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UP Board Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips

Pratha Shishodia
Pratha ShishodiaUpdated On: January 14, 2023 03:00 pm IST
Check the UP Board Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips to enhance your preparation and score good marks in board exams. Read the tips provided by subject toppers.
UP Board Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips

UP Board CLass 12 Biology Preparation Tips: As the board exams approach, students get anxious about their preparation. However, studying diligently can help them do wonders and get high scores. To gain confidence while studying all the topics, students need to prepare strategically. They can follow the UP Board 12th preparation tips 2023 to get good marks. With the help of the UP Board intermediate preparation advice, students should finish the curriculum and get ready for the UP Board 12th exams in 2023. Students will be able to study without tension and perform in board exams. 

For the students to move their preparation in a certain direction and to develop appropriate preparation tactics, they need a clearly defined and mandated syllabus. With in-depth knowledge of the syllabus, students can easily solve the questions. Understanding the format of quizzes and assigning a chapter ranking to each is one of the most crucial tasks students should take when preparing for exams. Utilizing the previous year's UP Board Class 12 Model Papers will help you with this. In addition, there are various important preparation tips that can help you in preparing your best. Read further to understand the tips and follow them to score good marks.

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UP Board Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips

Tip 1: Get Familiar with the Biology Exam Pattern

First and foremost, it is crucial to comprehend the format of the CBSE Class 12 Biology exam. Every year, the board provides the pattern to aid students in familiarising themselves with it and preparing appropriately. Understanding the exam's format also aids in time management. The pattern is described in more detail below.

Section Name

Answer Type

Question Details

Total Marks

Section A

Very Short Answer

5 Questions of 1 Mark Each


Section B

Short Answer I

7 Questions of 2 Marks each


Section C

Short Answer II

12 Questions of 3 Marks each


Section D

Long Answer

3 Questions of 5 Marks each


Total Marks

70 (3 hours)

Tip 2: Review the Syllabus

Experts and toppers urge students to read over the UP Board 12th syllabus 2023. They should finish the syllabus on time so that they have enough time for review and doubt-clearing. There can be both multiple-choice questions and long questions. Students must therefore completely study the entire syllabus and have the confidence to answer any question in the exam. Since the questions come from the syllabus, it is advised that students only follow the prescribed books.

Tip 3: Recognize the Fundamental Ideas

Students should not memorise information because it will only be retained momentarily. Understanding the core and basic concepts is one of the second most helpful UP Board 12th preparation tips for 2023. This means that learners must comprehend what they are learning and acquire knowledge. Learning themes should not be the strategy for learning mathematical and scientific formulas. Students are required to comprehend the material, analyse it with their knowledge and reasoning, and then write the solutions in their own words. The best method to do well on the test is to know the material off by heart.

Tip 4: Diagrams and Notations

In a topic like biology that heavily relies on concepts, taking notes as you teach would be incredibly helpful. It aids the student's last-minute preparation techniques as well as the process of memorising the terms while writing. Since this subject involves a lot of theory, it is helpful to create diagrams and build the preparation framework around them in order to maintain the students' interest. Drawing diagrams on a regular basis can help with neatness. AIPMT and AIIMS entrance exams also include questions about diagrams and labelling. Even if an issue has a complex theoretical answer, it can be simplified to a straightforward explanation by creating the appropriate diagrams.

Tip 5: Finish the Sample Papers

Students should do the UP Board 12th model papers from prior years. This is advised and one of the top UP Board 12th preparation tips for 2023. They will be able to gauge the exam's level of difficulty thanks to this. Not only that, but it will also assist students in answering a range of questions, understanding key concepts, and understanding the scoring system. In order to better prepare, they must prefer to solve the question papers.

Tip 6: Take Short Breaks

Another of the top 2023 preparation advice for the UP Board 12th is to take brief breaks in between study sessions. Consistently studying can become tedious and boring. If students want to take breaks in between, it can assist to clear their minds. So, having a fresh perspective can help students prepare effectively and perform better in the UP Board 12th result 2023.

Tip 8: Remain composed and optimistic

One of the easiest UP Board 12th preparation advice for 2023, if used, will be of the most assistance to the student. For students, maintaining composure while studying for exams is quite important. However, maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the exam in a calm manner can assist to make exam day stress-free. Keep in mind that learning is more important than getting good grades; nonetheless, good grades cannot be the only factor used to assess a student's wisdom. Students must, therefore, have a positive attitude and have faith in their efforts.

Tip 9: Revision is necessary, with an emphasis on the key points

The final few days leading up to the board exam should primarily be used for review. By regularly reviewing the material, one can successfully remember the concepts throughout the exam and retain all the crucial information. Therefore, it is the time to carefully edit the chapter and diagrams. Additionally, it is advised to pay greater attention to the significant issues that carry more weight. Below is a list of the biology class 12 syllabus's chapter weightings.

Unit Name


Genetics & Evolution




Biology & Human Welfare


Ecology & Environment


Biotechnology & its Application


Tip 10: Discuss to Understand Better 

Try not to cram the material; doing so will cause you to forget crucial exam points. Instead, spend at least 2 to 3 weeks consistently studying before the exam. Participate in the discussion since the teachers may be able to clarify some of the concepts. It is also a good idea to ask questions and compare notes with your pals because ideas grow when they are shared.

Tip 11: Practical exam

If one pays attention in the lab classes, it is simple to earn the 30 marks required for the practical exam. Although you will be paired up in the lab, it is still crucial to have hands-on experience because that is how the final test will be administered.

Easy Strategies for UP Class 12 Biology Exam Answer Presentation Techniques

In addition to the preparation tips, students should also know the tricks to write effective answers that can fetch good marks.

  • Use a sharp pencil to create the diagrams and write clearly.
  • It is recommended to name the diagrams on the right side of the paper using a ruler.
  • Highlight critical terms and phrases in your response.
  • start fresh pages for new sections.
  • even if the query does not specifically request diagrams (especially for 3, 4 and 5 marks questions).
  • Students should read the CBSE-released Solution PDF for the biology exams from prior years. This will aid pupils in comprehending the step-by-step marking system and answer writing techniques.

Time Management Tips for UP Class 12 Biology Exam

  • Section A can be completed in 25 minutes because the questions only require brief responses.
  • Given that Section B contains 7 questions, it should be completed in 40 minutes.
  • There are 12 questions in Section C, so you should complete it in an hour.
  • Long answer questions make up Section D, which should be completed in no more than 45 minutes.
  • Spend the last 10 to 15 minutes reviewing and making sure that every question has been answered correctly.


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