either done via entrance exams or direct admission. Candidates who don't want to sit for the Engineering Entrance Exams can take admitted to colleges that offer direct admission via merits. Here is the list of some of the popular BTech colleges accepting direct admission 

Glocal UniversityInvertis University
Lovely Professional UniversityRathinam Group of Institutions
Chandigarh UniversityABBS Institute of Technology
Dev Bhoomi Group of InstitutionsBrainware University
JK Lakshmipat UniversitySri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology
GITAM Deemed-to-be-UniversityJagannath University
Quantum UniversitySRM University-AP
Ganpat UniversityBharat Institute of Technology
The Neotia UniversitySanskriti University
Sharda UniversitySt. Peter's Engineering College

Best Engineering Jobs for Future

In the times of technological and development era, engineering has great scope in present as well as in the future. According to a 2018 report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 140,000 new engineering positions are predicted to be created, raising employment growth from 2016 to 2026.  If you want to make a career in engineering here is a detailed salary for each specialization given below. 

Engineering BranchesSalary in India (Average Approx) 
Mechanical EngineerRs.3,50,334
Solar Photovoltaic InstallerRs. 4,85,877
Civil EngineerRs. 3,08,747
Agricultural EngineerRs. 4,90,819
Wind Turbine Service TechnicianRs. 5,00,000
Industrial EngineerRs. 4,05,963
Electronics EngineerRs. 3,99,537
Health and Safety EngineerRs. 3,95,430
Petroleum EngineerRs. 8,00,000
Electrical EngineerRs. 3,66,801
Software DeveloperRs. 4,98,024
Robotics EngineerRs. 4,37,857
Aerospace EngineerRs. 8,36,782
Environmental EngineerRs. 4,46,835
Mining and Geological EngineerRs. 5,87,968 – Rs. 15,50,000
Chemical EngineerRs. 4,89,511
Biomedical EngineerRs. 3,59,625
Computer Hardware EngineerRs. 2,46,439
Marine EngineerRs. 7,09,859
Naval ArchitectRs. 6,72,299
Materials EngineerRs. 7,02,464

Note: The above data of engineering salary is an average estimate, and might vary as per the type of company, candidates qualifications, skills, experience, etc. 

About Computer Science and Engineering

With the IT industry expanding at a phenomenal pace, the demand for software engineers or experts in the computer science engineering field is expected to maintain an increasing trend. Programming languages, software knowledge, program design, coding, and project management are some of the highlights of the computer science and engineering course. A lot of national as well as international firms offer lucrative job opportunities to CSE graduates in India and abroad.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh

Popular Companies for Computer Science Engineers:

  • Googleand 

  • Microsoft

  • Yahoo

  • Facebook

  • Amazon

  • Oracle

  • Cisco

  • Wipro

Popular B Tech Colleges in Computer Science (CSE) in India

Check out the list of best colleges in India that currently offers Computer Science Engineering -

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Parul University, Vadodara

INR 3,40,000/-

NIIT University, Neemrana

INR 12,75,000/-

GITAM Institute of Technology, Visakhapatnam

INR 11,98,000/-

Chandigarh University

INR 4,80,000/- to INR 7,60,000/-

Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

INR 2,95,000/- to 3,32,000/-

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), BombayINR 8,55,000/-    
International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), HyderabadINR 10,40,000/-
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), DelhiINR 4,47,000/-
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), PilaniINR 3,74,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

About Electronics and Communication Engineering

The ECE branch of engineering can be exciting for those candidates who are very much interested in electrical circuits, signs and signal systems, digital gadgets, power electronics, etc. The telecommunication, mobile development, and electrical industries are said to progress year after year, hence there are plenty of scopes to build a career in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh

Popular Companies for Electronics and Communication Engineers:

  • Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

  • Intel

  • Texas Instruments

  • Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)

  • Samsung

  • Electronics

  • Toshiba

  • Sony

  • Philips Semiconductors

Popular B.Tech Colleges for ECE in India

Check the list of popular colleges that offers electronics and communication engineering degree and their fee structure. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

KLE Technological University, Hubli

INR 2,38,000/-

Quantum School of Technology, Dehradun

INR 5,64,000/-

D Y Patil College of Engineering, Pune

INR 3,60,000/-

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

INR 3,19,000/- to INR 6,05,000/-

Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Noida

INR 6,72,000/- to INR 15,32,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

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About Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering that exist. It is also one of the most popular choices of engineering specializations, especially among people who are interested in machinery, automobile, product design, manufacturing, etc.

There is a wide range of mechanical engineering jobs available in the market, including some of the highest paying jobs in the Engineering stream. A talented student has the scope to earn a good salary and get hired by some of the top engineering and manufacturing firms around the globe.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh

Popular Companies for Mechanical Engineers:

  • DRDO

  • ABB

  • Indian Railway

  • TATA Motors

  • Reliance Industries

  • Ashoka Leyland

  • Reliance Power Ltd.

  • Mahindra & Mahindra

Popular B Tech Colleges for ME in India

Go through the list of engineering colleges in India that offers mechanical engineering degree. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

INR 3,90,000/- to INR 15,50,000/-

K J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai

INR 11,40,000/-

Chennai Institute of Technology

INR 2,20,000/-

Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Pune

INR 3,60,000/- to INR 3,68,000/-

Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata

INR 2,95,000/- to INR 3,32,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

About Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is another branch of engineering that has a wide range of scope in job availability. Graduates of this branch can find themselves employed in some of the largest construction projects of the world, such as damns and bridges as well as in small electrical component manufacturing units producing everyday appliances.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 2.50 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh

Popular Companies for Electrical Engineers:

  • Bajaj International Private Ltd.

  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

  • Centre for Electronics Design and Technology

  • Siemens Ltd.

  • Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL)

  • Reliance Power Ltd.

Popular B Tech Colleges for EE in India

In India, various universities offer electrical engineering bachelor's and mmaster'segree. Check out the list of top electrical engineering colleges and their fees given below. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore

INR 5,42,000/- to INR 7,24,000/-

Mahindra Ecole Centrale, Hyderabad

INR 16,00,000/-

Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

INR 1,54,000/- to INR 6,15,000/-

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Gangtok

INR 7,85,000/- to INR 10,40,000/-

Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida

INR 2,51,000/- to INR 4,65,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

About Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a branch that deals with not only the construction of infrastructure but also the design, planning, and maintenance of structures essential to sustaining modern life. In a developing and growing country such as India, where there is no shortage of construction projects such as highways, bridges, tunnels, urban spaces like parks, and pathways, there is plenty of scope for building a career in Civil Engineering.

Plus, with the issue of overcrowding and pollution in cities on the rise, an increasing need is being felt for talented city planners and civil engineers who can design spaces that are in harmony with the environment.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakh

Popular Companies for Civil Engineers:

  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

  • Engineers India Ltd.

  • PWD

  • Indian Railways

  • DRDO

  • SERC

  • DLF

Popular B Tech Colleges for Civil Engineering in India

Candidates can check the list of the civil engineering colleges and fees given below. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

M V J College of Engineering, Bangalore


Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore

INR 2,00,000/-

University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

INR 5,36,000/-

Indus University, Ahmedabad

INR 4,06,000/-

Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh

INR 6,63,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

About Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a branch that deals with the study and application of chemical reactions for solving everyday problems that often remain undetected in our day-to-day lives. In fact, chemical engineers are an essential part of many vital industries such as the fertilizer industry, petroleum, and oil industry, food manufacturing, and processing industry, etc.

A career in chemical engineering can offer good prospects of jobs in some of the top companies in India along with excellent chances of growth.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh

Popular Companies for Chemical Engineers:

  • ONGC

  • Essar Oil Limited

  • Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Gujarat Gas Company Limited

  • Coromandel Fertilizers Limited

  • Indo Gulf Fertilizers Ltd.

Popular B.Tech Colleges for Chemical Engineering in India

Go through the list of chemical engineering colleges given below. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai

INR 8,32,000/-

Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai

INR 2,00,000/-

Manipal University, Jaipur

INR 3,58,000/- to INR 11,86,000/-

School of Engineering, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

INR 5,57,000/- to INR 15,56,000/-

MIT Group of Institutions, Moradabad

INR 2,25,000/-

For more colleges, you can check the links below -

About Biochemical / Biomedical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering is a branch that involves using the principles of chemical engineering to solve medical problems. It basically involves the study of biological organisms and molecules and applying the knowledge and principles learned to the improvement of the quality of life of individuals.

Biomedical Engineering, although related to Biochemical in the sense that both are involved with the medical field, is a different branch in which engineering principles are applied to the medical field to aid in creating better medical procedures. This branch of engineering forays into fields such as designing and manufacturing of artificial body parts, surgical and diagnosis machinery, etc.

While both branches have their differences, many of the jobs available in these fields are in the same or similar companies and industries.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 11 lakh

Popular Companies for Biochemical/ Biomedical Engineers:

  • Biocon

  • GlaxoSmithKline Panacea Biotec

  • Bharat Serum

  • Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited

  • Monsanto Biotech

  • TransAsia Biomedics

  • Zydus Cadila

Popular B Tech Colleges for Biochemical/Biomedical in India

Check out the colleges that offer biochemical/biomedical engineering degree to candidates below. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Indrashil University, Ahmedabad

INR 4,41,000/-

Integral University, Lucknow

INR 1,20,000/-

Rai University, Ahmedabad

INR 1,92,000/-

Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore


DR M G R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai

INR 1,80,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

About Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering

Considered to lie on the more difficult side of the spectrum, Aerospace Engineering is a branch that involves principles related to the design of airplanes, space crafts, missile systems, rockets, etc. The requirement for a large number of talented aerospace engineers is imminent, especially in the current scenario when air travel is becoming and norm and we are dreaming to venture farther than ever into the universe.

Aerospace Engineering is further categorized into two: Aeronautical Engineering, which deals with the design and study of aircraft, and Astronautical Engineering, which is concerned with vehicles and stations that can travel to and in outer space.

Starting Salary (p.a.): Rs. 6 to Rs. 11 lakh

Popular Companies for Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineers:

  • Civil Aviation Department

  • Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)

  • Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE)

  • National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)

  • India Space Research Organization (ISRO)

  • Samtel Avionics

  • India Space Research

Popular B Tech Colleges for Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering in India

Check out the aeronautical engineering colleges given below. 

Name of the College/Institution

Average Fee

Amity University, Mumbai

INR 13,43,000/-

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad

INR 5,14,000/- to INR 7,26,000/-

Jain University, Bangalore


KCG College of Technology, Chennai

INR 1,20,000/- to INR 2,00,000/-

Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow

INR 3,60,000/- to INR 5,00,000/-

For more colleges, you can click on the links below -

Scope of Engineering

With the globalization and liberalization of the economy, many career options are available for engineers. There is a great demand for engineering in both India and abroad. Job prospects for engineering graduates have alwayrequiress been good. From the private sector to the public sector, to the government there is a lot of scope for engineers.

Securing seats in one of the top engineering branches requires hard work and excellent scores in the respective engineering entrance exam as these courses get filled in the primary rounds of counselling. The job opportunities after pursuing these courses are very bright and some of the most reputed organizations recruit fresh graduates as well as experienced engineers from the above field.

We hope you find this article on Best Engineering Courses in India helpful and informative. For the latest updates on B Tech admission, stay tuned to CollegeDekho. 

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