Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 - Download Latest Bihar Board (BSEB) Syllabus Class 12 PDF


Updated On: April 08, 2024 05:33 pm IST

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 will include the topics to be studied by the students when preparing for the exams. The PDF of the syllabus will be uploaded on the official website of the Bihar School Examination Board. 

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025

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Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 will be uploaded on the official website of the Bihar School Examination Board. Stream-wise syllabus will be available on the official website to be downloaded by the students according to the stream that they have chosen in class 12th. There are three streams available for class 12th curriculums that are Arts, Commerce, and Science. No new changes are recorded in the syllabus this academic year. The maximum marks allotted for every subject will be hundred and the marks will be further divided into theory and practical exams according to the nature of the subject. 

Students must also check the Bihar Board 12th Exam Pattern 2025 to get an idea of the marking scheme. NCERTs are followed by BSEB to help the students thoroughly understand the syllabus and prepare for the board exams. Students can further take the help of side books to understand some complex topics that are not explained in detail in NCERTs. After the completion of the syllabus, students can use model papers to revise for the board exams. Check more information about the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 here:

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Subject-Wise PDFs

Right now, the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 is not yet released so given below we have shared the previous year’s syllabus PDFs for the students to download:


Syllabus PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Math Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24 (Core)

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 English Syllabus 2023-24 (Elective)

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Business Studies

Download PDF


Download PDF

Physical Education

Download PDF


Download PDF

Political Science

Download PDF

Home Science

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 Geography Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 12 History Syllabus 2023-24

Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Arts Stream 

Subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, and, Home Science are included in the Arts stream. Students can check the syllabus for the same from the tables given below: 


There are a total of 4 units included in the History syllabus to be studied by the students. Check the detailed information from the table given below: 




Indian History Part I: Harappan Archaeology, Political & Economic History, Social History, History of Buddhism and other religions, etc.


Indian History Part II: Agrarian Relations, The Mughal Court, New Architecture, Religious Histories, etc.


Colonialism & Rural Society, Colonialism & Indian Towns, The Nationalist Movement, Nationalism, Communalism & Partition, The Making of the Constitution, Independence & New Nation-State, etc.


Map Work


The BSEB Class 12th Geography syllabus is also divided into two sections to be studied by the students individually. Check the information from the table given below: 




Section A: Fundamentals of Human Geography: Human Geography




Human Activities


Transport, Communication & Trade


Human Settlements


Section B: People & Economy: People


Human Settlements


Resources & Development


Transport, Communication & International Trade


Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues & Problem


Map Work


In Economics, micro and macroeconomics are included in the syllabus for class 12th. Check out more information from the table given below: 




Section A: Micro Economics: Introduction


Consumers Behaviour


Producer Behaviour & Supply


Simple Applications of Tools of Demand & Supply


Types of Markets & Price Determination


Section B: Macro Economics: Introduction


National Income & Related Aggregates


Money & Banking


Determination of Income & Employment


Government Budget & the Economy


Balance of Payments

Political Science

The Political Science paper will be conducted for 100 marks including the practical exams. Check out the list of topics from the table given below:  




Cold War Era


End of Bipolarity


U. S. Hegemony in World Politics


Alternative Centres of Power


Contemporary South Asia


International Organizations




For Sociology, the theory paper will be conducted for 80 marks. Students can refer to the syllabus from the pointers given below: 




Section A: Indian Society: The Demographic Structure of Indian Society


Social Institutions – Continuity & Change


The market as a Social Institution


The Pattern of Social Inequality & Exclusion


Challenges of Cultural Diversity


Section B: Change & Development in Indian Society: Structural Change


Cultural Change


The Story of Indian Democracy


Change & Development in Rural Society


Change & Development in Industrial Society


Globalization & Social Change


Mass Media & Communications


Social Movements


Students can check the information about the topics included in the Psychology paper from the table given below and use it to prepare for the board exams: 




Variations in Psychological Attributes


Self & Personality


Meeting Life Challenges


Psychological Disorders


Therapeutic Approaches 


Attitude & Social Cognition


Social Influence & Group Processes


Psychology & Life


Developing Psychological Skills


A total of 10 units are included in the Philosophy syllabus according to the syllabus PDF released by BSEB. Check more information about the same from the table given below: 




Nature & Schools of Indian Philosophy


Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita


Buddhism, Jainism


Nyaya – Vaisesika & Samkhya – Yoga


Advaita Vedanta


Knowledge & Truth


The Causal Principle


Nature of Reality


Realism & Idealism


Environmental Ethics & Professional Ethics

Home Science

70 marks will be allotted for the theory paper in Home Science and the remaining marks will be allotted for the practical exam. Check the theory paper syllabus from the table given below: 




