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Kerala 10th Board 2023 - Kerala SSLC Date Sheet, Admit Card, Syllabus

PriyankaUpdated On: December 07, 2022 06:30 pm IST
Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan has released Kerala Class 10 exam dates 2023 on the official website. The Kerala SSLC exams 2023 will be conducted between March 9 and 29, 2023 in pen and paper mode. Check Details here!
Kerala 10th Board 2023

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Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan has released Kerala SSLC exam dates 2023 on the official website The Kerala SSLC exams 2023 will be given in pen paper i.e. offline mode from March 9 and March 29, 2023. The mock exams will be given by the board from February 27 to March 3, 2023. The Kerala SSLC 10th Exams will draw more than 4.5 lakh students. In the month of May 25, 2022, the Kerala SSLC result 2023 will be made public. In order to stay informed about the publication of any notifications on the official website, students must frequently visit this page. Last year, around 4,26,469 students showed up to take the test. Out of which, 4,23,303 passed, resulting in a 99.26 percent overall pass rate. 

About Kerala SSLC Board 

The Kerala Board of Public Examinations (KBPE) administers the SSLC exams in Kerala every March. The Kerala SSLC exam is open to Class 10 students in Government, Aided, and Unaided (Recognized) schools. Students must also be enrolled in a school that is associated with the board's Class 10 program. It is essential for learners to thoroughly read through the board syllabus, exam structure, and question papers in order to perform well. 

Kerala SSLC Board 2023 Highlights

The Kerala SSLC exams will be held from March 9 to March 29, 2023. Students must finish the application process first. Before taking the test, admit cards must be obtained. In the second week of June 2023, Kerala Pareekshabhavan will release the SSLC exam results (tentative). Students can access it by entering their registration number and birthdate on the official website. More information on the exam can be found here.  
The exam schedule serves as a crucial reference for the students as they prepare. The key details that Kerala SSLC students should be aware of are as follows: 
Full Exam NameKerala Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination
Short Exam NameKerala SSLC
Conducting BodyKerala Board of Public Examinations
Frequency of ConductOnce a year
Exam LevelMatriculate
Exam Duration2 Hours 30 Minutes

Kerala SSLC Board 2023 Timetable

Kerala SSLC timetable 2023 have been made public by Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan. The KBPE SSLC timetable 2023 pdf can be downloaded by students from the Kerala board's official website, The Kerala SSLC exams 2023 will be given on paper between March 9 and March 29, 2023. The mock exams will be given by the board from February 27 to March 3, 2023. The Kerala SSLC 10th Exams will draw more than 4.5 lakh students. 
Kerala class 10 timetable lists the days, times, and dates of all subject exams. Additionally, it lists the general rules that all students taking the exam must abide by. 
Kerala SSLC exams9-Mar-2023 to 29-Mar-2023
Kerala SSLC Result 2023June 2023
Kerala SSLC re-evaluationJune/July 2023*

Kerala SSLC Time Table 2023 for Practicals 

The Kerala class 10 practical examinations will probably be held in 2023 before the KBPE class 10 theory exams. Students who want full information on the Kerala SSLC practical exam schedule for 2023 must contact their individual schools. 

Kerala 10th Board Syllabus 2022-23

Kerala Class 10 2023 Syllabus has been set and published by the Kerala Board of Public Examinations (KBPE) around April or May on the official website, Every question in the exam will be from the KBPE-recommended Kerala SSLC syllabus. The chapter and topics that students need to study to ace the Kerala Class 10 board exams are here. Important subject-specific topics included in the Kerala SSLC 2023 syllabus include math, science, social science, English, and more. Students can better plan their preparation for the board exams when they are aware of the entire syllabus. The Kerala SSLC 2023 exams will be administered by the Kerala Board in March. 
Every session begins with the announcement of the Kerala SSLC syllabus. It serves as the foundation for all of the academic session's instruction of students. For the Kerala SSLC Exam, students must be well-prepared. The Kerala Board has a Department of Curriculum Textbooks and Evaluation that is responsible for creating handbooks for instructors as well as syllabus & textbook revisions for all classes. 

