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BDS Full Form

Sudeshna chakrabartiUpdated On: July 26, 2023 05:33 pm IST

BDS full form is Bachelor in Dental Surgery and is a five-year undergraduate degree in the dentistry. Those interested to prosper their career as a dentist must complete this course as its the only approved degree to become a dentist in India. BDS covers topics on dental science and surgeries, one year paid internship is mandatory. DCI or the Dental Council of India rewards BDS degrees to the pupils. 

It is regarded as the most popular course after MBBS. In fact, candidates who couldn’t qualify for MBBS often switch to BDS courses. To pursue a BDS course, you need to hail from a biology background. 


What is BDS Full Form?

As mentioned earlier, BDS full form is Bachelor of Dental Surgery and is considered to be the compulsory course for those aspiring to become dentists in any government or private hospital. This course inculcates elements of microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, anatomy and more. It is perhaps a job-ready course because most students start practicing as dentists after completing the degree. During the course, students undergo four years of rigorous classroom lessons and one year of rotating internship.

As far as admission to BDS is concerned, NEET is the only entrance exam which will help you pave the path to a top BDS institute. With the growing popularity of the course, you have to face cut-throat competition hence to give you some respite, we have prepared this article containing all the relevant details on the BDS course. 

BDS Overview

BDS full form

Bachelor in Dental Surgery

Course Duration

5 years

Qualifying exam


Course fee

INR 1-6 lakhs per annum

Career scope

  • Dentist
  • Lecturer
  • Dental Research Scientist

Why Choose a BDS Course?

Many students with PCB subjects in 10+2 face a common dilemma in choosing a course that will help them open new career opportunities. In case, someone recommended you pursue a BDS course then we have listed down some of the reasons why choosing BDS can enable you to tread a prosperous career. 

  • The incidences of dental issues are on a constant rise which has resulted in increasing numbers of dental patients. The country needs more dental surgeons and dental specialists to treat the growing cases of dental problems. A degree in dentistry will allow you to work in a fast-growing sector.
  • BDS course has a compulsory internship of 1 year and the best part is students while practicing get a chance to earn about INR 15000 to 40,000(approx.). This internship will help you gain confidence and sharpen your skills.
  • BDS graduates can get a golden chance to practice in countries like the USA and Canada which will enable them to draw a salary compared to India. 
  • The BDS curriculum is designed to impart practical knowledge to the students hence they can get myriad job opportunities after they appear in the BDS degree program.

Who’s Eligible to Take Admission to BDS?

As BDS, full form of which is Bachelor of Dental Surgery, is concerned with dental surgery and anatomy hence an aspirant has to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible for getting admitted to a top BDS institute. 

  • A candidate should be 17 years old at the time of admission. The upper age limit criteria is a debatable issue.
  • Aspirants have to qualify 10+2 with a PCB combination of subjects with a score of 50% in 10+2. For the reserved category, the qualifying mark is 45%.
  • NEET score is taken into consideration when shortlisting candidates so make sure you got a good score in the NEET exam.
  • For BDS, there's no bar on nationality, non-Indian citizens can also apply.

How to Get Admission to Top BDS Institutes?

As per the latest reports, for the 2022-23 session there are a total of 27,698 seats available for 317 dental colleges, the figure offers an idea of how competitive the field is. Aspirants need to work hard to secure admission to top dental institutes. Here is a list of steps you can follow to understand the admission process.

  • The first stepping stone to BDS admission is the NEET exam. Candidates are required to first appear in NEET before applying for the BDS course.
  • After you clear NEET with a good score, you can visit the official website of your preferred colleges and fill out the application form.
  • Colleges prepare merit lists by combining NEET score and their cutoffs
  • Shortlisted candidates have to further go for three rounds of counseling to finally get admitted to a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS full form) institute.
  • Check the details on the syllabus and placement requirements from the college’s website and pay the course fee to begin the session.

What are the Steps to Fill out Application Forms for BDS?

The application process is another important step to confirm admission to top BDS institutes so kindly check the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to your chosen university’s website and complete the registration requirements
  2. On completing registration, log in with the same id when filling out the application form
  3. Enter details like name, parents' name, address, educational qualification etc carefully
  4. Upload important certificates like mark sheet, address proof id and passport-size photo
  5. After the form fill up, preview the entire application to check for any issues
  6. Once completing the form fill up, click on the submit button
  7. Lastly, pay the application fee

Diving into the Syllabus of BDS 

To offer a brief idea on the topics you need to complete during the 5 year undergraduate BDS course, full form of which is Bachelor of Dental Surgery, we have listed down the year-wise syllabus.

