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Updated On: March 07, 2024 02:37 pm IST

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 can be downloaded from the official website @ bseap.org. Students can also check and download the syllabus PDFs from the article below. AP SSC exam 2024 will be held from March 18 to March 30, 2024.

Andhra Pradesh 10th Syllabus 2023-24

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AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: The Andhra Pradesh Board will release the AP Class 10 Syllabus on its official website at bseap.org for the academic year 2023-24. AP SSC syllabus 2024 comprises two languages and three non-language papers, which are Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, and English. By downloading the AP 10th syllabus PDFs, students will get an idea about the units, sections, and topics included in each subject. Each paper will be of 100 marks and the minimum marks required to pass the AP SSC exam are 35 in each subject. This year, AP SSC Board 2024 will be held from March 18 to March 30, 2024.

It can be expected that this year the AP SSC Board 2024 will continue with the same AP SSC syllabus as it was last year. Continue reading the article below to know more about the subject-wise AP Board 10th syllabus 2024.

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AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: Highlights

Every academic year, the Andhra Pradesh Directorate of Government Education organizes the AP SSC exam for Class 10th students. The Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examinations (AP SSC) are held in Telugu, English, and Urdu in Andhra Pradesh. Students who pass the SSC exam in Andhra Pradesh are promoted to Class 11. 

Exam Name

Andhra Pradesh State Secondary School Certificate Examination – AP 10th Class Examination

Conducting Body

Directorate of Government Examinations Andhra Pradesh (BSEAP)

Frequency of Conduct

Once in an Academic year

Exam Level


Mode of Exam


Exam Duration

3 hours

Question Paper Marks

100 marks (Theory marks + Internal Assessments)

Negative Marking

No Negative Marking

Official Website


AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: PDF Download

The subject-wise syllabus PDF links are added below. The updated or new syllabus PDFs will also be added below soon after the release of the same on the official website. 




Click here


Click here


Click here


Click here


Click here

How to download AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

Students can get the AP Board 10th Syllabus by completing the procedures below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the AP Board at bse.ap.gov.in
  • Step 2: Scroll down to find the “Quick Links” section and click on the syllabus link.
  • Step 3: On the screen, a link to the AP SSC syllabus will display.
  • Step 4: Download the AP Board 10th syllabus in PDF format by clicking on the link.

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for English

Reading, writing, grammar, and literature are all covered in the English curriculum. The AP English 10th syllabus will assist students in improving their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The detailed AP Board 10th English syllabus is listed below.




Three passages of about 650 words.


Notice, message, Telegram, and Short postcard.


  • Tenses
  • Present / Past forms
  • Simple / Continuous forms
  • Perfect Forms
  • Future Time reference
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Connectors
  • Types of Sentences: Affirmative/ Interrogative Sentences, Negation Exclamations.
  • Types of phrases and clauses
  • Indirect Speech comparison nominalisation of other areas
  • Determiners
  • Pronouns
  • Prepositions


  • Two RTC questions based on two poems.
  • A question or two based on the drama texts.
  • One of the questions is based on a prose text.
  • One of the prose passages will be the subject of a lengthy question.

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for Mathematics

Quadratic equations, matrices, probability, and other topics are covered in the AP Board 10th Mathematics syllabus. Students studying for board exams should practice numerical problems daily. They can download the AP SSC mathematics question papers and sample papers and practice them regularly. The table below shows the AP SSC syllabus.

Quadratic Equations


Tangents and Secants to a Circle

Similar Triangles




Random Variables and Distribution


Real Numbers


Pair of Linear Equations

Applications of Trigonometry

Coordinate Geometry

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for General Science

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are all included in the AP Board's 10th class General Science course. Students must analyze rules and concepts when studying Science. Learn how to apply them, solve numerical issues, and balance chemical equations, among other things. Experiments, charts, drawings, models, and other activities might be used to make their preparations more engaging. Students can find the AP 10th Science syllabus below.




