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ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2022-23 - Check Detailed PCMB Syllabus

PriyankaUpdated On: October 25, 2022 10:00 am IST

CISCE has revised the ISC 12th syllabus 2022-23. The syllabus of ISC 12th Science stream is available on the official website:, in PDF form.

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus

ISC 12th sciecne syllabus 2022-23 has been updated by CISCE. The syllabus can be easily downloaded from the official website,, for all subjects in the Science stream. Every subject's marking scheme and exam format are also included in the ISC 12th sciecne syllabus 2022-23 PDF. In order to perform well in the exam, students must be well-versed in the ISC syllabus for class 12 which is divided into theoretical and practical papers. Each paper i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, etc has a different weightage. 

Students can download the syllabus by selecting a subject from the list below to learn about all the chapters and subjects. Students must be familiar with the ISC 12th exam pattern 2023 in addition to the syllabus. The exam format familiarises one with the number and type of questions that will be asked. Students can go through the article below to know more about ISC 12th sciecne syllabus 2022-23.

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2022-23 Highlights 

To prepare for their board exams, all students are required to go through the revised ISC 12th syllabus 2022-23. The paper format includes critical information like topic requirements, ISC marks distribution in 2023, question patterns, etc. ISC Board exams are anticipated to take place in February or March 2023, and the schedule will be made public in December 2022. Below are the highlights of ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus. 



Name of Exam

Indian School Certificate (ISC)

Name of Board

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

Official Website

Level of the Exam

National level


Once in a year

How to Download ISC 12th Science Syllabus 2023 PDF? 

Students can access the official website and the direct links provided below to get the Class 12th ISC syllabus in pdf format. To get the ISC syllabus for Class 12's entire courses, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit, the official website.
  • The "Publications" menu can be accessed from the navigation bar and will take you to a new page.
  • The ISC Class 12 Syllabus 2023 PDF Download link should be clicked.
  • Click on any subject's link to the syllabus 2023 class 12 on the next page.
  • The screen will display a PDF document.
  • ISC 12th syllabus 2023 PDF is now available for students to download to their devices.
  • For easy access, print out the ISC reduced syllabus 2023.

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Link 

As an alternative, students can get the direct download links for the ISC syllabus 2023 for Class 12 below. Students can use this ISC 12th class curriculum as a guide while preparing for their Semester 1 and Semester 2 exams in order to improve their grade in the 2023 ISC 12th result. 

ISC Class 12 Science SubjectDownload Pdf 
BiologyClick here
ChemistryClick here
Elective EnglishClick here
EnglishClick here
MathematicsClick here
PhysicsClick here

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2022-23 

Below is the ISC class 12 syllabus for scientific streams for 2022-2023. The tables provide a brief overview of the ISC 12th course. Students can use the above-linked pdf to acquire the Class 12 updated curriculum. As an alternative, users can obtain the most recent ISC board syllabus for every subject. 

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus for Physics

 (i).Only S. I. Units are to be utilised for teaching and learning, as well as when responding to questions unless otherwise stated. (ii) All physical quantities must be defined along with their units and dimensions when they are presented. (iii) All topics, excluding those from which they are expressly omitted or for which only qualitative treatment is necessary, include numerical difficulties. 

Paper-1 Theory 70 Marks



Total Weightage



14 marks


Current Electricity


Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current

16 marks


Electromagnetic waves



20 marks


Dual Nature of matter

13 marks


Atoms and Nuclei


Electronic Devices

7 marks



70 marks

Paper-II Practical Work (15 Marks)

The majority of the experiments used for lab work and practical exams fall into one of two categories: either ray optics experiments or current electrical experiments. To eliminate parallax between a needle and the actual picture of another needle is the primary skill needed in group I Understanding the circuit diagram and making connections precisely in accordance with the provided diagram are crucial in group (ii). You should pay attention to things like the polarity of the cells and metres, their range, zero error, least count, etc. A graph is a useful and efficient tool for displaying measurement findings. It is a crucial component of the experiment. On the Practical exam paper, there will be one graph. 

Candidates are urged to carefully study the question paper and complete the tasks in accordance with the instructions provided. They are typically not required to write the experiment's instructions, formulas, safety precautions, or to draw the figures, circuit diagrams, etc.
Tabular form should be used to record observations.

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus for Chemistry

The two papers in chemistry will cover theory and application. There will be a 70-point theory exam and a 30-point practical exam. 

