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CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23 - Check Section Wise Syllabus

PriyankaUpdated On: December 28, 2022 12:39 pm IST

Students appearing in CBSE 10th board exam can check CBSE syllabus for class 10 English. CBSE has published the CBSE 10th English syllabus 2022-23 on

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23: Students taking the CBSE 10th board exam can review the English class 10 curriculum before planning a preparation strategy. CBSE 10th English syllabus for 2022-23 is also available on the official website of the board The topics and chapters are included in the CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus pdf along with the marks distribution for each part. The grammar syllabus and literature syllabus are additional divisions of the CBSE 10th English curriculum for 2022-2023 respectively. For the CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23, the CBSE has recommended a few standard textbooks that students must consult while preparing. 

Students can assess their level of preparation by practising with CBSE 10th English sample papers. Students can review the main topics, required readings, and paper formats for the English examination with the help of syllabus. To learn more about the CBSE 10th English Syllabus 2022-23, read the entire article. 

CBSE Class 10 Latest Updates 2023

Dec 28, 2022:CBSE Practical Exam Date Sheet 2023 Released

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23 Overview 

CBSE English Language and Literature Syllabus must be carefully read by Class 10 students. The most recent CBSE English Syllabus 2022-23 can be downloaded by Class 10 students at  The purpose of English classes is to encourage students to study literature from a variety of viewpoints and to participate in activities that will improve their language proficiency, creativity, and communication skills. Considering the learner as the primary goal of language study and giving them the communication abilities to carry out a variety of language tasks through speech and writing . Below is the overview of CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23.

AReading Skills (40 Periods)
BWriting Skills with Grammar (40 Periods)
CLiterature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Text (50 Periods)

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CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23 PDF

CBSE Class 10 English (Language and Literature) syllabus 2022&;23 will benefit students since it will help them master the most recent course material and understand how exam questions are structured. Students should also refer to the CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23 PDF from the official website. This article offers all the most recent information regarding the chapters of Class 10 English Grammar Syllabus for 2022& 2023 and the CBSE. 

CBSE Class 10th Chapter-wise English Syllabus 2022-23 

The most recent English course syllabus for 2022&2023 is provided below for students to review:

Section A: Reading Skills (20 marks)

Understanding Reading Comprehension through an Unseen Passage (20 Marks) 

  •  Discursive 400-450 word passage. (10 marks) 200-250 word
  • case-based paragraph containing graphic elements (such as statistics, a chart, etc.). (10 marks)
  • (Two passages should total between 600 and 700 words.) 
  • Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions will be asked to assess inference, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and vocabulary. 

Section B- Grammar and Writing Skills (20 marks)

The secondary level courses aim to solidify a strong professional command of grammatical concepts and degrees of correctness. Exercises that involve gap-filling, editing, and transformation will be used to evaluate how accurately spelling, punctuation, and grammar are used in context. A minimum of 10 out of 12 questions must be answered. 

III. Grammar 10 Marks 

  • Modals
  • Tenses
  • Subject-verb concord
  • Reported speech
  • Statements
  • Questions
  • Determiner
  • Commands and requests

 IV. Creative Writing Skills (10 marks) 

  • formal letter of 100-120 words that addresses the topic at hand. You must respond to one of the two questions. (5 markings)
  • Writing a 100-120 word analytical paragraph on a particular map, chart, graph, cue, etc. You must respond to one of the two questions. (5 markings) 

Section C – Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading (40 Marks)

V. Contextual Reference

  • One of two excerpts from the drama/prose.
  • only one of two poetry excerpts. (5+5 Equals 10Marks)
  • There will be multiple choice and objective type questions to evaluate vocabulary, inference, analysis, interpretation, and other skills.