Human Development: a Life Span Approach


Nutrition During Life Span


Money Management & Consumer Education


Apparel: Designing, Selection & Care


Community Development & Extension


Career Opportunities after Home Science Education

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Science Stream 

Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are included in the Science stream for class 12 students in the Bihar board. Check the syllabus for all these subjects from the tables given below: 


Students can refer to the units included in the Physics syllabus from the table given below to prepare for the board exams accordingly: 




Electric Charges, Conservation of charge, Coulomb’s law force between two-point charges, forces between multiple charges, the electrical potential energy of a system of two-point charges and electric dipole in an electrostatic field, etc.

Current Electricity

Ohm’s law, electrical resistance, V-I characteristics (linear and nonlinear), electrical energy and power, electrical resistivity and conductivity, Kirchhoff’s laws and simple applications. Wheatstone bridge, metre bridge, etc. 

Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism

Torque on a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) in a uniform magnetic field; bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid, Force on a moving charge in a uniform magnetic and electric field, Earth’s magnetic field and magnetic elements, etc. 

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Electromagnetic induction; Faraday’s law, induced emf and current; Lenz’s Law, peak and RMS value of alternating current/voltage; reactance and impedance, etc.

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves, their characteristics, their transverse nature, Electromagnetic spectrum, including elementary facts about their uses, etc. 


Refraction of light, total internal reflection and its applications, lensmaker’s formula. Magnification, power of a lens, Reflection of light, spherical mirrors, mirror formula, a combination of thin lenses in contact, etc. 

Dual Nature of Matter

Matter waves-wave nature of particles, de Broglie relation, Photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations; Einstein’s photoelectric equation-particle nature of light, Davisson-Germer experiment, etc. 

Atoms and Nuclei

Bohr model, energy levels, hydrogen spectrum, Composition and size of nucleus, Alpha-particle scattering experiment; Rutherford’s model of atom; atomic masses, isotopes, radioactive decay law, etc. 

Electronic Devices

transistor as a switch, I-V characteristics of the transistor, transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration), the basic idea of analogue and digital signals, etc. 

Communication Systems

Propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, amplitude modulation.

Production and detection of an amplitude-modulated wave, etc.


In the Science stream, Chemistry is one of the most difficult topics. Refer to the table given below for a detailed explanation of the units and topics included in the syllabus: 



Unit 1: Solid State

Electrical and magnetic properties, Packing efficiency, voids, number of atoms per unit cell in a cubic unit cell, point defects, etc. 

Unit 2: Solutions

Osmotic pressure, determination of molecular masses using colligative properties, Elevation of boiling point, depression of freezing point, abnormal molecular mass, etc

Unit 3: Electrochemistry

Kohlrausch’s Law, lead accumulator, Conductance in electrolytic solutions, specific, variations of conductivity with concentration, etc.

Unit 4: Chemical Kinetics

Integrated rate equations and half-life, the concept of collision theory (elementary idea, no mathematical treatment), etc

Unit 5: Surface Chemistry

Brownian movement, electrophoresis, Lyophobic multimolecular and macromolecular colloids; properties of colloids; Tyndall effect, coagulation, emulsion-types of emulsions, etc

Unit 6: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Occurrence and principles of extraction of aluminium, copper, zinc and iron, Principles and methods of extraction – concentration, oxidation, reduction – electrolytic method and refining; etc

Unit 7: p-block Elements

Halides PCl3, Ozone, Sulphur-allotropic forms; Phosphorus – allotropic forms, Preparation properties and uses of sulphur-dioxide, etc.

Unit 8: d and f-block elements

Magnetic properties, interstitial compounds, Metallic character, ionization enthalpy, preparation and properties of K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4, etc

Unit 9: Coordination Compounds

IUPAC nomenclature of mononuclear coordination compounds. Bonding, Introduction, ligands, coordination number, Werner’s theory, VBT, and CFT; structure and stereoisomerism, etc

Unit 10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Nomenclature, nature of C-X bond, physical and chemical properties, substitution reactions, etc

Unit 11: Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

Mechanism of dehydration, physical and chemical properties, uses, uses with special reference to methanol and ethanol, etc

Unit 12: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids

Nomenclature, nature of carbonyl group, methods of preparation, physical, uses, methods of preparation, etc