Kerala SSLC Board Exam Pattern 2022-23

To pass the exams, students need to receive a score of 35%. It will be easier for students to prepare for the exam if they are familiar with the format, number of questions, and sorts of questions that will be asked. Students can then effectively study for their exam as a result. To improve their accuracy and time management skills before the Kerala SSLC exams in 2023, students could practise previous years' question papers. Students need to be familiar with theKerala SSLC Exam Pattern 2022-23after learning about the Kerala SSLC syllabus 2023. The exam format will familiarise students with the scoring system, duration of the exam, and the total amount of questions. 

Kerala SSLC Board 2023 Admit Card

Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan will issue the SSLC Exam Admit Card for the state of Kerala in February 2023. The site must be accessed by all associated schools in order to download Kerala SSLC Admit Card 2023 for the appropriate students. Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan has the right to conduct Kerala SSLC exams. Without the hall ticket/admit card, candidates are unable to attend the SSLC examination, making it a crucial document for them. Therefore, candidates must always make sure they bring their admit card or hall ticket to the exam rooms. The process for providing Kerala SSLC admit cards for both private and regular applicants is described in the information provided below:

Hall tickets for private candidates:

Hall passes for independent candidates: Only once a candidate has been satisfactorily identified by the chief superintendent, the admit cards will be released. The candidate must present their most current photo, which must be legally authenticated by the head of the school where they previously attended. Private candidates will receive separate hall tickets.

Hall tickets for regular candidates:

The applicant should carefully review the information on the admit card and report any errors to the chief administrator or head of the school. Without a valid hall ticket, candidates will not be permitted to take the Kerala SSLC exam or the Kerala SSLC SAY exam (for unsuccessful candidates). Candidates for the SSLC who qualify for grace marks in the sports category should submit their hall ticket and other necessary documentation to the appropriate District Educational Officer (DEO) through the head of their institution. 
  • When taking the written or practical exams, candidates are required to provide their Kerala SSLC hall ticket.
  • On the fact sheet of the answer book, candidates must only enter the name of the exam, the year and month of the exam, their registration number, and the subject.
  • Candidates won't be able to take the exam if they are more than 30 minutes late to the exam room.
  • If graph paper, drawing paper, or a map is provided, these must be affixed to the answer book and properly filled up with the candidate's registration number.
  • Every additional sheet utilised should have the registration number. The answer book should include a note on the total number of extra sheets used. On one sheet, candidates must use the same ink throughout.

Kerala SSLC Board 2022-23 Result

In May 2023, KBPE will make the Kerala 10th result 2023 available on the official website. The official websites and are where the Kerala Board publishes the Kerala SSLC result 2023. Students can use their roll number and birthdate to check their Kerala 10th result in 2023. Kerala SSLC Exam Result 2023 by the school is also released by the state board and may be obtained by inputting the school code on the official website. The student's name, roll number, date of birth, marks obtained in various subjects, etc. are all listed in the 10th result for Kerala in 2023. The Kerala 10th Result 2023 that was published online must be understood to be tentative. Students must pick up their original grade report from the school. 

Last year, Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan declared the Kerala SSLC revaluation result 2022 on July 4, 2022.n the official website,, a link was made available to verify the SSLC revaluation results for Kerala in 2022. 4,26,469 students in all registered for the exam this year. Out of which, 4,23,303 passed, resulting in a 99.26 percent overall passing rate. Students can check their Kerala SSLC results using the following websites: 



Kerala SSLC Exams

9-Mar-2023 to 29-Mar-2023

SSLC result 2023 date Kerala

By 25-May-2023

Re-evaluated/Rechecked Result date

July 2023

Supplementary exam Dates

July 2023

Kerala Supplementary result Date

August 2023

Kerala SSLC Result

Kerala SSLC Board 2023- Question Papers

The Kerala SSLC is the state's first board exam for students, and it determines a lot about their ability. Therefore, when it comes to exam preparation, students who are taking the exam want to leave no stone unturned. The Kerala SSLC Question Paper/Model Paper from the previous year must be downloaded by the students in order to properly prepare for the exam since it gives them a better experience. For help preparing for the Kerala SSLC exams in 2023, students can consult the Kerala SSLC Sample Papers. It aids in students' familiarity with the general exam format, scoring scheme, types of exam questions, and more.
To give yourself enough time to prepare for the Kerala SSLC Question Paper 2023, it is advised that students studying for the exam finish the Kerala SSLC Syllabus 2023 at least a month before the exam. 

