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SSLC Full Form

Preeti GuptaUpdated On: September 01, 2023 06:42 pm IST

The full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. This is an important document for the students. This certificate is given to students after they successfully complete their primary education of class 10th, which is commonly termed as 'class 10th board exams' in India. Some states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka also conduct SSLC as a common eligibility exam. Want to know more about SSLC like who gets it, when a student gets it, eligibility criteria, etc? Continue reading to get your answers. 

What is the Full Form of SSLC?

SSLC's full form is the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. This is an essential document students need to get admission to higher secondary school. Schools issue SSLC to students who successfully clear the 10th board exams and want to get admitted to a new school. In simple terms, SSLC can also be called a 10th standard certificate. 

Schooling System in India

The Indian schooling system is classified into three categories:

Primary: The first five years of school (Class I to V) are called primary schooling. 

Secondary: Years from Class 6 to 10 are part of secondary schooling.

Higher-secondary: Grades 11th and 12th form part of Higher Secondary Schooling. In some states, Higher Secondary Schooling is also termed as Pre-university schooling. 

Importance of SSLC

SSLC was an important document for age proof till the time birth and death certificates were not made mandatory in India. According to the MEA website, people who were born before 1989 are still allowed to use their SSLC as date of birth proof while applying for civil documents like passports. 

Different Names Used for SSLC

Different terms are used for SSLC in different states. Some of the common names used for SSLC include:

  • In south Indian states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala, it is called the SSLC certificate.
  • HSC Certificate, the full form of which is Higher Secondary Certificate is the term used for SSLC in northern and eastern states. 
  • SSC, the full form of which Secondary School Certificate is used for SSLC in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

Eligibility Criteria to Get SSLC

There are certain conditions students need to meet to get their SSLC for further studies. Given below is the eligibility criteria to obtain SSLC from the school:

  • In Kerala, students need to secure at least 30% marks in the 10th class to qualify Kerala Board SSLC exams. The candidates need to sit for SSLC exams, the duration of which is 2 hr 45 minutes for 100 marks exam and 1 hr 45 mins for 50 marks exam. 
  • The minimum age criteria to get SSLC is 14 years. 
  • Students who need to get an SSLC certificate before 14 years of age need to submit a medical certificate proving that the child is mentally fit to appear for the exam. 
  • To appear for the SSLC exam, candidates need to fill out the application form and submit the required fee. In some states, candidates from SC, ST, SCA, SS, and other reserved categories don't need to pay the fees. 

How is the Format of SSLC?

SSLC proves to be a helpful document when applying for higher studies at top colleges and universities. It is often called the end of schooling phase and is provided by schools to 10 and 12 students only after scoring qualifying marks in respective examinations. Students who are unaware of the type of format and details printed on the secondary school leaving certificate, check the detailed format below:

  • The Names of the candidates can be spotted right at the top and under the educational board’s name on the school leaving certificate.
  • The space beside the student’s name will be followed by their exam roll number which is then followed by the parent’s name.
  • After the parent’s anime of candidates, you will locate the name of the institution a student has qualified for the 10th or 12th.
  • There will be a table offering details on the marks and grades achieved by the students in the subjects chosen by them in 10th or 12th.
  • Students can find a long list of abbreviations at the bottom of the grade table with the result status in the left corner.
  • The date and city name will be printed at the left bottom carrying the signature of the examination controller.

How to Get SSLC?

Students who clear their 10th boards exam are eligibile to get SSLC. To collect their certificate, students need to contact their school administration. Schools can provide SSLC only after the announcement of 10 board exams which is released by the State Board. Students can apply for SSLC at their school only after recieving their 10th mark sheet. The bbasic rules of getting SSLC is that The exam should be completed within the time duration which is for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The candidates will have to achieve at least 35 marks in each subject in order to clear the exam/

What Can Students do After Getting SSLC?

In today's time, students have ample opportunities even after completing class 10th. Some of the options students have after getting SSLC are:

  • Getting admitted to higher secondary or pre-university to complete 10+2 education.
  • Students who want to learn technical skills can also enroll in industrial training colleges.
  • Another option students have is to join a polytechnic institute for a three-year course for a diploma in engineering.
  • Students can also join vocational education courses after getting SSLC. 

It can be concluded that an SSLC, the full form of which is a secondary school leaving certificate, is a critical document that must be procured by the students after they complete their school board examination. This certificate acts as an entry pass to graduation degree programs and even when applying for any identity proof like a PAN card.


What is the full form of SSLC?

The full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate that is given after class 10th. 

Is there any difference between SSLC and HSC?

No, there is no difference. These are the different names used in different parts of India for the same certificate. 

Is the Date of Birth Certificate (DOB) the same as SSLC?

No, birth certificates are different documents. However, SSLC can be used as a date of birth proof for people born before 1989.