Years of BDS course

Subjects 1

Subject 2

Subject 3

Subject 4

Subject 5


Dental Anatomy

Human Anatomy, Embryology, Medical Genetics

Biochemistry Nutrition, dietetics, General Human Physiology


General Pathology & Microbiology

Dental Materials

Dental Pharmacology

Pre-clinical Conservative

Pre-clinical Prosthodontics


Oral Pathology and Oral Microbiology

General Medicine

General Surgery


Public Health Education


Oral Medicine & Radiology

Pediatrics & Preventive Dentistry

Conservative & Endodontics

Top Specialisations to Choose After BDS

Candidates opting for the BDS course can enhance their chances of securing the best career options by choosing any of the following specializations:


It is a branch of dentistry; however, prosthodontics is concerned with the replacement of teeth. In case of any missing teeth or damage, dental implants are conducted by professionals. After graduation in BDS, candidates can take up this specialisation for 3 years of training. MDS in prosthodontics enables learners to get in-depth ideas regarding the treatment of oral diseases.

Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Radiology

If you wish to flourish and widen your career scope in the field of dentistry and oral health, specialisation in oral medicine & radiology can be a great option. It is a 3-year PG degree after completing BDS. Students learn about the fundamentals of oral diseases and methods to prevent them.

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry forms an important field and separation after the BDS course, full form of which is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge base in understanding procedures to restore gum and oral health by operating the damaged parts. This course enables the learner to gain a comprehensive insight into root canal surgeries which further helps them take up jobs as dental surgeons.

Career Scope After BDS Course

BDS courses have a plethora of opportunities for students pursuing it as there has always been a huge demand for dentists. Well, aspirants willing to build robust careers in diverse fields can sit for an MDS degree. Suppose you want to start finding job opportunities after completing Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS full form), then check out the following job roles below.


It's perhaps a common career option chosen by many aspirants. As a dentist, your responsibilities will be detecting oral problems and treating diseases related to gums and teeth. Dentists even offer guidance on the best way to take care of oral health and also help in making dentures.

Medical Writer

If you have got creative genes, medical writing can be another good profession after BDS. As a medical writer, you need to write clinical trials, new drug documents and prepare education brochures. Many pharmaceutical companies hire writers to write instructions about drugs or clinal systems.

Oral Pathologist

It forms an integral part of dentistry and is concerned with the diagnosis of critical oral diseases like oral cancer. A pathologist conducts extensive research and gathers evidence to treat patients. You can work as an oral pathologist at reputed government and private hospitals and earn a handsome salary.


Being a lecturer in a top medical college is another fulfilling and respectable career option after BDS. Medical lecturers educate students in enhancing their knowledge base in different arenas of health science and medicine. 

Top Medical Colleges Offering BDS

Institute name


ADC Ahmedabad

Rs 12.56 LPA

CIDS Coorg

Rs 3.83 LPA

Manipal College of Dental Sciences

Rs 16.6 LPA

Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai

Rs 3.75 LPA

Faculty of Dental Sciences, BHU Varanasi

Rs 1.67 LPA

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi

Rs 16.48 K p.a

Interesting Facts about BDS

Before you pursue a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS full form), explore some of the interesting facts associated with this popular course.

  • BDS is a comprehensive course

The course curriculum of BDS has been designed to enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. The syllabus covers core topics on dental radiology, periodontics, prosthodontics etc. Students get a vivid scope to seek training in diagnosing oral health issues.

  • BDS Course Imparts Practical Knowledge

BDS students gain extensive practical knowledge as practical training forms a crucial part of this course. As part of the curriculum, students are required to work under the supervision of an expert dentist for a fixed hour which helps them become the best dentists in future.

  • BDS open better job prospects

BDS is a job-ready course; therefore, students can get a plethora of employment opportunities in both India and abroad. The aspirants can wear different hats. They can become a dentist, oral surgeon or pediatrics as per their skillset and passion.

Well, the above list of subjects has certainly given an idea about the fields you have to study during the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS full form) course. However, for a detailed syllabus, you should visit your chosen university's website.


What is BDS Full-Form?

BDS full-form Bachelor of Dental Surgery and it is a five year undergraduate course to become a dentist.


What is the difference between BDS and MBBS?

BDS is only concerned with imparting knowledge on dental science however MBBS deals with overall knowledge on treating people with different ailments.


Can a BDS graduate conduct surgeries?

No, BDS graduates cannot conduct surgeries unlike MBBS students.


How much is BDS course fees?

On an average BDS course fee ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs1,20000.


What are some of the BDS subjects?

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • General pathology
  • Oral medicine