Part -1 Theory (70 marks)



Total Weightage



Physical Chemistry (25 Marks)


Electro Chemistry


Chemical Elements


D and f block elements


Co-ordination Compounds

Inorganic Chemistry (14 Marks)


Haloalkanes and Haloarenes


Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers


Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acid

Organic Chemistry (30 marks)


Organic Compound





70 marks

Paper-2 (Practical Work-15 Marks)

The following experiments must be finished by applicants:
1. Titrations,

first Potassium manganate (VII)/ammonium iron (II) sulphate and potassium manganate (VII)/oxalic acid are two examples of oxidation-reduction titrations.
The candidate might be asked to calculate the purity level of a substance and the quantity of water needed for crystallisation in hydrated salts. Such tests will provide sufficient operational information, including the ability to identify the end point.

2. Study of the rate of reaction.

The candidates will be required to conduct an experiment on the rate of reaction, for example, the reaction between magnesium and dil. sulphuric acid/dil. hydrochloric acid (using different concentrations), sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid (using different concentrations for either), after receiving full instructions.

3.  Identification of the following compounds and functional groups based on observations 

4.  Characteristic tests of carbohydrates and proteins

5. Experiments related to pH change using pH paper or universal indicator.

6. Electrochemistry 

ISC Class 12 Syllabus for Biology

Paper-I (Theory 70 Marks)

S.NoTotal Unit Weightage
1. Reproduction16 Marks
2. Genetics and Evolution15 Marks
3.Biology and Human Welfare14 marks
4.Biotechnology and its applications10 Marks
5.Ecology and Environment15 Marks
Total70 Marks

Paper- 2 (Practical work- 15 Marks)

Taxonomy: Investigate the features of flowers through flower dissection, the creation of floral formulas, and diagrams of the families listed below:
I Malvaceae: Hollyhock or China rose.
(i). Leguminosae: Papilionaceae subfamily, type: Sweet pea, Pea, Bean, Sesbania, Clitoria (single flower).
(iii)Solanaceae: Solanum nigrum, Petunia, Datura, Brinjal Flower.
(iv)Liliaceae: type Onion or Amaryllidaceae: type Lily, Spider Lily, Tiger Lily, Tube Rose, and Gladiolus.

 2). Simple biochemical and physiological experiments 

3). Making the slides
(i). Pollen grain germination in a nutritional media.
(ii) T.S. of any locally accessible flower's ovary to reveal marginal or axile placentation
(iii). T.S of stem of a hydrophyte.
(iv). T.S of a xerophytic leaf's (Nerium).
(v) L.S. of soaking monocot and dicot seeds (corn, wheat, pea, and bean seeds).

4). Spotting: Each spot will have three minutes to identify it, create a labelled diagram, and write at least two defining qualities.

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus for Maths

Three sections, A, B, and C, make up the syllabus.
Candidates must complete Section A. Candidates will be able to choose whether to attempt questions from Section B or Section C.

Section- A (60 Marks)

1.Relation and Function10 Marks
2.Algebra10 Marks
3.Calculus32 Marks
4.Probability13 Marks

Section- B (15 Marks)

1.Vectors5 Marks
2.Three Dimensional Geometry6 Marks
3.Applications of Integrals4 Marks

Section- C (15 Marks)

1.Application of Calculas5 Marks
2.Linear Regression6 Marks
3.Linear Programming4 Marks

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ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2022-23 Exam Pattern 

The following table contains the ISC class 12 exam schedule. Some courses, like English, Math, etc., only have a theory paper, according to the ISC Syllabus 2022–23. In other disciplines, there will be one theory paper and one project or practical assessment. Each paper has a varied weightage. The theory paper exam will last three hours.

EnglishEnglish Language100
Literature in English100
Project Work20
Project Work10
Practical File5
Project Work10
Practical File5
Project Work10
Practical File5

ISC Class 12 Science Syllabus 2022-23 Preparation Tips

Read and thoroughly consider the Class 12 ISC revised syllabus, making sure to check all the significant topics that are given extra weight.

  • Before moving on to other subjects, prepare them first. Practice ISC 12th exam questions to become familiar with the exam format, scoring system, and level of difficulty of questions asked in prior years.
  • Make brief notes by hand. This will be helpful for hurried planning.
  • Review the subjects on a frequent basis. Nothing in the ISC syllabus 2022-23 for class 12 should be skipped. You will be able to earn good grades in the ISC Class 12 result for 2022-23 if you do this. 


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