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Nagaland HSLC Exam Pattern 2023: Check Class 10 Pattern, Marking Scheme

PriyankaUpdated On: September 29, 2022 05:57 pm IST

The Nagaland's board exam pattern of NBSE 10th class 2022-23 is available to download on their official website - Read the complete article to know about the revised NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2022-23

Nagaland HSLC Exam Pattern

Never Miss an Exam Update

The Nagaland Board of School Education, Kohima has issued a fresh notification stating that the NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2022 23 will be rationalised in accordance with the NCERT syllabus. NBSE 10th Exam Pattern 2022& 23 will now give students additional opportunity for analytical learning and critical thinking. To adequately prepare for the exam and earn good grades in the NBSE HSLC exam result 2023, students must download and consult the Nagaland Board 10th Exam Pattern 2023. The NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023 will also aid students in comprehending the, NBSE HSLC Syllabus, marking scheme and degree of difficulty. For complete details on the Nagaland Board Class 10th Exam Pattern 2023, read the entire article. 

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023 Highlights

You may obtain the Nagaland Board's updated NBSE 12th class 2022-23 Exam Pattern from their official website, The highlights of the NBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern are as follows: 

Exam nameNBSE HSLC Exam 2023
Conducting authorityNagaland Board of School Education 
CategoryNBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023
Releasing modeOnline

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2022-23

There are 7 papers and 18 subjects in the NBSE HSLC exam. The exam can be taken in either English or one of the many Indian languages, according to the preference of the candidate. Internal assessments must be evaluated in accordance with Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and carry significant marks (CCE). Student attendance is one of the several requirements that must be met in HSLC in order for the aggregate to be successful. One can acquire a respectable percentage with consistent practise, adequate academic monitoring, and a conscientious attitude. Here is the list of subjects to be studied at the 10th level for the Nagaland board exam 

 A. Compulsory subjects:

  • First Language - English
  • Second Language- any one of the following:
    • Hindi
    • Bengali
    • Ao
    • Lotha
    • Sumi
    • Tenyidie
    • Alternative English 
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

B. Sixth Subject (anyone):

  • Accountancy
  • Book Keeping
  • Environmental Education
  • Music
  • Home Science
  • Foundation of Information Technology 

C. Internally Assessed subjects:

  • Work & Art Education
  • Physical & Health Education (including Adolescence Education) 

Also Check Nagaland HSLC Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers Download PDFs

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023 for Language Subjects

NBSE HSLC English Exam Pattern 

Part ‘A’ ExternalTime : 3 hoursMarks: 80
a) Prose
i. Imitating the English Gentleman ( MK Gandhi)
ii.  Mehouviu and Morusa 
iii. Invictus
iv. Macbeth 
b) Poetry
i. Jina Etiben- A Romance re-told
ii.  Death the Leveller
iii. The Listeners 
iv. The Windhover 
c) Drama
Riders to the Sea – J.N.Synge
II. Writing20
III. Reading20
IV. Grammar


Part B

Part ‘B’ InternalMarks
Internal Assessment
1. Listening & Speaking Assignments and Format Testing5+5=10
2. Speaking & Listening5+5=10

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern of Modern Indian Language: AO

The following topics, which will be covered in AO language, must be prepared by the candidates: 

Part ‘A’ ExternalTime : 3 hoursMarks: 80
SECTION A – Reading10
SECTION B – Writing10
SECTION C – Grammar20
SECTION D – Literature--
1. Prose20
2. Poetry20
Total 80
Part ‘B’ Internal20
Grand Total100

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern of Modern Indian Language: Lotha

Part ‘A’ ExternalTime : 3 hoursMarks: 80
SECTION A – Reading10
SECTION B – Writing10
SECTION C – Grammar20
SECTION D – Literature--
1. Prose20
2. Poetry20
Part ‘B’ Internal20
Grand Total


NBSE class 10th Exam Pattern 2023 for Main Subjects 

Students can also look at the Exam Pattern from the previous year for reference and further information. Students can get the 2023 Nagaland HSLC Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme below.