  • Heat
  • Reflection of light by different surfaces
  • Refraction of light at plane surfaces
  • Human eye and colorful world
  • Electric current
  • Electromagnetism


  • Classification of elements- The periodic table
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Principles of metallurgy
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Chemicals reactions and equations
  • Acids, bases, and salt
  • Structure of Atoms


  • Nutrition
  • Respiration
  • Transportation
  • Excretion
  • Coordination
  • Reproduction
  • Coordination in the life process
  • Heredity
  • Our environment
  • Natural resources

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for Social Science

The Social Science syllabus will assist students in comprehending geographical phenomena, learning about the struggle for Indian freedom, comprehending economic development principles, and gaining insight into political concerns. Students can make their preparations more fascinating by developing text-to-world links and applying what they've learned to what they see and experience in their surroundings. The AP SSC syllabus for Social Science for 2024 can be found below.




  • Types and Description of Special Industries
  • Transport- Utility and Types
  • India Resources
  • Natural Calamities


  • First Struggle for Freedom
  • Important events of the Indian Struggle for Independence


  • Kashmir problem and India's relation with neighbouring countries
  • Federal system


  • The ancient and modern concept of economic development
  • Service sector
  • Consumer awareness
  • Economic system
  • Increase in population, unemployment, communalism, terrorists and drug addiction

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for Hindi

Many engaging stories and poetry are included in the AP Board 10th Hindi syllabus, which will aid students in their development as literature students. Students must attempt to critically examine and comprehend the poetry and stories while studying them. Students must also take notes and write down what they have learned so that they do not make any spelling errors on the exam. The AP 10th Class Hindi syllabus can be found below.


Chapter name


Baraste Badal Hum Bharatwasi




International Hindi


Bhakti Pad


Swarajya ki Neev


Kan-Kan Ka Adhikari


Dakshini Ganga Godavari


Niti ke Dohe


Jal hi Jeevan Hai


Dharti ke sawaal, Antariksha ke jawaab


Patr, Nibandh

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: Exam Pattern 

AP Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2023-24 includes information such as mark distribution, exam duration, and mode. As a result, students should be informed of the entire AP SSC exam format. Please see the information below for more information.

  • For the AP Class 10 Exam 2024, students must study six courses using the AP SSC Syllabus.
  • There will be three language papers among the six topics, with the remaining three being General Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.
  • Each AP 10th Class 2024 exam paper will be worth 100 marks. The cumulative evaluation (board exam) accounts for 80 of the 100 marks, while the formative exam accounts for 20.
  • Each paper requires a minimum of 35 marks to pass.

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: Marking Scheme 

There are a lot of different types of questions that will appear in the board exams at the students must have perfect knowledge about all of the types. 20% of MCQs will appear in the board exams followed by 40% of competency-based questions. Students are also required to answer long answer type questions and short answer type questions each for 20%. The total marks allotted for each paper are 100 marks. Check the marking scheme from the table given below: 

Type of Questions

Percentage of Questions


Total Marks

MCQ Type




Competency-Based Questions




Short Answer Type




Descriptive Type







AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: Grading System

The State Board has established a distinctive grading system for the Class 10 Board exam, which is administered to grade students. The new grading scheme is intended to relieve students of some of the stress associated with learning. The GPA System is the new grading scheme that the Andhra Pradesh Board has implemented. The GPA System introduces a grading structure in which students are given grades between A and E depending on their performance and test scores. The new grading system used by the Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh will be easier for students to understand if they refer to the accompanying table.

Marks obtained in 1st, and 3rd language and all remaining non-language subjects.

Marks obtained in Second Language- Hindi

Grade obtained or Grade-Points earned

92 to 100 Marks 

90 to 100 Marks 

Grade Obtained - A1/ Grade Points earned -10

83 to 91 Marks 

80 to 89 Marks 

Grade Obtained - A2/ Grade Points earned - 9

75 to 82 Marks 

70 to 79 Marks 

Grade Obtained – B1/ Grade Points earned - 8

67 to 74 Marks 

60 to 69 Marks 

Grade Obtained - B2/ Grade Points earned - 7

59 to 66 Marks 

50 to 59 Marks 

Grade Obtained – C1/ Grade Points earned - 6

51 to 58 Marks 

40 to 49 Marks 

Grade Obtained - C2/ Grade Points earned - 5

43 to 50 Marks 

30 to 39 Marks 

Grade Obtained – D1/ Grade Points earned - 4

35 to 42 Marks 

20 to 29 Marks 

Grade Obtained - D2/ Grade Points earned - 3

Less Than 35 Marks 

Less than 20 Marks

Grade Obtained - E/ Grade Points earned - Fail

Benefits of using the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24

Students can profit from the AP Board 10th syllabus in a variety of ways, as detailed below.

