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RBSE Board Class 12 Maths Preparation Tips

PriyankaUpdated On: March 02, 2023 10:44 am IST
RBSE Class 12th Mathematics Preparation tips will guide students to score well in the Math exam. Some of the tips include Solving Various Problems, Make notes of important formulas etc. Read in detail the RBSE 12th preparation tips here.
RBSE Board Class 12 Maths Preparation Tips

The intermediate and senior secondary board examinations in Rajasthan state are administered by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE), a state-level board of education in India. In the RBSE 12th board exam, math is one of the challenging yet high-scoring subjects. Many theorems and numerical problems are covered in the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus, which makes it highly comprehensive. Students who want to ace the RBSE 12th Mathematics exam must develop a clever approach and study plan. This strategy must entail writing down all important formulas and theorems in a separate notebook, practising with and solving mock Papers and question papers from previous years, and thoroughly comprehending the fundamental ideas before revising. The essential tips for preparing for the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics exam are covered in depth in this article.

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RBSE Class 12 Maths Preparation tips

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that requires in-depth theoretical understanding as well as the proper application of formulae using logical sequence. The subject is intimidating to many students. Nonetheless, any learner can succeed in mathematics with the right understanding of the underlying theories and consistent practise. The essential RBSE 12th preparation tips for students to do well in class 12 Mathematics exam are given here.
  • Know the syllabus: A solid study plan might be highly beneficial for acing the class 12 math exam. Students begin by extensively familiarising themselves with the RBSE Class 12 syllabus. To effectively pass the exam, create a plan of study that covers all the concepts and topics. The table below lists important class 12 RBSE math topics:



Unit 1 Relations and Functions

Relations and Functions
        Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Unit 2- Algebra


Unit 3- Calculus

Continuity and Differentiability
       Applications of Derivatives
        Application of Integrals
       Differential Equations

Unit 4- Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry

Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry
        Three Dimensional Geometry

Unit 5- Linear Programming

Linear Programming

Unit 6- Probability


2. Know the Exam Pattern- After comprehending the course, familiarise yourself with the exam pattern. These RBSE class 12 maths preparation tips will aid in understanding the structure, types of questions, and number of questions asked in the exams. This makes it simple for students to plan an efficient approach to the exam. To determine the level of difficulty and precise Exam Pattern, it would be preferable to review the RBSE 12th question papers. The duration of the Mathematics exam is three hours and fifteen minutes, as per the RBSE 12th exam pattern. 100 total marks are allotted for the exam, with 80 for the theory paper and 20 for internal evaluation.



Composite Function 






Vectors and Three Dimensional Geometry 




Linear Programming




3. Develop an appropriate schedule: Make a study timetable and devote equal amounts of time to each topic. The goal of the study plan should be to finish the full course in the allotted time. The timetable must provide for relaxation periods, and adequate time must be set aside to review the topics frequently covered.

4. Create a list of each and every formula: There are many formulas in mathematics that need to be retained. So, each formula should be recorded by the students in their own notebook. This will aid with formula revision and save time while preparing for exams. To master mathematics, one must memorise all of the formulas, theories, and concepts. In addition to the formulas from earlier classes, the concepts from class XII are crucial for passing a math exam.

5. Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers: Solving RBSE Class 12 Mathematics sample papers is the greatest resource for maths revision. Students will gain valuable practise with several sets of papers with differing levels of difficulty by using various sample papers. Students must also practise the Class 12 Mathematics Papers from the RBSE previous Years in addition to this. They will gain a better idea of the exam's level of difficulty and the kinds of questions offered as a result. Also, they can be able to identify the crucial questions that frequently appear on exams. Students should prioritise studying for exams and working on their math skills. They need to assess their strengths and weaknesses. They should therefore devote time to and focus on their weak areas. The practise of question papers from previous years is essential for time management. Students must complete the papers in the given time.

6. Clear all doubts: Create a list of the concepts and calculations you are unsure about. As long as you can answer problems correctly, math is an engaging topic, but if you get bogged down and start to lose interest, it may start to seem insurmountable. To master the topics, the key is to practise all kinds of questions. Finding your weak areas and working on them will help you increase your score.

7. Between study sessions, take a break: Every two to three hours, you should take a rest. Avoid using your computer or a mobile device to watch television or play video games. Your eyes will strain much more if you do that. Instead, engage in some indoor or outdoor activities that will revitalise both your body and mind. Keep playing your games, dancing, and singing. You can better focus on your subject with the help of these activities. Long study sessions should be avoided by the students because they will lose focus. Take appropriate pauses that are well-planned to assist you study less stressfully. The student should organise their breaks in accordance with their goal of finishing the syllabus on time.

8. Completing all of the textbook exercises: Students should concentrate on completing the numerical problems provided at the end of each chapter. This will make it easier to finish the board-mandated curriculum. Practice and solve questions from reference materials in addition to the textbook.

9. Try to maintain a balance:  Maintaining balance is something the students must do when they organise their days. Try studying an easy topic first thing in the morning, followed by studying a challenging topic to get the most out of the day. For instance, learning English is simpler than learning math, so children can start their days with English and go on to math in the afternoon.

10. Take regular breaks: Students should avoid studying for long periods of time because it will lower their level of focus. Take appropriate pauses that are well-planned to assist you study less stressfully. The student should organise their breaks in accordance with their goal of finishing the curriculum on time.

Topic wise RBSE Class 12 Maths Preparation tips

  • Simple topics like Relations and Functions and Linear Programming are good chapters to start.
  • Matrices, matrix inversion, The topic of solving linear equations with determiners is important and scoring also. These questions just require rapid answers. These questions take a lot of time. To improve your speed and accuracy on these questions, you must practise a lot. You can waste the majority of your exam time on one determiner question. Thus, stay alert and prepared.
  • Though they can be challenging to solve, questions involving vectors and three-dimensional geometry are frequently asked.
  • Probability is an easy unit that is worth 7 marks, and it is simple to succeed in this portion. The calculus part is the most crucial since it is given the most weight. You can quickly finish this section by taking a logical approach and engaging in diligent practise. Before the exam, memorise all of the calculus theorems and practise them numerous times. The only way to master calculus is to repeatedly practise the same problem. Although it is a time-killing unit as well, this one has the highest mark weight.

Important Recollections -

  • Admit card: Keep your admit card with you at all times. You won't be able to take the exam without it.
  • Read the Questions carefully: The time allotted for reading the question paper will be around 15 minutes. Examine the points allotted to each question as well. -
  • Remember to bring your stationery: You will need to draw several diagrams. Hence, remember to bring your pencils, scales, sharpening, and eraser with you.
  • During the examination day:  Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam start time. If someone tells you something you don't know, remain composed and don't get panic. They most likely followed your path and learned what they already knew quite well. Try to go over your note cards one more time as well. Start out the exam with the questions you are already familiar with, and save the rest for last. Always be composed, optimistic, and assured of your final math preparation, and concentrate on one achievable goal.

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