VI. Short & Very Long Answer Questions (30 Marks)

  • Answers to four of the five short answer questions from the book should be between 40 and 50 words long. First Flight (4×3=12 markings)
  • Answers to two of the three short answer questions from Footprints Without Feet should be between 40 and 50 words each. (2×3=6 markings)
  • One of two First Flight Long Answer Type Questions, intended to test students' creativity, inventiveness, and ability to extrapolate from one text to another, must be answered in around 100–120 words. This could be a question based on a passage that is drawn from a situation or plot in the literature. (6 markings).
  • One out of two Footprints Without Feet long answer questions on theme or storyline need interpretation, extrapolation outside of the text, and inference, or character sketches, and should be answered in between 100 and 120 words. (6 markings)

The following are some First Flight topics:


  • A letter to God
  • Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom
  • From the Diary of Anne Frank
  • Two Stories About Flying
  • Glimpses of India
  • Madam Rides the Bus
  • Mijbil the Otter
  • The Sermon at Benares
  • The Proposal (Play)


  • Dust of Snow
  • A tiger in the Zoo
  • Fire and Ice
  • How to Tell Wild Animals
  • The Ball Poem
  •  Amanda!
  • Fog
  • The Trees
  • The Tale of Custard the Dragon
  • For Anne Gregory

The following are some topics from Footprints Without Feet: 

  • A triumph of Surgery
  • The Midnight Visitor
  • The Thief’s Story
  • Footprints Without Feet
  • A Question of Trust
  • The making of a Scientist
  • The necklace
  • Bholi
  • The Book That Saved the Earth

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus English Language & Literature - Internal Assessment

Speaking and Listening Skills (30 Periods)

  • Speaking and Listening Skills will be evaluated for 5 points.
  • It is advised that speaking and listening skills be routinely exercised. Role-playing, skits, dramatisation, and other arts-integrated projects must be used. 

Class 10 English Assessment Criteria for Speaking and Listening

Students are evaluated on the following abilities as well: 


Students can improve their speaking and listening abilities by using the listening and speaking activities on Books listed on the syllabus should also be consulted by subject teachers. In addition to the aforementioned options, teachers are free to design their own exercises and materials to evaluate students' speaking and listening abilities. 

Parameters for Evaluation

The following criteria will be used to evaluate speaking and listening abilities:

  • Competent interaction (Initiation & turn-taking, relevance to the topic).
  • Fluency (cohesion, coherence, and quickness of delivery) (cohesion, coherence, and speed of delivery).
  • Vocabulary Language (accuracy and vocabulary). 

 Keeping of Records

Three months after the results are announced, the record of the tasks completed and the grades awarded must be retained in case the Board decides to inspect it at random. No speaking samples should be given to the Board. 

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CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2022-23 English 

CBSE Class 10 English 2022-23 Marking Scheme has been given below, students can check the Marks distributions and start preparing for the exams accordingly.


Weightage (in Marks)



Writing and Grammar






Internal assessment


Grand total


Best Books to Study English Syllabus for CBSE Class 10 in 2022-2023 

The books recommended by the CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 English in 2022–2023 are listed below. Students are advised to read these NCERT Class 10 English Books first before moving on to any reference book because they are produced by NCERT. Students can quickly complete the CBSE 10th English syllabus for 2022–23 by using these top books for the exam.

  • First Flight: A Class X Textbook
  • The Class X Supplementary Reader, Footprints without Feet

 CBSE class 10 English exam preparation tips 2022-23 

  • Reading and writing practise are essential in English because it is a theory-based discipline. Therefore, make it a practise to read and write for at least an hour each day.
  • Examine the CBSE class 10 sample questions to learn more about the marking system, exam format, and level of difficulty of prior problems.
  • Daily newspaper reading is recommended. You will find this useful in hidden tunnels.
  • Examine the CBSE Class 10 English syllabus for 2022–2023 to make sure you are studying everything you should for the test.
  • In January 2023, the CBSE class 10th timetable is anticipated to be made public. Therefore, before it, students must complete the entire CBSE Class 10 English 2022–23 syllabus.


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