Unit 13: Amines (Organic Compounds and containing Nitrogen)

Classification, structure, methods of preparation, secondary and tertiary amines, etc

Unit 14: Biomolecules

Monosaccharides (glucose and fructose), polysaccharides (starch, cellulose, glycogen) importance, etc

Unit 15: Polymers

Biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers, etc, Some important polymers: natural and bakelite, rubber, etc

Unit 16: Chemistry in Everyday Life

Tranquillizers antiseptics, disinfectants, antacids, antihistamines, artificial sweetening agents, etc


A total of 5 units are included in the Biology syllabus. Information about the same is included in the table given below: 


Important Topics

Unit 5: Ecology and Environment

Organisms and Populations

Ecosystem, and Environmental Issues

Unit 4: Biotechnology and its Applications

Recombinant DNA technology

Applications in Health, Biosafety issues

Unit 3: Biology & human welfare

Microbes in household food processing, industrial production, sewage treatment and energy generation, Cancer and AIDS

Unit 2: Genetics and Evolution

Chromosome theory of inheritance, Deviations from Mendelism ratio, Sex determination in human beings: XX, XY, Linkage and crossing over, etc

Unit 1: Sexual Reproduction

Pollination and fertilization in flowering plants

Development of seed and fruit

Human Reproduction, pregnancy and parturition

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Commerce Stream

Business studies, Accountancy and Mathematics are the main subjects included in the Commerce stream along with Economics and Entrepreneurship. Check the details syllabus about the same from the tables given below: 

Business Studies 

  • Nature and Significance of Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Environment
  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Market
  • Marketing Management
  • Consumer Protection


  • Accounting for Partnership
  • Accounting for Not-for-profit Organizations
  • Dissolution of Partnership
  • Reconstitution of Partnership
  • Accounting for Shares and Debenture Capital
  • Statement of Changes in Financial Position in Financial Position
  • Analysis of Financial Statements


To prepare for Economics, students can refer to the detailed syllabus from the table given below:



Section A: Micro Economics

Introduction to Micro Economics

Consumers behaviour


Analysis of Demand

Elasticity of Demand

Analysis of Supply

Types of Market & Price determination under perfect competition

Factors of Production

Section B: Macro Economics

Introduction to Macro Economics8. National Income

Determinants of Aggregates


Commercial Bank

Central Bank

Public Economics


The syllabus for Mathematics is divided into two parts. Students can refer to the detailed syllabus from the table given below: 



Mathematical logic

1.1 Statements1.2 Logical Connectives

1.3 Statement patterns and logical equivalence

1.4 Algebra of statements

1.5 Venn diagrams


2.1 Definition and types of matrices2.2 Algebra of matrices

2.3 Inverse of a matrix

2.4 Solution of equations


3.1 Continuity of a function at a point


4.1 Derivative of Inverse function4.2 Logarithmic Differentiation

4.3 Derivative of an Implicit Function

4.4 Derivative of a Parametric Function

4.5 Second Order Derivative

Applications of Derivative 

5.1 Increasing and Decreasing Functions

5.2 Maxima and Minima

Indefinite Integration

6.1 Definition of an integral

6.2 Integral of standard functions

6.3 Rules of Integration

6.4 Methods of Integration

6.5 Integration by parts

Definite Integrals 

7.1 Definite Integral7.2 Properties

7.3 Applications


Ratio, Proportion and Partnership 

Ratio, Proportion and Partnership

Commission, Brokerage and Discount 

Commission and Brokerage, Discount

Insurance and Annuity 

Insurance, Annuity


Introduction, Definition, Uses of Vital Statistics, Measurements of Mortality, Life Tables

Bivariate Data and Correlation 

Bivariate Frequency Distribution, Karl Pearson's Coefficient of Correlation, Rank Correlation

Regression Analysis Introduction 

Equation of Line of Regression, Regression Coefficients and Their Properties.


Theory paper for Entrepreneurship will be conducted for 70 marks according to the syllabus mentioned in the table given below: 



Resource Mobilization

Angel Investor

Venture Capital Funds

Stock Market – Raising Funds

Project Work

Business Plan


Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Environment Scanning

Problem Identification

Spotting Trends

Creativity and Innovation

Selecting the Right Opportunity

Enterprise Marketing

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Branding - Business Name, Logo, Tagline

Promotion Strategy

Negotiations - Importance and Methods

Customer Relationship Management

Vendor Management

Enterprise Growth Strategies


Merger and Acquisition

Business Planning

Business Plan

Organisational plan

Operational plan

Production plan

Financial plan

Marketing Plan

Human Resource Planning

Business Arithmetic

Unit of Sale, Unit Cost for Multiple Products or Services

Break-even Analysis for Multiple Products or Services

Computation of Working Capital

Inventory Control and EOQ

Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE)

How to Download Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025?