Important considerations for the Kerala board SSLC model paper for 2023 include the following:

  • Since mock examinations are a lot like the actual exam's question paper, they are useful for practising several questions.
  • Before solvingKerala SSLC Previous Year Question Paper, candidates should be familiar with their syllabus.
  • Candidates who use sample papers properly can perform well on board exams.
  • Always plan your day and organise your assignments so that they are finished on time.
  •  As you study for the exams, turn to your textbooks and class notes.
  • Create a brilliant plan and approach to help you study more efficiently and cope with pressure.
  • For the applicants' benefit, sample papers or old papers should be revised frequently. Aim to solve two or three sample papers per day. 

Kerala SSLC Board 2022-23 Supplementary Exams

In July 2023 (tentative), Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan will hold the Kerala SSLC SAY Exam for candidates who failed to pass one or more topics on their first try in the regular exams. Regular students are only allowed to take one topic in the improvement tests, according to Kerala Pareesksha Bhavan. After the last day of the exam, the results for additional exams are typically available in 7-8 weeks. If candidates are taking an improvement exam that includes only one subject's practical, they must pay a fee of Rs. 100.
The timetable for Kerala SSLC SAY (supplementary) will be published online on the board's official website in the years 2022–2023. Kerala SSLC SAY examinations will be administered by the board in July 2023. (tentative). Once the board posts the timetable for 2023 on the official website, it will be updated here. Students can download the SSLC SAY/supplementary schedule directly from the Kerala board website once it is published online.
Candidates must download the Kerala SSLC Supplementary Application Form 2022–2023 and complete it completely and accurately. The school administration will then register the candidates online on the designated website. They must finish the Kerala SSLC SAY Exam application form within the board's allotted window of time. They won't be able to take the SAY exam in 2023 if they don't comply. Candidates must also submit the application form 2023 and the appropriate fees in order to complete the registration procedure.
Results for Kerala SSLC SAY exam 2022 will be released by Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan in August 2023. (tentative). Candidates can browse the board's official website and view their Kerala SSLC SAY exam results for 2023 by entering their registration number and birthdate. Students can also access the direct result link here or check them immediately on the official website.

Kerala SSLC Board 2023 Preparation Tips

Kerala Class 10 preparation tips provided here is for students who want to perform well on the Kerala SSLC Exam and are worried about how to get ready for the Kerala PSC 10th Level Exam. In March of next year, the Kerala Board will conduct the Kerala SSLC exams 2023. Students must adhere to the proper schedule in order to perform well on the Kerala 10th Exam in 2023. No matter how much time is available, preparation depends on how it is spent. The Kerala SSLC Exam takes dedication to prepare for. If carefully heeded, the following advice will help students ace their exams: 
  • Review the required curriculum.
  • start early preparation
  • Regular review of one's studies is crucial.
  • Examine the questions from last year's exams in detail.
  • Organize your schedule to complete the entire syllabus.
  • Create a schedule while keeping the curriculum in mind.
  • Don't assume anything
  • Take brief notes on each subject.
  • Recognize your areas of weakness and strive diligently to improve them.
  • Give each topic an equal amount of time.
  • Revise at the hour's end!
  • Analyze your exam preparation.
  • Students should carefully read the syllabus before beginning their preparation. For each subject, look over the Kerala SSLC syllabus and make a list of the key points to remember.


Where can I find the question papers from previous Kerala SSLC exams?

On the official website as well as in a number of other public domains, candidates can find the question papers from previous Kerala SSLC exams. The students might ask their professors or elders for assistance in this matter.

How should I study for the Kerala SSLC exam?

The completion of the syllabus and the development of a conceptual understanding of the subjects are the first steps in getting ready for the Kerala SSLC exam. The following phase is practise. Within this, the students should practise answering questions from various chapters and finish previous years' test questions in the allotted time.

What are the total marks of the Kerala SSLC exam?

The Kerala SSLC exam has a total score of 640 marks, which is made up of the written exam's 490 marks, the internal assessment's 130 marks, and the IT Practical's 20 marks.

What subjects will you be examined on in the Kerala SSLC exam?

English, Hindi, Language, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Information Technology are the subjects covered by the Kerala SSLC exam.

When will the Kerala SSLC exam be conducted?

The Kerala SSLC examinations will be held between March 9 and 29, 2023.


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