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023 for Science 

Part ‘A’ External

Time : 3 hours

Marks: 80



I. Chemical substances- nature and behaviour


II. Energy-Light, Electricity and Energy


III. Living World- Life Processes


IV. Natural Resources-Management of Natural Resources


V. Our environment-Environment and Environmental Problems




Part ‘B’ Internal


Grand Total 


NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern for Mathematics 2023 

Candidates can review the following topics for the class 10 Maths exam pattern in the table below:

I. Number System

Euclid’s division lemma, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic 
Proofs of results – irrationality, decimal expansions of rational numbers in terms of terminating/non-terminating recurring decimals.


II. Algebra

  • Quadratic Equations
  • Polynomials
  • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Arithmetic Progression
III. Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric ratios of the complementary angles
IV. Coordinate Geometry
  • Straight lInes, The Pair of Straight Lines
V. Geometry
  • Triangles
  • Constructions
VI. Mensuration
  • Areas related to Circles
  • Surface Areas and Volumes
VII. Statistics & Probability12
Total 80
Part ‘B’ Internal – Practical20
Grand Total100

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern for Social Science 2023

Social Science is a subject of History, Geography, Civics & Economics.  To be eligible for the exam, students must study the topics listed below: 

Part ‘A’ ExternalTime : 3 hoursMarks: 80
I. India and the Contemporary World
  • Nationalism in Europe
  • Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
  • Nationalism in India
  • Trade and Globalization
II. Resources (India)
  • Resources
  • Power Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Industries

III. Democratic Politics

  • Democracy in action
  • Competition and contestations in democracies
  • Power-sharing systems in democracies
  • the results of democracy
  • issues with democracy
IV. Understanding an Economy
  • Development
  • Money and financial system
  • Role of Service Sector in Indian Economy
  • Consumer awareness
V. Nagaland (Geography & G.K)10
Part ‘B’ Internal20
Grand Total100

NBSE HSLC Exam Pattern 2023 for Environmental Education 

Part ‘A’ ExternalTime : 3 hoursMarks: 80
I. Restoring Balance in Ecosystem
  • Adoption of control measures is necessary to monitor for landscape degradation.
  • Conservation and management of forests, grasslands, semi-arid ecosystems
  • Measures to conserve wildlife
II. Pollution
  • Types of pollution
  • Sources of pollution 
  • Effects of pollution on the environment, human health and other organisms.
III. Issues of the Environment
  • Decline in forest, agricultural and marine productivity and its effects on the economy.
  • Resettlement and rehabilitation of people.
IV. Striving for a Better Environment17
PART ‘B’ Internal20
Grand Total100

NBSE HSLC Passing Marks 2023

The passing marks for the Nagaland Board 10th have been set by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) for all students to achieve in 2023. To pass the tests, you must receive a minimum grade of 33% in each subject. A student may take the Nagaland compartment test in order to improve their score and prolong the academic year if they are unable to obtain the Nagaland board's passing marks for the HSLC. 

Nagaland Board 10th Passing Marks for Theory 

SubjectsMaximum marksPassing marks
Science8040% of 80=32
Maths8040% of 80=32
Social Science8040% of 80=32
First language8040% of 80=32
Second language8040% of 80=32

NBSE HSLC Passing Marks 2023 for Practical and Internal Assessment 

SubjectsInternal Assessment/Practical maximum passing Internal Assessment/Practical passing marks
Science2040% of 20=8
Maths2040% of 20=8
Social Science2040% of 20=8
First language2040% of 20=8
Second language2040% of 20=8

Nagaland HSLC Grading System 

The HSLC grading system used to produce the NBSE HSLC results in 2023 is provided below. 

GradeTerms of performance 
A1Truly outstanding
B2Very good 
C2Above average 
E1Needs improvement 
E2Needs improvement 

Preparation Tips for NBSE HSLC 2023 

 Students can use the advice provided to perform better in their forthcoming exams.

  • For better preparation, go over the complete Exam Pattern as soon as you can and begin the review process.
  • To learn more about the paper format and scoring system, solve the question papers from the previous year.
  • Try to identify the subjects that require more preparation and practise, and then begin working on them.
  • Spending too much time on diversions like social media might have a significant negative impact on your outcomes.
  • Making notes while studying is encouraged for students. This will assist you in long-term retention of the key ideas or concepts. 


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