  • Students will learn about the subjects and chapters for each subject, which will help them understand what they will learn throughout the program.
  • Students will be able to choose which themes and topics are simple for them. and which topics in the AP SSC syllabus are difficult. They will be able to determine how much time they should devote to each topic as a result of this.
  • Knowing the Andhra Pradesh State Board Class 10 syllabus can assist students in creating an organized study schedule and systematically preparing for tests, allowing them to achieve good grades.
  • Before the introduction of the AP SSC Time Table 2024, students should review the curriculum. As a result, students will have plenty of time to review the curriculum.

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24: Preparation Tips 

Students can follow the simple tips and tricks to get good marks in the board exams. Check the details regarding the same from the pointers given below: 

  • Setting small goals for every day is a great way to achieve 100% results. Make sure that you are making attainable goals so that you have a small achievement at the end of the day. These goals will help you to also mark your progress. 
  • When you complete any goal make sure to reward yourself. Give yourself a relaxing bath or even take a break to enjoy sunlight or a little snack. Go out for walks and talk to a friend when you are confused. 
  • Making a study group with your friends will help you to map out your studies. Try to work through your problems while talking to your friends and understand a different perspective when you are not able to make things work for yourself. 
  • Find out creative ways to entertain yourself while studying. Try to learn through visual mediums such as YouTube and you can also take the help of study materials that are available online on the official website of AP SSC. 
  • Always try to solve as many sample papers as available on the official website and buy the latest sample paper editions from popular book publishing houses so that you have a lot of references for commonly asked questions. 
  • Focus on creating a comfortable environment for yourself when studying so that you are relaxed and try to study in a quiet place. Make sure that you have switched off all the distractions such as your mobile phone and tablets when studying.

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 is an important resource to study for the board exams. Download the PDF here and refer to it when gearing up for the exams.


Where can I download the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

You can download the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 from the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education website at bse.ap.gov.in. You can also download the AP 10th syllabus PDFs from this page.


What are the advantages of using the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 as a reference?

Students will learn about the important topics, exam pattern, and other vital features of the exam by studying the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24. Syllabus will help you to prepare for the board exams.

What are the AP SSC Passing Marks 2023-24?

 To pass the AP SSC Board Exams 2023-24, students from all categories must achieve at least 35 percent in all five subjects.


How can I calculate my AP SSC grade point average?

 To calculate the grade point average, students must aggregate their grades and divide the total by the number of subjects. To get good grades, make sure to prepare the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 thoroughly.

What is the level of difficulty of the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

Easy to moderate-level questions are asked in this examination as per the latest AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24. Make sure to download the syllabus according to the different subjects.

What is the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 for this academic year?

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 has been provided above. Students can check the chapters subject-wise in the tables given on this page. 

How can students download the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

Visit the AP Board's official website and click on AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 link. You may now get the AP Board SSC syllabus by clicking on the subject of your choice.

Is there a language option in the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24 offers Telugu, Hindi, and Sanskrit as language selections. The board releases the updated syllabus for each subject on its official website. Students can download it in the pdf format.

How many subjects are included in the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24?

Several subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Hindi, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Science, are covered in the AP SSC Syllabus 2023-24. To comprehend the syllabus pattern and marking scheme for the AP class 10th board examination, candidates have to understand the most recent syllabus.

Is the AP SSC syllabus 2023-24 released?

No, the AP SSC syllabus 2023-24 has not been released yet. The Andhra Pradesh board will release the AP SSC syllabus 2024 anytime soon. 

What are the AP SSC Board Exam qualifying marks?

To pass the AP 10th Board exam, students from all categories must achieve at least 35 percent in all five subjects.

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