The candidates can follow the steps mentioned below to download the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025:

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the Bihar Board.  
  • Step 2: On the homepage, click on the header that says Syllabus.
  • Step 3: Under the syllabus, click on the link for the Senior Secondary
  • Step 4: The subject-wise syllabus will appear on the screen.
  • Step 5: Click on the link for the subject you want to download the syllabus PDF. Save the syllabus and use it to prepare for your exam.

Quick Link:

Bihar Board Exam Date 2024Bihar Board 12th Exam Date 2024

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Exam Pattern 

Check the detailed Bihar Board 12th Exam Pattern from the pointers here:

  • There will be both multiple-choice and subjective questions in the exam, per the Bihar board paper pattern.
  • For each subject, there will be subjective questions covering 50% of the paper and objective questions covering the other 50%.
  • Long and short-answer questions are both included in subjective questions.
  • The total number of questions, the recommended number to attempt, and the scores for each question are listed in the table below.
  • The language papers (Hindi, English, etc.) will include longer answer questions worth more than 5 marks.

Theory Exam


Practical Exam & Internal Assessment




Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025: Preparation Tips 

Students preparing for Class 12 Bihar Board 2025 must go through the entire Bihar Board 12th Syllabus as well as the BSEB 12th Exam Pattern 2025 to know the important topics and the marking scheme. Students preparing for the BSEB Class 12 Examination must go through Bihar Board Class 12 Preparation Tips 2025.

  • Solve Previous Years’ Question Paper: Solving the BSEB Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers can offer you a better understanding of the exam format and frequently given questions. You can get a sense of the exam's difficulty level from the paper pattern. It helps you develop your confidence and problem-solving abilities.
  • Revision is the finishing touch. Don't put off revision till the last minute. Instead, pick a day during the week and review what you've done up to that point. Two months before your board exams, try finishing the syllabus. You will have plenty of time to revise.
  • Time management: Make a schedule and devote equal amounts of time to each subject's study time. Students who are good with their time might avoid feeling stressed out when studying for exams. You can do your coursework within the allotted time if each subject has a deadline. 
  • Work on Your Weak Points: Be aware of your shortcomings and make a concerted effort to strengthen them. Take note of your errors. Examine your pre-board answer papers and try to reduce your mistakes. Making a list of your areas of weakness is helpful. Try to take notes on whatever you believe to be crucial, and then review them every day.

The students need to understand the detailed Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 to prepare for the board exams. Make sure to download the stream-wise syllabus according to the stream that you have chosen to prepare for the board exam thoroughly. Also, download the model test papers uploaded on the official website of BSEB for an effective revision. 


What is the minimum passing marks for the Bihar board class 12th exam?

The minimum passing marks for Bihar board class 12th exam is 33% in theory. In language subjects, students can score 30% marks to pass the exam.  

Is there any benefit of taking the additional subject in Bihar board class 12 exam?

To improve the overall percentage, students can add one of the main subjects in BSEB 12th exams 2024. The additional subject can help in scoring good marks.

Where can I find the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025?

You can download the latest Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 from the official website of BSEB. Students can visit to check the syllabus.

How many subjects are there in the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025?

In Science steam, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Computer Science are included. In the Commerce stream, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, and English are included. In the Humanities/Arts stream, History, Geography, Political Science, English, Psychology, and Sociology are included in the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025. 

Does the Bihar Board prescribe NCERT Books to cover Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025?

Yes, the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) prescribes and follows NCERT books as part of its Class 12 curriculum. Therefore, students must refer to the NCERT books to cover the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025.

Are objective type questions included in the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025?

Yes. As per the latest Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025, there will be 50% MCQ-based questions and 50% subjective questions included in the curriculum.

What are chapter included in Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for Physics?

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for Physics includes 10 chapters, which are Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Optics, Atoms and Nuclei, Electronic Devices, and Communication Systems.

How many chapters are there in Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for English?

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for English is divided into 3 parts, Book, Story of English, and Grammar. The Book is further divided into two parts, Prose and Poetry, which cover a total of 11 and 10 chapters respectively.

What is the most important chapter in Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for Math?

The highest weightage carrying unit in the Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2025 for Math is Unit 3, Calculus. Unit 3 will carry a total of 40 marks in the exam.

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